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Integrated e-learning in quantum physics and optics
Brom, Pavel ; Lustig, František (advisor) ; Koníček, Libor (referee) ; Ožvoldová, Miroslava (referee)
This doctoral thesis concerns the designs, creation, and a pilot survey of real remotely controlled laboratories that can be used for the introduction to modern physics within the integrated e-learning strategy. With grant support four new remote laboratory experiments could be created, featuring some innovations like the possibility to modify experimental setup, and the design allowing to make a mistake and to obtain nonsensical experimental data in order to test students' critical thinking. The new remote experiment topics are: laws of radioactivity, polarisation state of light, photoelectric effect, and the origin of spectral lines. The emphasis is put on easy experimental data acquision (measurement, record, and download) for further scientific statistical or advanced graphical data proces- sing. The pilot survey aims to select adequate research designs, tools, and data sources and it describes the results and experience from the observation at several Czech secondary schools. The most interesting findings were revealed by action log file analysis and interviews with teachers and students. Finally, real usability of remote laboratory experiments in lessons and physics education is discussed. 1
Symbol and Feeling in Aesthetics of Susanne K. Langer
Brom, Pavel ; Kaplický, Martin (advisor) ; Dadejík, Ondřej (referee)
(in English): The thesis is attempting to present theory of art by Susanne Langer. In the first phase it presents her view of perception, which is deeply intertwined with other processes of our mind. Therefore, the thesis is focusing, in her view of perception, on basic principles of human communication and expression, which are all regulated in perspective of this theory by a concept of a symbol. A symbol is presented here as an element, which we revive through perception on one hand and project it into the perceived at other. Therefore the attempt is accompanied by explanation of all aspects of the symbol as one of the basic units operating in the mind, before focusing on perception in general. The thesis then proceeds to narrow perception, to a perception of art, in distinguishing a discoursive and non-discoursive symbol, and a specific non-discoursive symbol in art. On the basis of this distinction, the aim is to explain how Langer views the art, art creation and its value in such a realm of symbolism. In parallel with this development, from the general perception to the definition of art, the term feeling will be increasingly employed in the text. The concept will be presented also as a necessary part of our actions, communication and perception, although feeling is commonly understood as...
New aspect of student's experimental and laboratory work
Kalina, Stanislav ; Lustig, František (advisor) ; Brom, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis builds on results of national and international surveys of mathematical and natural science literacy of pupils. A collection of newly conceived experimental and laboratory tasks has been proposed. The chosen approach consists on heuristic exploration of physical patterns and rules in a virtual environment. In the theoretical part, the problems of using electronic media in education are discussed and several views on the motivation of pupils which affects it are summarized. The learning process and also participation of sensory perception on this are described. In the practical part, the pupils' opinions on the using of ICT in physics learning are surveyed and the selected virtual environment and methodology for the creating of worksheets are described. Further on, the analysis of a case study of the pilot verification of problems has been carried out. The final evaluation of the study has also been performed.
Optical and magneto-optical properties of magnetic oxides
Brom, Pavel ; Šimša, Jaromír (referee) ; Kučera, Miroslav (advisor)
In the present experimental work we study Faraday rotation (FR) and magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) spectra of thin films of a) RF sputtered copper ferrites stabilized by the post-deposition heat treatment in two different crystallographic structures (tetragonal and cubic), b) bismuth and galium substitued iron garnets prepared by the liquid phase epitaxy method. With iron garnets we have measured FR and MCD spectra at room temperatures in the visible and infrared (IR) region, where we have observed diamagnetic-shape profile and high values of FR in the visible region. With copper ferites the magneto-optical methods in the IR region at low temperatures have enabled to study fine splittings of the paramagnetic transitions of the tetrahedral Cu2+ ions. We have developed algorithms for as much as possible automatization of measurements of FR and MCD spectra using a rotating polarizer or a rotating quarter-wave-plate method.
Description, using and analysis of the MOSAD -5 system in the NE Temelín
BROM, Pavel
In this Bachelor Thesis I focused on description and practical employment of computer technology in technologically large-scale service of the nuclear power plant of Temelín. I tried to prove that use of advanced, according to user demands built system bears in practice unique advantages with early return of investments.

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6 BROM, Pavel
1 Brom, Petr
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