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The influence of socio-geographical exposure and other factors on the extensification processes of land use
Janoušek, Zbyněk ; Bičík, Ivan (advisor) ; Feranec, Ján (referee) ; Novotná, Marie (referee)
The main topic of the dissertation thesis is the evaluation of the influence of socio- geographical exposure and other factors (natural: altitude, inclination of slopes, productivity of land) on the extensification processes of the land use in Czechia in the period of more than 160 years, 1845-2010. Emphasis is also placed on the associated losses of agricultural and arable land, given that afforestation and increase of grassland took place essentially at the expense of that land. The main data source is the "Database of long-term land use changes in Czechia (1845-2010)", LUCC Czechia, based on cadastral records. It is a detailed monitoring which covers almost 9,000 so-called stable territorial units. Both the extensification processes and the overall intensity of land use (using the coefficient of ecological importance) are evaluated. Given that most of the Czechia's territory is still used as agricultural land, the thesis also includes an overview of the evolution of the selected agricultural intensity indicators. Attention is likewise paid to the wider context of land use changes at the European level. The essential part of the thesis is to build models of socio-geographical exposure of Czechia, which are comparable with the data on land use in the time horizons of 1845, 1896, 1948, 1990 and...
Land use change in the Cheb area - new wilderness
Pekárková, Hana ; Bičík, Ivan (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
The theses deals with exploration of new wilderness which comes into being in abandoned areas in border regions in the Cheb district. Using the newly defined transformation index, two cadastral territories in the district were identified with the highest probability of new wilderness occurence. The occurrence of a new wilderness was demonstrated in both cadastral areas and was categorized into typology already established. Photographs and ArcGis maps were added to the field survey. Post-habitat and post-agrarian new wilderness were identified in both cadastral territories. Further, there were identified post-montane and post-aquatic new wilderness. Despite the position near the border, where the Iron Curtain was located, post- military new wilderness was not identified there. New wilderness occurs in both localities on more than 10 % of area. Keywords: Land use, change of landscape, new wilderness, West Bohemia
Changes of functions and land use in the model areas of Czechia
Boudný, Zdeněk ; Bičík, Ivan (advisor) ; Kučera, Zdeněk (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the development of land use from 1845 to 2015 in three different model areas of different functions. It examines which driving forces effects on the functions of the localities and which had a major influence on the change of the landscapes of the model areas, and at which time the greatest change in the structure of the land fund occurred. The research localities were selected to verify whether were the same or different driving forces of changing the landscape, and whether their development differed from the national trend of gradual reduction of arable land. In the model area of Chvaleč, this issue was examined up to the detail of individual parcels. Basic social driving forces include the agricultural revolution, the scientific and technological revolution, the expulsion of Germans after the Second World War, the socialization associated with the collectivisation of agriculture and the return to the market economy in the 1990s. The work uses a wide range of statistical sources, in particular the LUCC Czechia database which contains data of land use of the Czechia at the level of cadastral territories, which form a background of research in the mentioned localities. In addition, maps are used to document the status of model area landscapes at the beginning and at the end of...

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