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Turn-Based Game in 2D Grids using PDDL-based Simulator
Macke, Jaroslav ; Gemrot, Jakub (advisor) ; Brunetto, Robert (referee)
PDDL is language, that is used to write planning problems. In this thesis, we deal with how to use PDDL as the language for the creation of simulation games, especially the creation of games in a 2D grid. We will find out, that PDDL is not complex enough for those games, because of it is missing element of random elements. So we will create the extension of classic PDDL, where we will add random elements and other functions that will make writing games easier. We will implement the program that will create the simulation of a game with interactive visualization from PDDL and configuration file. In this framework, we will create several examples of games. 1
Artificial Intelligence for Go on Non-standard Topologies
Červeň, Martin ; Gemrot, Jakub (advisor) ; Brunetto, Robert (referee)
Go is a popular strategic game for two players. It is usually played on a squared board of 19x19. The aim of this thesis is to create an application allowing a user to play Go on any board defined by a graph, such as sphere and torus. We created a web based client-server application, written in JavaScript and Node.js, that is using protocol Websockets for fast communication. Application allows user to play against other players on the Internet. Server can support multiple concurrent games at the same time. Boards can be created by modelling tool Blender and then imported into the application. Our application supports 3D rendering of these boards in web client using WebGL. It has responsive control, allowing changes of view by rotating, moving and zooming. Users can also play against artificial intelligence. 1
Predicting targets in Multiple Object Tracking task
Citorík, Juraj ; Děchtěrenko, Filip (advisor) ; Brunetto, Robert (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to predict targets in a Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) task, in which subjects track multiple moving objects. We processed and analyzed data containing object and gaze position information from 1148 MOT trials completed by 20 subjects. We extracted multiple features from the raw data and designed a machine learning approach for the prediction of targets using neural networks and hidden Markov models. We assessed the performance of the models and features. The results of our experiments show that it is possible to train a machine learning model to predict targets with very high accuracy. 1
External sources of axioms in lean theorem proving
Brunetto, Robert ; Suda, Martin (advisor) ; Pudlák, Petr (referee)
Automated theorem provers can be modified in order to use external sources of axioms. This was recently searched in combination with saturation based theorem prover SPASS-XDB. It sends queries to external sources and receives answers during its saturation loop. Lean theorem provers are based on semantic tableau calculus. That's why they need to use different approach. An idea that proving is separated from communication is beeing introduced by this work. Prover generetes so called schematic proof which is later checked if it can be filled with external data so the proof can be completed. This work demonstates this idea on modified version of LeanCoP.
Interpret and Debugging Environment for Prolog
Brunetto, Robert ; Hric, Jan (advisor) ; Surynek, Pavel (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to implement interpreter of the language prolog with graphical debugger, which extends possibilities of classical text debugging, adds the ability to browse call stack easily, view the targets, which went through exit port and still have not been backtracked. This all displays and refreshes so the actual content of variables is always shown. Debugger and query run in separated threads, so the application always reacts. Query can be at any time stopped or suspended. Debugger is turned on when a query is suspended, so the call stack can be browsed. It is even possible to browse parts of call stack and exited goals while a query is running.

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