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Analysis of public procurement in the Czech Republic in 2006 to 2016
Karabcová, Aneta ; Chmelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Maule, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyzes the development of the legal and institutional framework of public procurement in the Czech Republic between 2006 and 2016 and its influence on key indicators of the Public Procurement Information System. The theoretical part provides the characteristics of public procurement, aspects of procurement procedures and cartels, which are further used in the analysis of selected indicators of the public procurement market and the findings of the Office for The Protection of Competition. The volume of assigned public procurements represents an important item of public expenditure each year and forms a significant share of the GDP of the Czech Republic. At the same time, it is the public procurement, which is affected by corruption, and therefore pursued by the media and the public. The thesis also deals with the findings of the Office for the Protection of Competition and with the function of the Supreme Audit Office, which has the function of control of public funds. Legislative framework of public procurement undergone an extensive content changes over the years and have had positive effects in many market sectors. Also after the approval of the latest public procurement law in 2016 and electronic public procurement system have been strongly backed by the so-called 3E principles and transparency of spending public funds and the principle of non-discrimination of tenderers.
Comparison of taxation in roadway and railway transportation in Czech republic in years 2005 to 2016 pointing at fiscal and regulatory function of transportation taxes
Firichová, Barbora ; Chmelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Hájek, Jan (referee)
Bachelor thesis specializes in roadway and railway transportation and defines problems connected with different taxation in both sectors. Thesis helps to organize the data in transportation, which is dispensable in economy and fast developing. Thesis provides the base for making an analysis of taxation tools nad functions which they should fulfil. Attention is pointing at fiscal and regulatory function. Analytical part defines fundamental institutions in transportation and relevant strategic documents. In time from 2005 to 2016 an analysis of Czech republic is done, thesis focuses on development of transportation tax rates, development of tax income and statistical data about changes of structure in personal and freight transport. The goal is to use the analysed data for final evaluation and put them in context of the goal of Transport policy 2014-2020. Bachelor thesis is able to say that national and supranational interest may differ and so that the regulatory tendency does not always corespond with fiscal essence of taxes. The goal of Transport policy is not fulfilled yet, but the development can be considered as positive. Nevertheless the railways are not stimulated enough the roadways are not sufficiently regulated.
Analysis of the changes and their impact on the payment system of housing benefits and supplements for housing in the Czech Republic in the years 2011-2017
Havelková, Tereza ; Štípek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Chmelová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of social benefits for housing from the social security system in the Czech Republic. Social policy, including the area of housing support, has to respond to the current development of the economy and social problems of society in order to maintain social cohesion and therefore it is necessary to continuously evaluate the results of the adopted measures, which is the aim of this thesis. The theoretical part focuses on the development of state housing support, key legislative changes in the requirements for housing benefit and supplement for housing, the phenomenon of misuse of these benefits and the associated poverty industry. The practical part follows the subsequent development of the amount and volume of benefits paid over time in connection with the adopted measures. These measures set stricter rules for the payments of a supplement for housing and partly limited its abuse, though for the sustainability of public finances it is necessary to take further measures aimed at providing aid only to those who need it necessarily. The main contribution of this thesis is the evaluation of past reforms, the proposal of further measures for efficiency improvement of state support for housing and the evaluation of adopted concept of social housing in the Czech Republic.
Analysis of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic, its share on export, GDP and employment in 2000 - 2015
Haj, Adam ; Chmelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Dyba, Karel (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyse the development of the automotive industry in Czech Republic in time range of 2000 - 2015. In view of the increasing importance of this industry for the Czech economy, the work focuses primarily on analysis of the automotive industry development and contribution to the macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, export and labour market. The development of automotive production, the employment development, the development of the whole Czech Republic economy; and the turnover development of manufacturers in the defined sector can be found there. The whole work gives a realistic view on the automotive industry influence and contribution to the examined quantities; this demonstrates the growing automotive industry impact on the Czech Republic economy. According to the evaluated data the work finds out close correlation between the export progress and the manufacturers turnover. The progress of these two indicators shows very similar trend during the whole observed period. There is also finding, that the employment decreases due to introduction of technology innovation and production effectivity improvement. Significant finding is also the high sensitivity of the automotive industry to the foreign demand of advanced countries.
Wage discrimination in the labor market in the Czech Republic from 2005 - 2014
Veľasová, Lenka ; Pikhart, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Chmelová, Pavla (referee)
In this bachelor dissertation work is studied the use of regression analysis of wage development. This analyse the situation before and after possible impact of the antidiscrimination law on the wage situation of women and men in the labor market. The theoretical part is intended construction of work concepts such as equality, discrimination and its types and forms. Together with clarifying the content of the antidiscrimination law passed in 2009. The practical part contains an analysis of the macroeconomic situation for the period 2005-2014 and analysis of the factors directly affecting the level of wages. Attention is given to the period after 2009, which should theoretically lead to the improvement in the wage situation of women and eliminate discrimination. Although, we follow a very strong correlation between the examined factors and wages, wage differences are objectively justified and therefore we cannot talk about discrimination. This is justified by numbers which demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the anti-discrimination law.
Government debt and debt service of Czech Republic in the period 2000-2015
Krpata, Jan ; Pikhart, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Chmelová, Pavla (referee)
The bachelor thesis analyzes the setting of fiscal policy, the development of government debt and debt service in the Czech Republic in the period 2000-2015. The theoretical part is focused on explaining the main technical terms in the field of government finance. The main part is devoted to theoretical optimal fiscal policy and the possible methods of evaluation. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the development of the Czech government debt with the aim to analyze the setting of fiscal policy in the examined period. The quality of governmental institutions predictions, which serve as a basis for budget planning, is also assessed. The last part analyzes the development of debt service and provides a two-year prediction of fiscal policy and debt service. The results show that the government implements mainly procyclical fiscal policy which deepens the business cycles.
Fiscal rules in selected EU countries between 2004-2015: sensible method for consolidation of public finances or fad of politicians?
Veselý, Lukáš ; Strejček, Ivo (advisor) ; Chmelová, Pavla (referee)
The subject of fiscal rules is very topical issue. The rise of public debt in certain developed countries resulted in what is sometimes called "debt crisis". Debt of those countries which is higher than their annual gross domestic product is viewed as unpayable by some economists. The main objective of this thesis has been to prove or disprove hypothesis that the fiscal rules studied in this paper are an effective solution for public finance consolidation. This verification was based on the analysis of fiscal rules functioning in selected countries between 2004 and 2015. As per results of analysis the paper aims to give recommendations for the Czech financial constitution proposal. The actual results of inquiry proved the hypothesis. Well-chosen fiscal rules are the right way towards fiscal consolidation, provided they are observed. Fiscal rules making thus requires an emphasis to be placed on the well-formulated exit clauses altogether with prospective sanctions. The current Czech financial constitution proposal is built on the correctly picked fiscal rule type, although the reference value lacks economic sense and it would not lead, with a high degree of probability, towards fiscal consolidation.
The impact of the economic cycle to finance the defense of the Czech republic in years 2004-2014
Heres, Ondřej ; Chmelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Strejček, Ivo (referee)
This bachelor work examines the impact of economic performance on financing the defense sector in the Czech Republic in the years 2004-2014. The main questions are whether this influence is clear and the extent to which is essential for funding this sector. The work also provides a basic overview about development and structure of the Ministry of Defence budget in these years. The theoretical part contains theories of business cycle and public sector and briefly introduces the basic institutions that are tasked to provide a defense. The analytic part analyzes the expenditures and revenues of the Ministry of Defence and assesses their mutual influence and simultaneously the influence of GDP on these indicators. To compare with previous findings, the GPD growth rate and the growth rate of defense expenditures in selected countries of NATO are analyzed in brief in the last chapter. While findings based on data from the Ministry of Defence have rather anticyclical development of defense expenditures, in selected countries of NATO, the development is more procyclical. It highlights the very ambiguous impact of the economic cycle on expenditures in the defense sector.
Liberalization of the market versus network industry in state hands for example of postal service market and the Czech Post, state enterprise
Bartošová, Kristýna ; Chmelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Procházka, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis is dealing with the liberalization of the postal service market in the Czech Republic. Thesis analyzes the selected issue in the practical part on the example of the Czech Post, state enterprise. It clarifies the areas and terms closely linked with the issue. Thesis also defines monopoly features and specifies the network industry. It deals with the privatization process, defines the essential features of the state-owned enterprise and other main business corporations. Text explains the theory of public choice and its related problems. It also focuses on postal license which commits to provide universal service. The aim of the thesis is to create a comprehensive overview of past and current state of the postal market. Another objective is to analyze Czech Post enterprise particularly its economic activity and legal form. It turns out that the Czech Post is not now as lossy as it appears in public. We can predict decreasing trend in the evolution of revenues in the future with the help of related graph. Thesis objectives are met by composing the general development of the legislative and institutional changes. We can compare the legal forms of institutions and the extent of branch networks in each country with the help of a comparative analysis of European postal institutions. The Czech Republic does well - it is below the average. This allows to set conclusions and recommendations for our market. We mainly used issues of Post Partner project to examine the future development of the Czech Post.
Fare-Free Public Transport policy introduction in selected European states and municipalities in first two decades of 21st century
Čarek, Sebastián ; Kolman, Ondřej (advisor) ; Chmelová, Pavla (referee)
This thesis was written to create a missing complex study about Fare-Free Public Transport (FFPT) policy and to confirm hypothesis that abolition of fares are not generally accompanied by passengers increasing demand. Theoretical part describes public transport potential substitutes, for example competition in problematic individual car transport. In other chapters thesis summarises present known knowledges of public transport demand, financing by public service contracts and encapsulates experiences with Fare-Free Public Transport in Europe. Practical part includes four case studies: Tallinn, Frýdek-Místek, railway passenger transport in Slovakia and Prague Integrated Transport (PID). Analysis of PID and Tallinn confirmed that fare decrease in case of low fares already before act, does not entice additional passengers, because the demand is highly inelastic. But the important issue is that introducing of FFPT is connected with lots of side effects. Extraordinary space in thesis has policy of Free Trains in Slovakia, that caused many side effects that must have been solved in process to not damage paying passengers. Policy had important effect on public transport market in Slovakia, when ZSSK was pressed to depreciate own InterCity trains operated for own commercial risk and negative effect was also observed on private long-distance bus transport and on budgets of higher-level territorial administrative units.

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