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Comparison of flutter derivatives for Kao Pin Hsi Bridge and flat plate
Buljac, A. ; Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Kozmar, H. ; Kuznetsov, Sergeii ; Král, Radomil
Focus of this work is put on evaluation of dimensionless aeroelastic coefficients, i.e. flutter derivatives, which are considered to be indicators of the aeroelastic stability of bridges. A comprehensive experimental study on dynamic wind-induced behavior of the Kao-Pin-Hsi bridge in Taiwan is described. The results are compared to those of the thin flat plate with high width to height ratio, which previously proved to be aeroelastically stable.
The stability of the cable supported bridge deck during wind and traffic
Král, Radomil ; Buljac, Andrija ; Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Kuznetsov, Sergeii
With nowadays trends of elongation of span length in bridge structures, they are becoming more and more sensitive to wind loads, therefore analysis of their aero elastic stability is of great concern. These structures have low eigen frequencies and low damping, which makes them highly susceptible to actions of the wind. Studies of flow-induced vibrations, which are excited by complex interaction between airflow and moving bridge girder, are of great importance for estimation of dynamic response of bridge structures.
Stability of a U-shaped profile and combination of wind flow velocity 0-18 m/s
Král, Radomil ; Kuznetsov, Sergeii ; Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Buljac, Andrija
The report presents experimental results regarding the aero-elastic stability of a U-shaped profile withan aspect-ratio (along wind length B, frontal height H) of B/H = 4.65. In the literature it can be found that a square prism (B/H =1) can perform galloping oscillations. However, this is not the case for a flat rectangular prism (B/H = 10). The aspect ratio of the U-beam under consideration here lies between these two values. Additionally, the asymetry of the profile possibly introduces interesting effects. In a comprehensive study of B/H = 4 rectangulsr prism, it is shown experimentally that vortex-induced as well as self-excited one-degree of freedom vibrations are possible. Our investigation aims at understanding the excitation mechanism and estimate critical velocities. Simulations and, more recently wind tunnel experiments are used in our investigations.

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1 Buljac, A.
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