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The Use of School Historic Atlases in Elementary School Education
Ďurkech, Pavol ; Havelková, Lenka (advisor) ; Chromý, Pavel (referee)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on functions and use of school historical atlases. The main goal of the work is aimed to answer the questions: what role do historical atlases play in an education of history, which functions of school historical atlases are used and how do teachers apply them. The work also deals with the difference of the application between teachers with combined specialization in history-geography and history-other subjects. The targets were reached by using the method of card sorting and half-structured interviews with ten teachers. The method of content analysis was applied after the evaluation of results. The research implies that the role of school historical atlases is primarily an extra tool in an education. The main functions of present-day atlases are: illustrating, informing and place orienting. The respondent teachers use school historical atlases in most cases as a basis for their lecture and group work. Nevertheless, they do not use them as homework at all. The application of school historical atlases does not differ in reliance on the teaching specialization. The usage of geoportal and combination with the second teaching subject occurs more frequently by teachers of history-geography.
The Concept of Place in the Context of Transatlantic Transformations: Socio-Cultural Aspects of Changes in Selected Cities during the 20th Century
Mozr, Tomáš ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee) ; Gibas, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the concept of place and its transformation in the context of transatlantic transformations that still till nowadays stood aside the interests of the professional community. Representative place in the thesis is an example of the american bar, where the institution symbolized the newly established cultural elements gradually penetrated into the whole society and to this extent it could be viewed as a passenger concept venue. The main pillar of the thesis is to take into account sociocultural, economic, demographic and political aspects of bar environment as a peculiar manifestation of transatlantic communication. The key question to the concept of place is therefore whether the European continent was in the interwar period under a wave of Americanization, which in various locations showed a totally unique way that reflected the rising standard of living, while within the United States shaped this culture again by different way. On the other side, we meet with the complicated situation in the form of "dry" America and "thirsty" of Europe, or whether it was just an extraordinary manifestation of transatlantic relations and interaction, which would have thus secondarily been demonstrated modifications to the original concept in a European environment. The thesis is designed on...
Transformations of Kladno region in the Period of Industrialization and the Great Depression
Čermák, Adam ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Boudný, Zdeněk (referee)
Transformations of Kladno in the Period of Industrialization and the Great Depression Key words: Kladno region, industrialization, The Great Depression, Poldi Hut, Kablo, railways, coal mines, historical geography, industrial landscape This bachelor thesis deals with the transformation of Kladno region since the second half of the 19th century to present. The main objective of this work is to evaluate the extent to which the Great Depression has affected the development of the mining and metallurgical center in Central Bohemia, the territory of Kladno region and society in this area. For this reason, much of the work is devoted to the development of the area from the second half of the 19th century to the economic crisis. The Kladno region has developed and expanded rapidly to the surrounding landscape, as it has become dominantly industrial due to social changes due to its originally agricultural area. The economic crisis manifested itself in the Kladno region in 1932. The settlements ceased to penetrate the surrounding landscape and support the families of the unemployed from urban budgets. However, there was a problem with insufficient infrastructure and social care in front of Kladno municipalities. The economic recovery helped to prepare for the next world war. The Kladno industry began to...
Symbols and symbolism in the region formation process
Šifta, Miroslav ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Križan, František (referee) ; Šerý, Miloslav (referee)
This dissertation thesis is focused on the research of role of symbols, especially graphic symbols (emblems, logos), in the process of region formation and in the process of shap- ing of regional identities. These aspects are studied in the context of Anssi Paasi's theory of institutionalization of region. The thesis discusses the use of symbols in the develop- ment of regions of different scales. The theoretical background of symbol research in the process of a region formation, as based on literature research, is later verified on an example of the analysis of symbols of the Liberec Region and the way they are used by various regional institutions. The Liberec Region is a suitable model area since it both represents a newly constituted region (after 2000), as well as it is already fully institution- alized. This region is also very heterogeneous from the point of view of the natural and cultural heritage. Regarding the settlement perspective, there are both areas inhabited continuously (traditional, "Czech" areas) and areas resettled after the WWII. In its first part, the thesis is devoted to evolution of regional geography. It briefly pre- sents how regional geography responded to paradigmatic changes, and how it gradually evolved into a "new" regional geography. Next, it discusses the concept...
Preparatory education of Geography teachers at the Faculty of Science of Charles University
Horáková, Lucie ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Chromý, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with the preparatory education of Geography teachers at the Faculty of Science of Charles University and looks at it from many perspectives.The basis is the content analysis of study plans which are also evaluated through interviews with former graduates, now teachers of Geography. Furthermore, representatives of academic community were interviewed in order to present the current state and vison of preparatory education of Geography teachers at the Faculty of Science of Charles University. The aim of the thesis is to make a comprehensive study of open dialogue between students, graduates and academic staff, in order to characterize the current education of Geography teachers and to evaluate the outcome.

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