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Determination of measurement uncertainties of holes in steel components by X-ray computed tomography
Blažek, Pavel ; Šperka,, Jiří (referee) ; Kalasová, Dominika (advisor)
This thesis deals with determination of uncertainties of dimensional measurements in X-ray computed tomography. CT measurement process involves a lot of steps and is affected by a lot of factors, which depend not only on the CT system parameters but also on the measured sample and the operator. All of this influences the resulting uncertainty. Experimental method involving calibrated workpieces allows to determine the uncertainty without perfect knowledge of the influence factors. This method is described in standards ISO 15530-3 and VDI/VDE 2630 2.1. The aim of this work is to experimentally determine the uncertainty of tomographic measurement of dimensions of holes of selected workpiece on a CT device GE phoenix v|tome|x L240. Hence, a demonstration workpiece has been designed and manufactured. The dimensional CT measurements of inner and outer diameters have been performed on this sample. The reference measurement has been performed using a length measuring machine SIP 1002. The uncertainty of measurement depending on penetration thickness of the material has been determined.
Price Comparison of an Apartment Building in Brno According to the Valid Valuation Regulations
Blažek, Pavel ; Superatová, Alena (referee) ; Pertl, Marek (advisor)
hesis deal with a question, how can change the price of the apartment building on the basis of legal act such as a statement of the owner of the building, without any changes in the building construction or technical conditions. Apartment building valuation was done by two methods which used the legislation for real estate valuation. The first method was the valuation of the apartment building as a unit and this method used the combination of expenses and revenues. The second method was the valuation of the individual flats by comparison and sum them up. Results showed, how big can be the difference between this two methods in the valuation the same thing.
Solving of off-gas cooling system for removing contained solvents
Blažek, Pavel ; Kilkovský, Bohuslav (referee) ; Jegla, Zdeněk (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with searching of the most appropriate solution of air mass cooling to clear away contained solvents. The solution is based on real and operated pharmaceutical unit. The cooling system is solved as systém of three tubular heat exchangers. In the first heat exchanger the air mass is cooled down by water, in the second by ice-cold water and brine R32 is used for cooling in the third heat exchanger. Heat exchanger system is solved for cooling the air mass which results in condensation of contained solvent – acetone.
Methods of environmentally friendly carcass disposal
Blažek, Pavel ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Novotný, Pavel (advisor)
In the thesis we deal with a summary of all available methods of disposal of environmentally friendly vehicles that are currently available. Addressing this problem is to find appropriate procedure, thereby simplifying and reducing the cost of processing vehicles. We also deal with this issue in terms of legislative, therefore a summary of the law on dealing with waste vehicles. The aim of this work is to introduce the methods of processing whole vehicles as well as various parts of cars and find the most appropriate methods of disposal
Investment activities of the agricultural company AGRO BYSTŘICE a.s.
Blažek, Pavel ; Holečková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Jakoubek, Jiří (referee)
The goal of this Diploma Thesis is to evaluate the financial situation of agricultural company AGRO BYSTŘICE a. s. (JSC) in their investment decisions. The thesis has been divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part has been dealing with the investment's issues as well as with the profitability of investment projects. It continues with the subject of financial analysis and its individual indicators. The practical part concentrates on the company AGRO BYSTŘICE a.s. issues and its investment project. It evaluates the economic profitability of the given project by means of theoretical findings. It considers the results of financial analysis of the company before and after the implementation of investment project.
The Marketing Management Including Project Study
The object of the diploma work is strategic marketing of a selected company. The objective consists in elaboration of the project study, by another name in suggesting the marketing strategy. The diploma work consists of the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part includes the explanation of terms like strategy and strategic management. Then it follows the progression of strategic marketing process, which includes the planning, realization and control phase. In the phase of planing, it introduces methods of environmental analysis and its evaluation as a part of making strategic decision. The practical part includes the description of Mountfield Company Ltd. and environmental analysis, which conclusion is SWOT analysis. The position in the GE and BCG matrix is described below. On these fact there is the marketing strategy created.
Financial analysis of agricultural company AGRO BYSTŘICE, a. s.
Blažek, Pavel ; Dvořáková, Dana (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor's work is to analyze the financial situation of the agricultural company AGRO BYSTŘICE, a. s. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical one and practical one. The theoretical part deals with the subject and function of financial analysis. The practical part shows how the theoretical knowledge is utilized in the company. This is additionally completed by the intercompany comparison with the agricultural company PERSEUS, a. s.

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