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Mechanisms of apoptosis induction and inhibition by fatty acids in pancreatic β-cells
Šrámek, Jan ; Kovář, Jan (advisor) ; Brunerová, Ludmila (referee) ; Šeda, Ondřej (referee)
Recently, diabetes mellitus type 2 (DMT2) represents one of the most important metabolic diseases according to its incidence and economic impacts. One of the main reasons of this diesease is loss of function and viability of pancreatic β-cells due to the effect of increased levels of saturated fatty acids (FAs). Unsaturated FAs are better tolerated by β-cells. They are even capable of inhibiting detrimental effects of saturated FAs. Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis induction in pancreatic β-cells by saturated FAs as well as mechanisms of inhibition of this induction by unsaturated FAs are not completely elucidated. The main aim of this study was to contribute to elucidation of these mechanisms. Concerning human pancreatic β-cell line NES2Y we demonstarted: (1) Activation of caspase-2 by stearic acid (SA), in apoptosis inducing concentration (1 mM), is not crucial for the process of apoptosis induction. However, this caspase modulates SA-induced endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress pathways. (2) SA (1 mM) activates the p38 MAPK signaling pathway and inhibits the ERK signaling pathway. Inhibition of the ERK signaling pathway is probably a consequance of the p38 MAPK pathway activation. However, p38 MAPK is not very likely crutial for the apoptosis induction by SA. Unsaturated oleic acid (OA, 0.2 mM) is able to...
The influence of central serotoninergic and dopaminergic activity on nutritional and metabolic parameters
Brunerová, Ludmila ; Anděl, Michal (advisor) ; Haluzík, Martin (referee) ; Yamamotová, Anna (referee)
THE INFLUENCE OF CENTRAL SEROTONINERGIC AND DOPAMINERGIC ACTIVITY ON NUTRITIONAL AND METABOLIC PARAMETERS MUDr. Ludmila Brunerová SUMMARY Introduction: Neuromediators dopamine and serotonin play a significant role in homeostatic and hedonic regulation of food intake, may exert direct metabolic effects and particularly serotonin influences affectivity. Their central activity could be quantified by functional tests. Common regulatory mediators of metabolism and affectivity represent an interesting research goal. Aims of study: The first aim was to describe the relationship between central serotoninergic activity measured by citalopram challenge test, affectivity, preference of macronutrients in food and metabolic profile in healthy men. The second aim was to confirm the use of sublingual apomorphine test as a functional test for assessment of central dopaminergic activity. The third aim was to reveal the relationship between central dopaminergic activity measured by sublingual apomorphine test, preference of macronutrients and metabolic profile. Methods: The study was performed on 42 healthy men (average age 43.5 ± 7.4 years and average BMI 27.4 ± 5.7 kg/mš) within 4 days with a week interval in between them. Anthropometric and...
Nursing care of the Patient with Diabetes mellitus type II
Nováková, Lucie ; Heřmanová, Jana (advisor) ; Brunerová, Ludmila (referee)
For my bachelor thesis I have chosen a patient with diabetes mellitus type II., which was adopted at a metabolic intensive care unit after detection of decompensation of diabetes, hyperglycemia. The patient was indicated for the treatment of insulin. This work is divided on the part of the clinical and nursing. In the clinical part of the processed information about the disease. In Part I of nursing under the nursing model and nursing process develop a patient's nursing history, after the diagnosis, care plan short and long term care plan. During hospitalization, the patient was education of complications, the insulin, the selfmonitoring on diet and physical activity. After a twelve-day hospitalization, the patient was discharged to home care. It is recorded in the catchment diabetes clinic and in compliance with all guidelines would be for him to be a long-term compensation of the disease.
Nursing care of a patient with diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type LADA
Sajdlová, Magdalena ; Zvoníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Brunerová, Ludmila (referee)
Bachelor's thesis is focused on patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type LADA. In the clinical part of the work analyzes the problem of the disease of diabetes mellitus. The theme is fleshed out in terms of anatomical, physiological, pathophysiological, and there is also the definition, diagnosis and therapy of this disease. In conclusion, the clinical section describes the history and examination of patiens The nursing part of the model used by M. Gordon and developed short-and long-term care plan. It also describes the psychosocial problems of this disease, which is used for the stages of coping with illness from E. Kübler-Ross. As discussed in detail the issue of education
Nursing care of the patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Novotná, Lucie ; Holubová, Jana (advisor) ; Brunerová, Ludmila (referee)
Cílem práce je zpracování případové studie ošetřovatelské péče o pacienta s chronickou obstrukční plicní nemocí. V klinické části se zabývá anatomií dýchacích cest a fyziologií dýchání. Následně se věnuji onemocnění, které je tématem práce - CHOPN, její definici, příčínami, diagnostikou, komplikacemi a prevenci tohoto onemocnění. V další části je popis pacienta, v ošetřovatelské části je podrobně charakterizován ošetřovatelský proces podle modelu Marjory Gordonové.

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1 Brunerová, Lucie
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