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Giant monopole resonances in deformed nuclei
Božík, Daniel ; Kvasil, Jan (advisor) ; Mareš, Jiří (referee) ; Knapp, František (referee)
Title: Giant monopole resonances in deformed nuclei Author: Daniel Božík Department: Institute of particle and nuclear physics Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Jan Kvasil, DrSc., ÚČJF, MFF UK Abstract: The study of giant monopole resonances is important, because of its di- rect connection to the incompressibility of the nuclear matter, and its importance has risen with new experimental data obtained in recent years from the experi- ments TAMU and RCNP. The current work brings a study of the giant monopole resonances for chains of spherical (Pb, Sn, Zr) as well as deformed (Sm, Mo, Cd) isotopes. The calculations were carried out within the HFB + SRPA method, which was developed at MFF UK in cooperation with JINR Dubna and the University of Erlangen. We were as first able to confirm, from the microscopic theory, the appearance of a double-peak structure of GMR strength functions for deformed nuclei, and its connection with E0-E2 coupling. We showed the importance of using strength functions in the study of GMR. Keywords: HFB, SRPA, giant monopole resonances 1
Jaderné kolektivní stupně volnosti a Skyrme funkcionál
Božík, Daniel ; Kvasil, Jan (advisor) ; Cejnar, Pavel (referee)
Title: Energy functional theories in nuclear physics Author: Daniel Božík Department: Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics of Charles University Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Jan Kvasil, DrSc. Supervisor's e-mail address: Abstract: In the present work we study the giant resonances of the chain of even-even samarium nuclei 144−154 Sm. The numerical calculations are provided by a chain of numer- ical codes. Mean field is calculated by the HFB method for the Skyrme density functional and the residual interaction is included by the separable RPA method, which was devel- oped at IPNP MFF UK and JINR Dubna. The studied resonances are E1, E2 and M1. A special interest is paid to pygmy and scissor modes. The dependence of the pygmy modes on the deformation of nuclei is studied. The linear dependence of the integral scissor mode strength on the square of the nuclear deformation is verified within our microscopic model. Keywords: Skyrme functional, separable RPA, electric and magnetic giant resonances

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