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GNSS Navigated Mobile Robot
Chmelař, Jakub ; Jílek, Tomáš (referee) ; Kopečný, Lukáš (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the topic of global satellite navigation of mobile robots. The paper describes the principle of currently available global satellite navigation systems. The main element of the thesis is the proposal of mobile robot navigation algorithm. An integral part is also the design of a mobile robot to verify the functionality of the navigation algorithm. The robot software program is described. At the end, everything is verified by real experiments.
Use of optical cable properties for geolocation in the Internet
Chmelař, Jakub ; Verner, Lukáš (referee) ; Komosný, Dan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the IP geolocation which estimates the geographic location of hosts in the Internet network. The knowledge of geographic location can be used both for targeting specific services and information, such as advertisement or weather forecast, and for better utilization of transport network because it is possible to serve content from sources which are located closer to client. The main topic of this thesis is the Speed of Internet geolocation method (SOI), which is an active method based on measurement of latency in network. The theoretical part of the thesis explains how to perform these measurements and briefly describes a few more active geolocation methods. The practical part includes full description of SOI implementation created using Python programming language. This implementation was subsequently used to accomplish a sequence of measurements which allowed accuracy comparison with other geolocation methods. The final part of this thesis evaluates results of these measurements and offers a few possible changes which could improve accuracy of described implementation.
Robotic Video Camera Control Using Beaglebone
Chmelař, Jakub ; Franek, Lešek (referee) ; Arm, Jakub (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes HW and SW equipment of the development board BeagleBone Black and its AM3358 processor. The processor integrates two programmable support units for real time control. This work provides detailed overview of the development board and the support units control possibilities. It includes description of principles of the support units usage and definition of Device Tree configuration file. Purpose of the work is to create SW and HW equipment for the model of robotic camera. This work also describes DPS design and program equipment for stepper motor control using the support units of the AM3358 processor. Additionally the extension of MJPG-Streamer with support unit control possibilities is described at the end of the work.
Attendance System Terminal
Chmelař, Jakub ; Mráz, Ľubomír (referee) ; Strašil, Ivo (advisor)
This thesis deals with electronic attendance systems which are nowadays being widely used to record employee attendance. General problem of attendance tracking is introduced in first part of the thesis along with a conceptual solution of an attendance system terminal. Author then describes a circuitry and a PCB design of a baseboard for a Cubieboard2 minicomputer, a RFID reader and a touchscreen LCD display. After successful testing of said PCB, the terminal has been completed and it was possible to focus on a software solution. Latter part of the thesis is dedicated to a specifics of the Allwinner A20 platform and its support by a GNU/Linux operating system. In following chapter author describes use of a Buildroot software for creating a Linux based binary image for an aforementioned minicomputer. Since an operating system and a peripheral support were successfully tested author could focus on a design and implementation of an attendance software that is described in the final chapter.

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