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Whole-genome analysis of the house mouse hybrid zone
Janoušek, Václav ; Munclinger, Pavel (advisor) ; Choleva, Lukáš (referee) ; Chan, Yingguang Frank (referee)
Hybrid zones provide a valuable opportunity to study the process of speciation in real time. Untested combinations of genes from diverging populations come to the contact here causing a breakdown of genetic interactions and giving rise to reproductive isolation. Two house mouse subspecies (Mus musculus musculus/Mus musculus domesticus) form a narrow zone of secondary contact across Central Europe which is thought to be maintained by a balance between selection against unfit hybrids and dispersion of individuals. During my PhD study my collaborators and I used an array of ~ 1400 SNP markers to study patterns of introgression on a genome-wide scale across two/three house mouse hybrid zone transects. Our aim was to identify the genomic regions putatively harboring genes which are involved in the reproductive isolation between the two subspecies, characterize their distribution in mouse genome and assess genomic features associated with them. We were able to confirm on a genome-wide scale the importance of the X chromosome in the evolution of reproductive isolation. This chromosome exhibited introgression corresponding to strong negative epistasis and the patterns were consistent between transects pointing out to a common basis of reproductive isolation playing a role in two transects. Contrary to the...

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