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Biology Fieldwork in School Gardens in the Czech Republic
Kakešová, Kristýna ; Janštová, Vanda (advisor) ; Chlebounová, Irena (referee)
This bachelor's theses is dedicated to fieldwork in Biology at secondary school in the Czech Republic. It is dedicated to the topic of school gardens. The first part is presenting the advantages of fieldwork and also its obstacles, which could make the implementation of fieldwork harder. One of these concerns is the emplacement of Biology fieldwork in the curriculum for different educational levels (lower and upper secondary schools), where this method is not often explicitly included. The second part is dedicated to the school gardens in the Czech Republic, it summarizes results of studies exploring gardens' conditions, facilities, and usage. Results show that most of the lower secondary schools have their garden and they also use it for teaching, mostly practical subjects as gardening or cultivating work. In the case of upper secondary schools, there is a lack of comprehensive studies. Other foci of the thesis are: a history of school gardens in Czechia; organizations involved in Biology and Science education in school gardens, and selected teaching methods appropriate for teaching Biology in school gardens.
Actual trends in science education at primary and secondary schools with a focus on first aid
Loudová, Hana ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Chlebounová, Irena (referee)
This bachelor's thesis aims to create a literary review based on original research regarding the given topic, and thus help inform the public, especially teachers, about the issue of teaching science subjects and first aid. The main purpose of this thesis is to present a comprehensive overview of the main current trends in science education and in first aid training, the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, including specific examples for their implementation in these areas. The introductory chapter summarizes a historical development of science education to anchor a focus of work into the context. The main content of the review is the presentation of individual innovative teaching methods with their advantages and disadvantages, including specific examples of their use in the teaching of biology and natural sciences at primary and secondary schools. The same concept of classification for clarity is maintained in the chapter on teaching first aid. The final chapter deals with an evaluation and comparison of trends in science education and first aid training with traditional teaching.
Analysis of the topic Human Origin and Evolution in the Textbooks and the Workbooks for Elementary School
Hoffmannová, Valérie ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Chlebounová, Irena (referee)
(AJ) The main aim of this diploma thesis is to analyze the learning tasks related to the topic of the origin and development of the human species in textbooks and workbooks for the second grade of primary school. Textbooks and workbooks of biology and history were selected for analysis. The learning tasks were categorized into individual categories of Tollinger taxonomy and Bloom's original taxonomy. The results of this classification were used to compare older and newer editions of selected textbooks and workbooks. I also found out the difficulty of tasks in each publications. This analysis revealed that teaching tasks from lower taxonomic categories (for both taxonomies), which do not high demands of cognitive operations, are more represented. Furthermore, this work deals how extent the topic in individual publications. Further analyzes revealed that teaching tasks of the origin and development of human species are more represented in the textbooks and workbooks of history. The results of this work could help teachers to find way in the offer of available textbooks and workbooks and help select a suitable publication to teach the topic of the origin and development of the human species. Key words: analysis, biology, Bloom's taxonomy, history, human evolution, Tollinger's taxonomy, textbooks, workbook
Prevention of eating Disorders in Education
Čermáková, Eliška ; Chlebounová, Irena (advisor) ; Poupová, Jana (referee)
Prevention of eating disorders in education Eliška Čermáková Abstrakt (EN) This study is focused on nutrition abnormalities, its formation and the factors that influence development of diseases. It tries to get an overview of the information about subject, its prezentation in the school enviroment through study materials, or during prevention programs. It helps to find out the way of prevention of nutrition abnormalities in Czech Republic, how to spred information about the right and wrong nutrition atitude among people and what prevents realization of such thing. The purpose of this work is to find new posibilities, how to prevent the spread of diseases associated with unhealthy nutrition and improper lifestyle.
Toxic plants in teaching of biology at secondary schools
Riegelová, Marta ; Rajsiglová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Chlebounová, Irena (referee)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to teaching botany, and is focused namely on lessons concerning toxic plants. The first part deals with creating of worksheets for secondary school students for field trip into Botanic Garden of Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. The second part compares effectiveness of classical lesson and the field trip. Students of the first grades from four secondary schools (grammar schools) were divided into two groups.The first group was taught by classic conventional teaching in classroom (control group) and the second group (experimental) was taken for the field trip to the Botanic Garden of Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. The effectiveness of education was measured by means of a knowledge test before the lesson (pre-test) and after it (post-test). Level of knowledge increased in experimental groups and control groups, however, the difference between individual groups was not significant. Key words: toxic plants, botanical garden, field trips, worksheets, knowledge testing

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