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Radiography image preprocessing tools
Chmelař, Petr ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Petyovský, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and realization of methods of preprocessing of X-ray images and its storage. In the first part of this thesis, there were designed and implemented methods for preprocessing of series of X-ray images such as averaging after image registration or merging of images to a HDR image using Debevec method. In the following part of the thesis, there was done a literary research of data formats based on which was implemented a library for x-ray images storage. Both implemented methods allow to reduce a random noise by merging a series of images. Application of the Debevec method also allow to increase a dynamic range of image.
Electronic notice board LCD
Chmelař, Petr ; Franek, Lešek (referee) ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (advisor)
This paper focuse at market research with digital signages, kiosks, and the subsequent suggestion directed on the concept of the new system and its hardware parts and software. The aim of this work is grounded on creating the concept of electronic boards, which is derived from the market research. The concept of the system is describing the principle of functioning of the digital signage, possibilities of controlling and system administration itself. The suggestion of the hardware part of the system contains the selection of appropriate mechanism for realization of the software part of the system and the proposal of controlling and signaling aspects, which are suitable for communication with users.
Document and Photography Information System
Varga, Ladislav ; Straka, Martin (referee) ; Chmelař, Petr (advisor)
The Goal of this work is to project and implement document and photography information system. Information system was implemented by PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ajax.
Knowledge Data Discovery
Jirmásek, Tomáš ; Chmelař, Petr (referee) ; Jurka, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with knowledge discovery in databases and is focused on Bayesian classification. The main goal of this thesis was to implement one of the methods of data mining and to verify its functionality on chosen data set. The application is implemented in programming language Java. MySQL database was chosen as a data storage for data set prepared to extract patterns from it. Information needed to start data mining task are gained from input DMSL document. The results of data mining are also stored into output DMSL document. The DMSL language had to be extended because of implemented method, Bayesian classification.
Visualization of XML
Hernych, Radim ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Chmelař, Petr (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis was to study XML and its transformations, identify possible problems of displaying general XML document and to create graphical tool that provides interactive visualization and editing of XML document. This text deals with problems of XML visualization. It presents a visualization technique for representing general XML documents without using XSL or CSS. Final program was written in Java programming language using Jaxen1.1 and dom4j.1.6.1 libraries.
Analyzis of Parallel Honeypot Tools
Antal, Lukáš ; Chmelař, Petr (referee) ; Drozd, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis analyzes the selected shadow honeypot tool. The thesis explaines the need for having tool for early detection of a new type of cyber-attack. Shadow honeypot tool analyzed in the thesis is called Argos. Argos is one of the results of the international project called European Network of Affined honeypots (NoAH). The thesis includes thorough analysis and testing of Argos tool. The paper also includes implementation of Argos log files parsing utility.
Interactive Visualization of XML
Onderko, Michal ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Chmelař, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the interactive visualization of XML and issues of working with native XML databases. It describes XML technologies, including its modes of processing, information about native XML databases, XML data visualization methods, description of XML Spark xDB implementation and testing XPath query support of this program. The last section contains a summary of the work and suggestions of possible improvements.
RDF Repository in PHP
Raška, Jiří ; Chmelař, Petr (referee) ; Burget, Radek (advisor)
This Bachelor Thesis describes a problem of design and implementation a RDF repository in PHP. This thesis solves storing data model RDF in relational database and solves implementation of subset query language SPARQL. Part of this thesis are performance and functional tests with implemented RDF repository.
Information System for Translators Association
Neřold, Jan ; Chmelař, Petr (referee) ; Přibyl, Bronislav (advisor)
In today's economic situation, companies are exposed to pressure because of the demand for high quality services at low prices. The information system which makes key processes of a company much more efficient means an important support in reaching those demands. This thesis is concerned with the analysis of requirements, design, implementation, and testing of the information system for NK Translators, the translators association. The analysis and specification of the requirements were carried out with usage of UML. Web technologies like HTML, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL database system were used for implementation of the information system in the form of a web application. Finally, the implemented system was successfully submitted to a user testing.

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