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Education of Patients Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus type 2
Herentinová, Marie ; Kordulová, Pavla (advisor) ; Bohuslavová, Monika (referee)
An Introduction to the Topic and Why it is Significant: The numbers of patients with second type of diabetes mellitus is every year increasing. Whether is genetic predisposition for this kind of disease important, for increasing trend is provably crucial unhealthy life style. Imbalanced nutrition with domination of carbohydrates, absence of regular movement and finally gaining weight are the main factors. Diabetes is potentially very serious disease, in case is not properly treated, can caused serious results even rising of disability, for example kidney malfunction and than dialysis dependency, limb amputation or blindness. The treatment of this disease is based on non-pharmacological procurement as nutrition precautions and increasing of sport activities but also pharmacological treatment. Very important part of treatment is consistent, repetitive and effective education (Karen & Svačina, 2020). Methodology: For the elaboration of the bachelor's thesis, I chose a case study of a patient who was diagnosed with type 2 DM. Educational procedures are presented in a specific case. The aim of the work: Conducting basic education at the beginning of diagnosis. Implementation of a comprehensive education, which already deepens the acquired knowledge and skills from the basic. And the implementation of...
A nursing care of chronic wounds from a nursing perspective
Kolandová, Martina ; Kordulová, Pavla (advisor) ; Bohuslavová, Monika (referee)
The introduction to problematics: Nowadays there is opened gates for choosing individual medical devices. It's our goal to ensure and mediate the best therapy and comfortability in nursing care. I can't forget to the appreciation of the profit at individual departments for the right therapy of chronic wounds. Moreover, the erudition of general nurses in this problematic and searching for new trends is also very important. Methodology: The target of this thesis is to find out the level of awareness of general nurses working at intensive and resuscitation departments about actually recommended procedures in prevention, therapy and care connected with the healing of chronic wounds. One of the partial targets was to find out, which materials and methods are used by general nurses during the care of chronic wound. The second partial target was to find out, which are the barriers for general nurses during implementation of modern trends in prevention and case of healing chronic wounds. I have chosen quantitative research method for my investigation. All the information was picked up via my own anonymous questionnaire. The sample of research was based on the answers of general nurses working at resuscitation department and acute intensive care department in tree medical compartments in Central Bohemia...
The influence of the burnout syndrome on the sexuality of general nurses in intensive care in university hospital
Bohuslavová, Monika ; Dynáková, Šárka (advisor) ; Pucholtová, Romana (referee)
Introduction: Burnout syndrome is a topical issue in the world and in the Czech Republic, not only in the healt sector. The diploma thesis is focused on finding the conection between burnout syndrome and sexuality of general nurses in emergency care. I chose the topic for my diploma thesis because it is close to me and I work in emergency care myself. In addition, the topic is not very well explored, and the research data will contribute to an international study examining the imapct od burnout syndrome on human health. This study in the Czech Republic is under the guidance of PhDr. Šárky Dynákové, Ph.D. and doc. PhDr. Jana Kožnara, CSc. Methodology: Data collection for research was conducted using two anonymous questionnaires. The first questionnaire focused on burnout syndrome using the Czech version of the Shirom-Melamed scale (Shirom, Melamed, 2006 In Ptáček, 2013). The second questionnaire examined the sexual function of a woman according to Mellan in Kratochvíl, S. (1999). The research sample consisted of general nurses working in emergency care at a teaching hospital. Results: The impact of burnout syndrome has been demonstrated by research in sexual desire (H1), self-assessment as a sexual partner (H2), and mood before sexual intercourse (H4). The results show that the area that achieved...

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