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development of fluorosenzor based on chemically modified electroluminescence diods.
Blažková, Ivona ; Jelínek, Ivan (advisor) ; Dejmková, Hana (referee)
Luminescence sensors based on LED were prepared by modification of LED poly- carbonate surface and following binding of luminescence dyes on this surface. Two methods of modification were utilized. The first one was the oxidation of the surface yielding free carboxylic groups. Such modified LEDs were then covered by cationic cresyl violet dye. The second modification consisted of nitration and consequent reduction to free amino groups followed by binding of anionic sulforhodamine dye. The stability of emission and the stability of dye binding were studied. Then, the response of constructed sensors to toluene as analyte in gas and liquid phase was measured.
Enzymatic Studies of Organohalogen Formation By Model Compounds
Blažková, Ivona ; Tesařová, E. ; Forczek, Sándor
Research in recent years has demonstrated that halogenated organic compounds are formed in\nnature due to biotic and abiotic processes. One of the most known sources of these substances are\nfrom the reaction catalyzed by haloperoxidases which include chloroperoxidase enzyme (CPO)\nisolated from Caldariomyces fumago. CPO enzyme was incubated with chloride or bromide, in the\npresence of hydrogen peroxide and organic substrates. Experiments were conducted with three\nsubstrates (acetone, acetic acid, and glucose), and different concentrations of halides.\nMeasurement of the samples by gas chromatography with an ECD detector showed the influence\nof the substrate type and halide concentration on the formation of the organohalogen products.

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