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Object tracking in video
Boszorád, Matej ; Přinosil, Jiří (referee) ; Rajnoha, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of tracking multiple objects in a video, specifically focusing on non-learning algorithms. The first chapter represents the theoretical part of the thesis, in which some of the often used tracking methods are described, such as mean-shift, scale-invariant object transformation, Kalman filter, particle filter and Gabor wavelet transformation. These algorithms are broken down by properties they use for proper tracking. The chapter also contains section assignment problem, which is mainly concerned with Hungarian algorithm. The next part describes options of merging multiple tracking methods that are broken down by construction type into parallel, cascade, weighted and discriminatory with example for each one. Moreover there is described adaptability of the tracking system. Bellow are described problems which may occur during tracking and possible solutions to them. This section consists of a solution of image noise, changes in illumination, appearance and extinction of an object, focusing mainly on solving the problem of object occlusion. Within the practical part is created algorithm composed of different types of tracking, the results of which are then compared with selected tracking systems from the multiple object tracking benchmark. The practical part includes the tools used and the explanation of the design, in which the main classes and methods used for the tracking are explained. Besides that, this section describes parallel merging and tracking adaptability . The results of the thesis contain a comparison of the use of tracking techniques separately and together. To compare the results, videos for pedestrian tracking and face tracking were used. This thesis was based on the assumption that merging multiple monitoring systems will help with the improvement of the tracking, which was confirmed by the results.

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