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Technologické možnosti výroby piva pro speciální dietu
Brož, Jaroslav
This Bachelor thesis deals with the topic of Technological possibilities of beer brewing for special diet. It includes beer production and illnesses which obviate drinking this beverage in virtue of presence of undesirable substances. The first part of this thesis is aimed to description of ingredients which are used for brewing in the Czech Republic and also technological processes of beer production. Furthermore it describes celiac disease and thus gluten intolerance, because gluten is naturally occurred in beer. The second illness mentioned is diabetes mellitus causing a disability to break down the carbohydrates from the blood. The discussion of both diseases contains limitations of beer consumption and consequently various technological ways of production modifications which make the beer safe to drink for these patients. Last but not least the work deals with special nutrition focused on increased intake of specific group of substances, where beer can be used for its positive effects on human organism or as a carrier of added particular substances.
A missionary dimension of the journey of Mary to Elisabeth (Luke 1:36-45)
Anderlová, Iveta Isabela ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ryšková, Mireia (referee)
Missionary aspects of the Visitation of Virgin Mary to Elisabeth (Luke 1:36-45). This work deals with the pericope "Visitation of Elizabeth" in the Gospel of Luke as the precursor of Jesus' missionary journey through the earth into the Kingdom of God. First the exegetical issues of individual verses are described followed by commentaries and interpretative notes of several exegetes using various translations of the Sacred Scripture. Next subject is the journey, as described in Luke's gospel, as well as the missionary view of the journey of the Virgin Mary to visit his relative Elizabeth, as well as the life journey of every man which leads to the Kingdom of God, which is a theme of Jesus Christ's preaching on his way to Jerusalem (Gospel of Luke). The work attempts to capture the necessary features of missionaries that can be identified in the pericope of the Virgin Mary on the road to Elizabeth. Elizabeth herself, as the person to whom the Virgin Mary was sent as a missionary is also an important topic in this work. Elisabeth shows the task and mission of the missionary himself, not only to bring and show Christ to others, but also to enable him to whom he is sent to confess his faith and show his piety. Keywords Virgin Mary, Elisabeth, mission, journey, Jesus Christ, visitation, missionary
The Contemporary Family in the Light of Biblical Narrative
Berdar, Petr ; Ryšková, Mireia (advisor) ; Brož, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the character and form of today's family, which is based on traditional marriage. It draws its foundations from theological interpretations of biblical passages that address this topic. These passages primarily present the family as God's will for people and His behavior as the model for marital ethics. The next section introduces the preferences and attitudes of people from the Czech Republic based on public opinion polls towards marriage, family, and other forms of social coexistence. Afterward, these public opinions are compared with the reality, as presented by the Czech statistical office, which monitors divorces and marriages in the region. The last chapters then focus on the negative effects of divorce and the factors which lead to the disruption of marital integrity. They also address the moral values that strengthen marital roles, relational permanency and "a healthy family".
James, brother of the Lord, in the New Testament
Brabenec, Jakub ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Scarano, Angelo (referee)
The thesis follows one of the supporting characters from the New Testament, James, the brother of the Lord. The first chapter deals with the meaning and occurrence of the name James in both biblical and non-biblical sources. The following second chapter deals with the canonical biblical texts that depict fragments of James' life. However, many questions remain about the closer characterization of our wanted person James and the form of his earthly family. The thesis also examines whether James could or could not really be the brother of Jesus of Nazareth. Through the analysis of texts we look for the answer that canonical texts give us.Subsequently, in the third chapter attention is also directed to the apocryphal and non-biblical sources that govern us about our James. In connection with the wanted James is mentioned and the first church community in Jerusalem, in which James played a significant leadership role. The aim of the thesis is to describe the character of James, the brother of the Lord, by means of all analyzed sources. In conclusion, a summary possible solution of questions concerning James, the Lord's Brother is presented. Keywords James, brothers of the Lord, Acts of the Apostles, the primary Christian community in Jerusalem.
Jesus' teaching on marriage as a return to the "origin"
Kozler, Karel ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ryšková, Mireia (referee)
Jesus' teachings on marriage as a return to the "origin". This bachelor thesis deals with the meaning, importance and necessity of a marriage as an institution not only in the ancient history but also in the present times. Today's modern society is influenced by its widely- tolerated attributes, those are as followed - the deflection from a marriage as an institution, a cohabitation of the unmarried couples, a depreciation of the concept of marriage, the full perception of the importance of body, the society's attitude towards the contraception and miscarriage itself, the periodic incontinence and last but not at least the loss of a gift of reciprocity. But there are many people who understand marriage as a prime holiness, responsible parenthood and honor its high ethical and moral values. They also honor the love which relates to the purity expressed as a continence that protects the dignity. As well as they give evidence of a positive change, a deepened intimacy, love and a rediscovery of sexual self-control. This thesis is not only about a list of changing meaning and importance of marriage during the periods of time, but it primarily reflects the understanding of a marriage in the past as well as in the present and the needs of society in terms of culture and ethics of mutual partnership...
New Testamental Impulses for the Contemporary Marriage and Family
Jurkulák, Petr ; Ryšková, Mireia (advisor) ; Brož, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis deals with marriage and family as a basic building element of society, which is established by God from the beginning of humanity. It brings a historical excursion to these institutions in the Old Testament, Ancient and New Testament era. He emphasizes the radicalization of the concept of marriage by Jesus and his followers (eg, the prohibition of divorce - the protection of women, the protection of weak and defenseless, widows and children). He points to the infidelity and divergence of religion as an obstacle to remaining in marriage for the sake of justice and the goal of the Law. It represents a new innovative way of life, renunciation of the marriage for the gospel. It introduces readers to the House Rules, which show how the domestic community is to function as a model of the whole church community for present and future generations. It highlights the New Testament values that are crucial to marriage and family today (eg, respect and love between spouses, respect and dignity for a woman, equality of spouses in all areas of life, the same duty and dignity among family members, family self-sacrifice for another, love of children to parents and respect for older people.
The Power of Word and its Manifestation and Consequence in the New Testament
Svatek, Martin ; Ryšková, Mireia (advisor) ; Brož, Jaroslav (referee)
There are many different ways that the power of a word is expressed in the New Testament. In most cases, this power is bound to the person of Jesus Christ, and its outcome is positive. Through his word Jesus not only heals, exorcizes, and brings the dead back to the life, but he also curses. This thesis discusses the question, what the New Testament says about various imprecations, maledictions and many other negative appearances of a word and the demonstrations of its power. This thesis comprises an overall outline of the passages from the New Testament and their commentaries, which appear to be close to the selected theme. In the first part the thesis deals with the notion and relevance of a "word" and "human speech" for people and their relationship with God. In the second part, this thesis delves into the area of imprecations and maledictions. The third part is dedicated to promises and oaths. The fourth part aims to the theme of wrath and how its expressed in words in the texts of the New Testament, that are connected with the selected theme, including the commentaries. The aim of the thesis is primarily to present the issue of the impact of negative words on human life including the accessible interpretations of selected parts and their evaluation, which is a subject, in my opinion, that in general...
Jesus' Purification of the Jerusalem Temple: Historicity and Theological Accents in Gospels
Gallas, Leo ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ryšková, Mireia (referee)
The thesis "Jesus Cleansing the Jerusalem Temple: History and Theological Accents in Individual Gospels" deals with the event described by all four canonical Gospels. The paper describes the appearance of the Jerusalem Temple in Jesus' time and selected aspects of its spiritual, political, economic and sociological role in the life of the Jewish population of Palestine in the 1st century AD. The author notices the selected negative circumstances that could have led Jesus of Nazareth to enter the Jerusalem temple with the intention of disrupting the order and returning the Temple to its original purpose. The author pays great attention to evidence to confirm the theory that the "event" in the Temple occurred twice. One at the beginning of Jesus' public activity (described in the Gospel according to John) and once at the end (described in synoptics). Further, the author pays attention to the arguments in support of the historicity of the described events. Keywords Jesus of Nazareth, Jerusalem Temple, Gospel, Historicity, Cleansing of the Temple
Ethical Aspects of the Gospel of Luke
Heinrichová, Marie ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ryšková, Mireia (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerning the ethical aspect of Saint Luke's Gospel. The focus is on Jesus, who is shown as an example of ethical life and the basis of his moral teaching. These teachings are penance, correct property usage, loving fellowman, disciples, prayer and reversing the fate in connection to the welfare of poor people. This thesis also looks at God's kingdom and the ethical ramification which it yields. The moral teaching of Jesus is the subject matter of Evangelism and therefore Luke shows Jesus as a preacher on a Great Journey. The second part of this work is dedicated to the analysis of The Sermon on the Plain and parables about the Good Samaritan which graphically illustrate moral command and its practical application in life. The selected texts have been analyzed in the framework of individual versus in relationship to the whole teaching in which they are placed (in context to the whole work). This diploma thesis is based upon descriptive methods and analysis of text.
The Institution of the Eucharist in context of the miraculous feeding narratives
Revenda, Václav ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Scarano, Angelo (referee)
The Institution of the Eucharist in context of the miraculous feeding narratives The Diploma thesis "The Institution of the Eucharist according to Mark in context of the miraculous feeding narratives" studies lexical, intertextual and biblical-theological relations between the Marcan account on the institution of the Eucharist (Mark 14:22- 25) and two miraculous feedings (Mark 6:35-44, 8:1-10) during Jesus' public ministry. The study exposes that in context of the Gospel of Mark all three indicated pericopes are in a key position and significance in Jesus' mission a reveal an essential aspect of the revelation and of the coming of the Kingdom of God. Beside applying the method of continuous commentary of the mentioned texts the work applies a study of parallel synoptic pericopes, referential texts in the Old Testament and an analysis of biblical- theological themes in canonical relation. A special attention is given to different aspects of the Jewish celebration of the Pesach meal and its relations to the Christian Eucharist, which has its origin in Jesus' Last Supper and finds an echo in both Marcan narratives on miraculous feeding of great amount of people as well. 81

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