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Juggling as a dramatic language
Blaha, Lukas ; JARCHOVSKÝ, Adam (advisor) ; CAPKO, Štefan (referee)
This thesis deals with juggling and ultimately its scenic potential for dramatic creation and communication. Firstly, I will help define the term “juggling” by delving into its history in the traditional circus, its development in contemporary circus, and its current position in dramatic art. For a more precise and specific exposition of modern juggling and its styles I will analyse and compare the work of three Czech and foreign contemporary juggling groups.
Lyga, Andrej ; SOPROVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; CAPKO, Štefan (referee)
Ceremony of masks in folk tradition – Fašiangy (Mardi Gras) – in Bohemia and Slovakia. Attempt to define the mask phenomenon, its meanings, functions and forms across history and in various branches. Examination of own feelings and the disappearance of ceremonial and seriousness from traditions. Searching for original meanings from cult rituals through ancient festivals, mediaval times, Slavic forms of tradition till these days. Evaluation of own experience, participation in Prague carnival. Examining of the origin and development of the social mask and its influence in connection with the topic being processed. Obtaining excessive rationality leading to the disappearance of ritual and magical traditions. Dramatic art as a help in preserving the ceremonial tradition. Mutual help and inspiration.
Old mime, young clown
Ješutová, Barbora ; CAPKO, Štefan (advisor) ; SOPROVÁ, Jana (referee)
This work deals with the comics of Boris Hybner in his work, especially in view of his theatrical work. Includes an analysis of his pantomime etude Surgeon and partial completion of his personal notes to the gag anatomy.
Modern bouffon
Ješutová, Ludmila ; SOPROVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; CAPKO, Štefan (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to describe a vision of the modern bouffon, as Jacques Lecoq invented it. In my thesis I focused to the describing what the bouffonerie exactly is and to the practical utilisation of this specific style.
Object and theatre
Neuhöferová, Pavla ; CAPKO, Štefan (advisor) ; BEČKA, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis works with and describes the relationship between "object"
Magic and Clown
Drábová, Zuzana ; CAPKO, Štefan (advisor) ; CIHLÁŘ, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis' main goal is to define the relationship of the clown to magic. It delves into the search for the character of the magical clown through theory and experience in clowning and magic. It describes what the magician and clown have in common and what sets them apart. The aim is to look into the frail existence of the clown, which is magical.
Encounter of two worlds
Křížková, Karolína ; SOPROVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; CAPKO, Štefan (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to introduce the production of Forman brothers Forman and transformation of their work from atypical spaces to the official scenes. The functioning of this transformation is described in projects: La Belle et la Bete/Beauty and the beast, A walk worthwile, Čarokraj and Hansel and Gretel.
Brothers Fratellini
Vanacká, Anna ; CAPKO, Štefan (advisor) ; SOPROVÁ, Jana (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to introduce the life and the work of a popular Clown Trio known as the Brothers Fratellini. Their work is viewed in the context of general need the in society for the persona of a clown and also through the Trio's significant effect it has had on the future generations of artists, like Voskovec and Werich.
Light design in nonverbal theatre
Stará, Eva ; CAPKO, Štefan (advisor) ; SOPROVÁ, Jana (referee)
This thesis concentrates on the subject of light design and its application in nonverbal theatre. This thesis introduces the different technical and esthetic possibilities and techniques when working with light in such a way so that one can precieve its versatility and use it in ones own production. Its aim is to simplify communication and work with the light designer.
The Neutral Mask of Jacques Lecoq
Holba, Ondřej ; SOPROVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; CAPKO, Štefan (referee)
In this bachelor's thesis I follow up issue of using the neutral mask in the preparation of actor in 20th century, all with focusing on method of Jacques Lecoq. This thesis also compares Lecoq's neutral mask with the neutral masks of other theater educators. I will briefly describe the neutral state and significance of the mask as well.

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