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Potential-driven On/Off Switch Strategy for the Electrosynthesis of [7]Helicene-derived Polymers.
Žádný, Jaroslav ; Storch, Jan ; Strašák, Tomáš ; Církva, Vladimír ; Hrbáč, J. ; Fekete, Ladislav ; Pokorný, Jan ; Bulíř, Jiří ; Vacek, J.
3-([7]H elicen-9-yl)-thiophene hybrid monomer was electrooxidized in acetonitrile by cyclic voltammetry with anodic potential limits of +1.5 V or +2.5 V, resulting in a conductive and non-conductive polymer, respectively. The electrochemical findings were supplemented by microscopy investigations; UV-Vis, fluorescence and vibrational spectroscopies, ellipsometry measurements and computational chemistry. The electrodeposited polymers could be used for the further development of materials applicable in organic electronics and sensing technologies.
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Studium defektů v tenkých kovových vrstvách
Hruška, Petr ; Čížek, Jakub (advisor) ; Bulíř, Jiří (referee)
In the present work Mg films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering were studied. Variable energy positron annihilation spectroscopy (VEPAS) was employed for investigation of defects in the Mg films. VEPAS characterization was combined with scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction in order to determine grain size, phase composition and texture. The effect of different deposition rate and deposition temperature, annealing, various substrates and film thickness on the structure and amount of defects present in the Mg films was examined. Defect studies by VEPAS showed that positrons in studied Mg films are trapped at misfit dislocations and at vacancy-like defects in grain boundaries and their density can be reduced by the deposition at elevated temperature. 1
Fabrication methods of diamond coated Love wave SAW biosensors for bacterial detection applications
Drbohlavová, L. ; Bulíř, J. ; Valeš, Václav ; Jákl Křečmarová, M. ; Taylor, Andrew ; Talbi, A. ; Soltani, A. ; Mortet, Vincent
Pathogen detection has a huge importance in the food industry and it can play significant role in the medical practice. This paper focus on the fabrication methods of diamond coated Love wave surface acoustic wave (LW-SAW) biosensors for bacteria detection. LW-SAW sensors have been fabricated on AT-quartz crystals. Interdigitated transducers have been patterned by RF sputtering and photolithography techniques. Amorphous silicon oxide (SiO2) guiding layer and nano-crystalline diamond layer were both deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition at low temperature. Preliminary experimental study of diamond surface termination for sensors bio-functionalization is also reported.
Studium plazmatu během pulsní laserové depozice kompozitních vrstev nanokrystalického diamantu/amorfního uhlíku a jejich strukturní vlastnosti
Novotný, Michal ; Jelínek, Miroslav ; Bulíř, Jiří ; Vorlíček, Vladimír ; Mosnier, J.-P. ; Duclére, J.-R. ; Popov, C.
Nanocrystalline diamond/amorphous carbon composite thin films were prepared by hybrid technique combining pulsed laser deposition with a capacitively coupled radiofrequency discharge. Optical emission spectroscopy was performed for plasma monitoring during the deposition process.
Intermetallic thin layers deposited by laser method
Jelínek, Miroslav ; Bulíř, Jiří ; Mróz, W. ; Mularczyk-Oliwa, M. ; Prokopiuk, A. ; Bojar, Z. ; Józwiak, S. ; Zasada, D. ; Major, B.
Intermetallic alloys, e.g.: FeAl and Ni.sub.3Al, are commonly regarded as a perspective construction materials for elements working in the extreme conditions. They are often used as the protective coatings on the classical alloys. The pulsed laser deposition method was proposed as the method of creation of the thin intermetallic layers.
Study of RF discharge properties for hybrid pulsed laser deposition
Novotný, M. ; Jelínek, Miroslav ; Bulíř, Jiří ; Zelinger, Zdeněk ; Lančok, Ján
We have created CN.sub.x layers by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) using graphite target in N./sub.2 ambient and KrF excimer laser. We have found that active nitrogen plays an important role in this task. We have studied the influence of various RF parameters on the activation of nitrogen by optical emission spectroscopy.
Studium plasmy v hybridním PLD systému pro přípravu CN.sub.x./sub. vrstev
Novotný, Michal ; Jelínek, Miroslav ; Bulíř, Jiří ; Lančok, Ján ; Zelinger, Zdeněk
We have developed hybrid PLD systems (combination of PLD and additional radiofrquency discharges) for increasing active nitrogen concentration in plasma and consequently N/C ratio in deposited films. For study of plasma and plasma processes we have used OES
Pulsní laserová depozice homogenních DLC vrstev
Kocourek, Tomáš ; Jelínek, Miroslav ; Lančok, Ján ; Bulíř, Jiří
The goal of the experiment is to achive a homogenous thickness profile of DLC films on the substrate of dimension of 30 mm in diameter. Such layers can be used to cover artificial heart valves - DLC is a bio-inert material

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