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Laser spectroscopy of materials for spintronics
Brajer, Martin ; Němec, Petr (advisor) ; Jakubisová, Eva (referee)
In these diploma thesis magnetically ordered materials are studied with the prospect of their application in spintronics. Specifically, we investigated metallic alloy FeRh, which undergoes a magnetic phase transition from antife- romagnetic phase to feromagnetic one around 100◦ C. This phenomenon can be readily used in memory devices. Laser spectroscopy is used as a nondestructive method without need of any electrical contacts. Magnetic properties of FeRh are studied by magnetooptical effects including quadratic magnetic linear dichroism. The measured polarization rotations are of the order of miliradians, therefore, the detection is realized by an optical bridge. At first, we concentrated on discrimina- ting of various magnetooptical effects from each other. The second part is focused on the phase transition induced by different means. Firstly, by heating the whole sample, secondly by illuminating the sample locally by continuous laser.
Investigation of new materials for second harmonic generation
Brajer, Martin ; Němec, Petr (advisor) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
In these bachelor thesis optical properties of materials are studied. This materials are purposefully prepared for effective second harmonic generation (SHG) and for its usage in optoelectronics. Specificely we will measure the first hyperpolarizibility. Non-coherent phenomenon of hyper-Rayleigh scattering will be used. Considering its incoherence, the effect is very weak. It's necessary to use a strong source of light, pulse laser and a sensitive detection device, photomultiplier. Samples are prepared in cooperating chemical laboratories of Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague. Additionally, we will discuss participation of two-photon fluorescence in output intensity because of its interchangeability with SHG.

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