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Earth-space path propagation characteristics in the climatic conditions of the Czech Republic from Alphasat Ka/Q band experiment
Fišer, Ondřej ; Brázda, Vladimír ; Pešice, Petr ; Grabner, M.
The objective of the activity is to prepare, realize and conduct experimental research of the influence of atmospheric phenomena on the Earth-space path propagation characteristics at 20 and 40 GHz (Ka/Q) bands in the specific climatic conditions of the Czech Republic (CR). The scientific approach is based on the comprehensive measurements of physical parameters of atmosphere together with concurrent measurements of propagation characteristics on the Earth-space path and on 10 collocated terrestrial paths with star configuration. The proposed activity will utilize the ESA Alphasat Mission Ka/Q experiment that is designed to investigate the propagation characteristics on slant paths in Europe and elsewhere.
On Forward and Backward Scattering from Fog and Rain Drops
Fišer, O. ; Rejfek, Luboš ; Brázda, Vladimír
This contribution deals with the backward and forward scattering on dielectrical spheres. The well-known Rayleigh, Mie and Optical regions are discussed for frequencies regions 0.05 to 70 GHz and for optical wavelength of 830 nm. Some of our results fit the published one, some of them are different and the explanation of possible reasons is added. Also the formulas necessary to compute the radar reflectivity or attenuation due to fog and rain are presented.
Models of FSO link attenuation due to fog, rain and wind derived from measurement
Fišer, Ondřej ; Brázda, Vladimír ; Chládová, Zuzana ; Pešice, Petr ; Svoboda, Jaroslav ; Schejbal, V.
The Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy measures atmospheric attenuation on 60 m experimental FSO link while wavelength being 830 and 1550 nm. The measurement lasts three years. In this contribution we show dependences of FSO link attenuation on visibility, rain rate and selected wind parameters. We show that the measured attenuation values are higher than the theoretical values derived by the Kim formula. The sonic temperature is surprisingly very well correlated with attenuation.

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