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Electrical machine for wind power generator
Srna, Jan ; Chmelíček, Petr (referee) ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis describes analyse of transient and subtransient parts of short – circuit current. Values of synchronous generator short – circuit current were measured for lower voltage and subsequently recounted to its nominal values. The analyse is useful for machines without documentation and where is measurement of needed parameters necessary. Two methods coming out of the IEEE standard were used for identification reactances and time constants and after that these methods were compared between themselves. One of the method were created in program MATLAB, where measured short – circuit currents for each phase were handled. Values of time constants are used for simple model of synchronous generator created in toolbox of program MATLAB/SIMPOWER. This simulation verifies correctness of counting transient and subtransient analyses.
Creation and analysis of electrical machines parametric models at CAD systems.
Chmelíček, Petr ; Janda, Marcel (referee) ; Kuchyňková, Hana (advisor)
Aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to demonstrate facilities of computer aided design on practical tasks. First part contains description of Autodesk Inventor, which is one of the most important modern parametric CAD systems. There is described the basics of modeling, drawing creating and analysis of design. Second part is oriented on demonstration of capabilities of Ansys Workbench, which is important system for solution of engineering problems by the finite element method. Also there is description of user interface of Ansys, analysis of electromagnetic field in asynchronous motor and description of one phase asynchronous motor. Task of last part is to create animated presentation of asynchronous motor with outer rotor in Inventor studio.
Synchronous generator reactance prediction using FE analysis
Chmelíček, Petr ; Lapčík, Josef (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
Parametry nahradniho obvodu synchronniho stroje znance ovlivnuji jeho chovani jak pri statickem provozu, tak predevsim pri nahlych dynamickych jevech a poruchovych stavech. Prace je zamerena na zhodnoceni dostupnych metod pro vypocet techto parametru pomoci Metody konecnych prvku. Prvni cast je venovana teoretickemu popisu zakladnich principu Metody Konecnych Prvku a jejich aplikaci na reseni problemu elektromagnetickeho pole v elektrickych strojich. Zaroven take shrnuje zakladni usporadani nahradniho obvodu synchroniho stroje, principi jeho konstrukce a zakladni funkci. Druha cast je venovana praktickemu vypoctu reaktanci nahradniho obvodu synchronniho stroje. S pomoci MKP jsou vypocteny synchronni reactance s uvazovanim vzajmeneho magnetickeho pusobeni proudu v d a q ose. Pro vypocet transientnich a subtransientnich reaktanci jsou navrzeny ctyri odlisne metody a jsou zhodnoceny z hlediska pozadovane presnosti vypoctu a narocnosti na vypocetni cas. Zaverecna cast popisuje zakladni merici metody pro urceni parametru nahrandniho obvodu na skutecnem stroji. Kapitola take obsahuje srovnani simulace trifazoveho zkratu synchronniho stroje s realnou zkouskou provedenou laboratorne. Zaver obsahuje srovnani jednotlivych metod a navrh optimalniho postupu pro vypocet zkoumanych parametru.
Possibility of using social networks to support business
Nešpor, Jan ; Molnár, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Chmelíček, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of using social networks for increasing the competitiveness of the company. The theoretical part defines basic terms that are closely related to social networks. First part is focused on social media and their usage in Czech or European companies which is supported by statistical data. Another part of the thesis focuses on the world most common social networks and their usage in relation to Competitive Intelligence. The last chapter of the theoretical part deals with analytics and monitoring tools. The practical part of the thesis contains competitive research on the company Antee and its major competitors in social networks usage. The main output of the practical part is based on the thorough analysis and it proposes strategy on a successful entrance into social networks for Antee.
The business process optimization and design of implementation in the company Antee s.r.o.
Beneš, Eduard ; Říhová, Zora (advisor) ; Chmelíček, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of business process optimization in the company Antee s.r.o. The author has been working for this company for two years and he got a lot of experience with this kind of business processes. The business process optimization is very actual topic in every company because there are always many opportunities for its improvement. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the current status of business processes in the company Antee s.r.o. Then design their optimization for solving tasks much faster. The business process analysis is focused only on Helpdesk department. The contribution of the work is primarily in analyzing selected business processes and the usage of the proposal in the process. The introduction of the proposed solution should reduce the number of requests handled by Helpdesk as well as to offer customers a new service options.

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