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Dandy as a work of art?
Csicsely, Lukáš ; Zuska, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Jarošová, Helena (referee)
(in English): My goal in this diploma thesis is to verify the claim that "dandy is a work of art". The figure of Dandy is often defined by the claim that it truly is a work of art. Dandy is after all defined like that by the founders of the debate on dandysm (Barbey d`Aurevilly, Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde) and also by contemporary theoreticians of dandysm (such as Francois Coblence, Daniel S. Schiffer and Karin Becker). However, despite the numerous occurrences of the definition, the claim was never extended into general theory of dandy as work of art. I am here trying to do that. First, I am looking for a definition that best suits the concept of dandy according to the founders. I confront the concept of dandysm with several definitions of art (mimetic, expressive, formalistic, institutional or functionalist). With the definition that the comparison shows as the most appropriate - the functionalist theory of art - I continue to operate. With a structuralist definition of Jan Mukařovský. From the structuralistic point of view I answer the basic questions connected within the discourse of aesthetics with the concept of the work of art. I am looking for a basic material (material norm) that would create the identity of dandy as a specific kind of artwork. Based on that, I distinguish artistic...
Patterns of Czech Film-dramturgical Poetics
Csicsely, Lukáš ; Svatoňová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Klimeš, Ivan (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on Czech academic film dramaturgy. Dramaturgy in this sense refers to the activity of the dramaturge in the creation of a film work of art. His performance is theoretically grounded upon a long tradition beginning with Aristotle's Poetics, generally called poetics, and this thesis consists of a comparison of such film poetics published at FAMU, within the department of scriptwriting and dramaturgy, examined through the perspective of Prague structuralism, and with the mentioned traditions on background. No other theoretical work has dealt with this material so far, so my aim is to map the basic problems of this closed field, with an emphasis on how the tradition is adapted to the specific requirements of film.
A role of empathy in the reception of film work of art
Csicsely, Lukáš ; Zuska, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the subject of empathy in the reception of film work of art and the distinction of empathy and the terms which are being generally confused with it (such as identification and sympathy) in a representative selection of texts on both psychoanalysis and film cognitivism. Bela Buda's writing serves as a background for those works. The first two parts are dealing with the definition of Buda's empathy and its differentiation from sympathy, identification and projection in the context of the reception of film work of art with emphasis on psychical distance. The following part is focused on the comparison of various concepts of authors from the field of psychoanalysis (Mulvay and Metz) and film cognitivism (Carroll, Neill, Grodal, Smith). This part works with the findings of the previous parts.

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