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Integrated Server for Dynamic Program Analysis
Kabele, Vít ; Bulej, Lubomír (advisor) ; Horký, Vojtěch (referee)
Dynamic analysis aids in many software development tasks, such as debugging, pro- gram comprehension, and performance optimization. However, implementing a new dy- namic analysis tool is a non-trivial tasks. To simplify development of dynamic analyses, researchers at Charles University and Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano have jointly developed the DiSL and Shad- owVM frameworks, which raise the level of abstraction for analysis tool developers and provide a convenient programming model both for bytecode instrumentation and for analysis execution. Even though those frameworks were successfully used to develop many different dy- namic analyses, it turned out that the internal design of the original implementation of both frameworks made further development of new features, such as support for instrumentation-time reflection, extremely difficult. Both frameworks provide a client and server part and while they are designed to be used together, the design prevents sharing of information between the two client parts and the two server parts. This not only increases the amount of data that need to be exchanged over network, but also makes configuration of all parts more difficult. In this work we propose and implement a new architecture of the analysis suite so that the functionality the functionality...
The standard SOAP and its applications in small and middle enterprises.
Lupták, Boris ; Král, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
SOAP standard is core protocol used in web services. Web services open new possibilities in application interaction over the network. In connection with web services there has been much discussion of service oriented architecture. The main goal of this thesis is to show possibilities of SOAP in the context of small and medium businesses. To achieve this goal SOAP and accompanying norms are described as well as the mechanism through which SOAP can be and is extended. Several standard extensions are shown. Furthermore this thesis points out the pros and cons of such usage as well as similar alternative approaches. The usage of SOAP is documented on several real life examples. Part of this thesis concerns with fundamental prinicples of service oriented architecture and the connection between web services and service oriented architecture. The need of web services alignment with business processes and coarse grained interfaces are discussed as well. Powered by TCPDF (
What has changed in the networks during the last 10 years
Slivka, Lukáš ; Pyrih, Pavel (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on the evolution of computer networks during past 10 years. Part of it shortly describes development of individual technologies. It deals with problems caused by enormous interest of using Internet and other communication services. In the main, there is shortage of IP addresses and the changes awakened by customer's demand for new services. Specifically, we can mention interest in multimedia, higher bandwidth, comfort of using mobile devices and global roaming. Big section is devoted to the transport media and used technologies. I evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. There are also some specific projects and factors in the end, which had impact on general evolution of communication. Powered by TCPDF (
Communication in mobile edge-cloud environment
Papík, Ondřej ; Hnětynka, Petr (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
Edge-cloud brings the computation power as close to the clients as possible. This reduces latencies and overall computation time in the cloud. Thanks to the mobile nature of clients we must be able to migrate tasks among different servers. The goal of this thesis is to examine possible problems in communication and propose the architecture of framework. Our framework uses gRPC and is written as module to it. It is platform independent, uses reliable communication and focuses on easy usage. We provide implementation of this framework with some example uses. 1
Web Editor and Simulator of Logic Gate Networks
Horák, Jan ; Kruliš, Martin (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
One of the topics taught in computer science is the principles of logic gates. An application that allows students to experiment with logic gates and gate networks can be used as a tool to provide better understanding of the topic. However, in order for the application to be usable, it should be available inde- pendently of the software on the user's computer. As a part of this thesis, we were able to implement such application. It provides users with the function- ality of constructing circuits from logic gates interconnected with wires. The application is able to simulate the network and display logic values on each of the wire. Additional functionality has been provided to make the application more enjoyable - unlimited canvas for circuit construction, a simple tutorial introducing new users to the basics of the application, import and export func- tionality and a library of logic circuits that can be imported onto the editing canvas in the form of gate networks or as single components. The application is easily expandable and the source code is available under an open-source license. 1
Network Interface Controller Offloading in Linux
Hlavatý, Ondřej ; Tůma, Petr (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
Modern network interface controllers allow the host to offload packet processing to hardware in order to improve performance. At the present time, the advanced features are utilized in the Linux kernel by offloading the Traffic Control subsystem. Since this subsystem has been designed for a completely different purpose, its usage for hardware offloading is impractical and unreliable. Furthermore, in its current state the subsystem is not capable of utilizing all hardware features, which are often poorly documented. The presented work adopts a different approach to the problem. Five high-end controllers and their packet-processing pipelines were examined in detail. Accounting for their projected future development, common traits and features were identified. The researched information was used to draft a proposal for a new Linux subsystem, more compatible with hardware offloading than the current solution. The proposed subsystem defines a sufficiently descriptive interface to utilize the majority of hardware-offloaded features while avoiding common problems caused by excessively generalized approach of Traffic Control.
Extensibility Framework for a Generic Benchmarking Environment
Palusga, Tadeáš ; Podzimek, Andrej (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
Title: Extensibility Framework for a Generic Benchmarking Environment Type: Master thesis Author: Tadeáš Palusga Department: Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University Supervisor: RNDr. Andrej Podzimek, Ph.D. Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University Abstract: In 2004, at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, a project called BEEN (Benchmarking Environment) was introduced. The original aim of this project was to create a highly configurable and modular environment for middleware applications benchmarking. This project was successfully defended in 2007. In 2011, another group of students introduced a successor of this project called WillBEEN. Finally, in 2013 a project entitled EverBEEN, which was a complete reimplementation of the WillBEEN project, was successfully defended. The goal of the EverBEEN project was to bring newer technologies, asynchronous communication and stability improvements into the BEEN project family and resulted in a reimplementation from scratch. Despite all the effort, project EverBEEN remained tightly coupled with underlying libraries and technologies, contained a lot of generated code hard to maintain nor extend and last but not least the...
Reproducible Partial-Load Experiments in Workload Colocation Analysis
Podzimek, Andrej ; Bulej, Lubomír (advisor) ; Pena, Tomás Fernández (referee) ; van Hoorn, André (referee)
Hardware concurrency is common in all contemporary computer systems. Efficient use of hardware resources requires parallel processing and sharing of hardware by multiple workloads. Striking a balance between the conflicting goals of keeping servers highly utilized and maintaining a predictable performance level requires an informed choice of performance isolation techniques. Despite a broad choice of resource isolation mechanisms in operating systems, such as pinning of workloads to disjoint sets of processors, little is known about their effects on overall system performance and power consumption, especially under partial load conditions common in practice. Performance and performance interference under partial processor load is analyzed only after the fact, based on historical data, rather than proactively tested. This dissertation contributes a systematic approach to experimental analysis of application performance under partial processor load and in workload colocation scenarios. We first present a software tool set called Showstopper, capable of achieving and sustaining a variety of partial processor load conditions. Based on arbitrary pre-existing computationally intensive workloads, Showstopper replays processor load traces using feedback control mechanisms to maintain the desired load. As opposed to...
Flexible Event Processing Subsystem for the Java Performance Monitoring Framework
Júnoš, Peter ; Bulej, Lubomír (advisor) ; Hnětynka, Petr (referee)
Java Performance Measurement Framework (JPMF) is a framework dedicated to description of points, where the performance is measured. This description is used to gather performance data in these running points. Data are gathered and written without any processing. The handling increases bandwidth and puts high load on the storage. JPMF does not provide any possibility for user to reduce this data. This thesis aims to solve the described problem by introduction of filtering and aggregation, that should reduce the bandwidth. Additionally, performance bottlenecks in various parts of JPMF are investigated and removed. Powered by TCPDF (
Data Processing in a Generic Benchmarking Environment
Mácha, Radek ; Podzimek, Andrej (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
Title: Data Processing in a Generic Benchmarking Environment Author: Radek Mácha Department: Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems Supervisor: RNDr. Andrej Podzimek, Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems Abstract: In September 2013, at the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, a software project implementing the third incarnation of a generic bench- marking environment aimed at performance evaluation of networked applications was presented: EverBEEN. Despite significant advancements achieved by this incarnation in both reliability and ease of use, EverBEEN still came out somewhat wanting in terms of commercial usability. One of its major shortcomings was the absence of a standardized way of data extraction and processing. The want of such means in EverBEEN laid foundation to the central question of this thesis: How to extract and process data from a framework like EverBEEN, with no prior knowledge of the structure of said data? Albeit centered on the creation of a common, reusable data extraction and aggregation codebase for said framework, this thesis also strives to analyze means of automating EverBEEN control-flow and incorporating the framework, and its data processing, into continuous integration. Keywords: performance evaluation, data processing,...

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