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Positive aspects of the state graduation exams in terms of English language teaching
Píšová, Eva ; Betáková, Lucie (advisor) ; Hanušová, Světlana (referee) ; Chvál, Martin (referee)
Title: The Positive Impact of the State School Leaving Exam on ELT Methodology. The Influence of Testing Writing on Teaching English at Czech Secondary Schools. Author: Eva Píšová Department: Department of English language and ELT Methodology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Lucie Betáková, MA, Ph.D. Abstract This thesis deals with the topic of testing writing in the context of the state school-leaving exam in English language. The research assesses the impact of clearly specified standards on teaching English to Czech secondary school students, and thus focuses on the field which no systematic investigation has dealt with. The research concentrates on specific subskills assessed within distinctive criteria, analyses the relationships between them and estimates their complexity regarding both student success and teaching challenges. Three major research strategies were used: (1) a quantitative analysis of the large-scale data, (2) a small-scale pedagogical experiment and (3) a survey. To examine the relationship between various subskills of language ability we analysed test score data from the school- leaving exams in the years 2014-2017. Data from secondary vocational schools students were mainly used, as the level of these students' language skills should correspond the most...
Radio role play: possibilities and limitations of use of fictional radio broadcast in English language teaching
Žďárek, Karel ; Betáková, Lucie (advisor) ; Mazáčová, Nataša (referee) ; Suda, Stanislav (referee)
This dissertation thesis focuses on the use of drama in English language teaching. In the theoretical part the field of drama in ELT is elaborated in terms of its principles, methods and examples of practical use. Based on the outlined theoretical basis the technique radio role play is introduced. The main aim of the thesis was to identify and verify possibilities and limitations of the technique applied in English language teaching. To meet the aim of the thesis action research was used as the research design employing a range of data collection methods, e.g. questionnaires with pupils; interviews with pupils, teachers and critical friends. Content analysis was used to process the collected data and the analysis was further interpreted with the support of contextual information regarding educational setting in which the research was carried out and contextual material (lesson plans, teaching material, audio and video recordings). Within the four cycles of action research initial hypotheses, which were formulated before the actual research, were verified. The research findings show that the radio role playing contributes to the development of speaking as a language skill (mainly fluency and spontaneity of speech), improvisation skills, creativity and non-verbal communication. The main limitation...
Teaching Future Tenses to University Students of English Philology
Šteflová, Hanna ; Malá, Marcela (advisor) ; Klégr, Aleš (referee) ; Betáková, Lucie (referee)
1 Abstract This thesis deals with teaching the following seven future forms: the Future Simple, Be going to, the Present Simple and the Present Continuous with a future reference, the Future Continuous, the Future Perfect Simple and the Future Perfect Continuous to students of English Philology. The deductive and inductive approaches to teaching grammar were employed to teach these future forms. The quantitative part of the study had two main objectives. The first objective was to revise and improve the students' knowledge of the seven future forms taught by the study. The results revealed that out of all the seven future forms, the students' knowledge of the Future Continuous, the Future Perfect Simple and the Future Perfect Continuous was the least satisfactory, and these tenses required further explanation and practice. The participants' knowledge of the rules of use for all seven future forms was rather low in general and required significant improvement. The second objective was to investigate which approach to teaching grammar, the deductive or inductive approach, was more effective for teaching future tenses. The deductive approach proved to be more effective for teaching all seven future forms. The difference between the results of the pre-test and the post-test for the Future Continuous, the Future...
Accuracy and fluency in the speech of the advanced learner of English
Gráf, Tomáš ; Klégr, Aleš (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee) ; Betáková, Lucie (referee)
The thesis analyses the accuracy and fluency exhibited in the spoken advanced-learner English of Czech students of English philology. It draws its data from a learner corpus comprising fifty 15-minute interviews with these learners and from a parallel native-speaker corpus of forty-nine 15-minute interviews. As regards accuracy, the learner data is analysed using techniques of error analysis. Salient features of advanced learner English are identified and the subsequent quantitative analyses reveal that throughout the entire group of students (which is characterized by what revealed itself to be a wide proficiency span) two groups of error types are found to be much more frequent than any other, namely errors in the use of articles and tenses. For the fluency measurements a small selection of variables has been chosen to describe speed fluency (speech rate) and breakdown fluency (the frequency of unfilled and filled pauses), and the results are compared with those for the parallel native-speaker corpus. The analysed native speakers are found to produce speech at a generally much higher rate than the majority of the learners. There does not appear - at least in the light of the given sample - to be any direct correlation between fluency and the frequency of errors. Moreover, the learners are found...
The Cross-curricular topic Multicultural Education in English classes
Hessová, Lenka ; Betáková, Lucie (advisor) ; Hanušová, Světlana (referee) ; Černá, Monika (referee)
Abstract In our dissertation we address the needs rooting in the ongoing process of systematic efforts to improve the Czech educational system. Mainly, we focus on the question of how to implement the cross-curricular topic Multicultural Education into English language classes at lower and upper secondary schools. As Multicultural Education, along with the other cross-curricular topics, has become an obligatory and essential part of the reformed Czech curricula. The author of this dissertation is employed with the English Department at the Faculty of Education of The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. That is why we aim to introduce the theoretical background and history of the cross-curricular topic Multicultural Education in the Czech educational system. Then, based on that theoretical background, we shall design and run a course at the Pedagogical faculty for our students (teachers-to-be) that will provide them with sufficient amount of theory. Within the course the students will be given enough practical examples of the implementation of Multicultural Education into English classes when combining cultural and linguistic aims and at the end of the course we will allow the students to design and try such a class during their peer teaching. We will also publish the results of the course for...
The English Language Teaching Methodology for Learners with Impaired Hearing
Machová, Pavla ; Mánek, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Mothejzíková, Jarmila (referee) ; Betáková, Lucie (referee)
The dissertation The English Language Teaching Methodology for Learners with Impaired Hearing deals with the current situation in the field of ELT in special secondary schools for learners with impaired hearing. It has two main aims: - 1) to gather knowledge from ELT methodology and combine it with information from other source disciplines, e.g. special pedagogy, pedagogy, psychology, and linguistics to form a coherent basis of special systemic English language teaching methodology for learners with impaired hearing; - 2) to carry out a research project in the field of reading with deaf and hard-of-hearing learners at secondary schools since reading is the skill which is practised by all groups of learners with hearing impairment. The dissertation summarizes information on these learners, it describes their characteristics and needs. Main communication methods are presented, as well as some thoughts on the development of language and mind of the deaf. A substantial part of the work is devoted to motivation, emotional and personal development of deaf learners and to their practical communicative needs in the classroom. The work sums up the ELT methodology findings and comments on them from the perspective of a special school teacher. The research part reflects the project findings in the field of...
Classroom Communication and Communicative Language Teaching. Using Audio Recordings of Teachers' Own Lessons in English Language Teacher Education
Hánková, Dana ; Rýdl, Karel (advisor) ; Píšová, Michaela (referee) ; Betáková, Lucie (referee)
TITLE: Classroom Communication and Communicative Language Teaching: Using Audio Recordings of Teachers' Own Lessons in English Language Teacher Education AUTHOR: PaedDr. Dana Hánková STUDY PROGRAMME: Pedagogy SUPERVISOR: Prof. PhDr Karel Rýdl, CSc. ABSTRACT: The dissertation thesis deals with the development of language teaching and classroom communication competence of English teachers for adults in the first term of their teaching practice at AKCENT College. The thesis aims to explore which aspects of language teaching competence derived from the findings of SLA research student teachers manage to develop within the scope of their teaching practice and how the learning processes can be stimulated with feedback generated through the student teacher's semi-structured reflection on audio recordings of their own lessons. The research was designed as a multi-case study of four student teachers and data collection techniques included participant observation, questionnaires, qualitative experiment and audio recordings of the student teachers' lessons taught to a group of adult English learners. The transcripts of the audio recordings were analysed following the principles of conversation analysis and discourse analysis; text analysis was used for other data. The findings of the study confirm conclusions of other...
The Pre-listening Stage in L2 Listening Instruction to A2 - B1 Adult Learners.
Ždímalová, Hana ; Mothejzíková, Jarmila (advisor) ; Betáková, Lucie (referee) ; Mánek, Bohuslav (referee)
The Pre-listening Stage in L2 Listening Instruction to A2 - B1 Adult Learners By Hana Ždímalová This dissertation deals with listening instruction to adult EFL learners in the Czech Republic and the phenomenon of pre-listening, which is currently under-researched. It examines adult EFL students' perspectives and perceptions of listening instruction and of the inclusion of different pre-listening techniques, particularly at CEFR A2-B1 proficiency levels. The theoretical part of the study focuses on current developments in listening research and the historical context of the development of listening instruction in classical FLT methodology. The pre-listening stage has been integral to L2 listening instruction since the beginning of Communicative Language Teaching. However, some controversial issues have recently been raised. For example, teachers are sometimes suspected of spending too much time on the pre- listening stage (Field 2002; 2008) and the overall usefulness of previewed comprehension questions in testing listening has been challenged (Sherman 1997). Moreover, adult students' listening needs and their perceptions of listening instruction have not yet been thoroughly researched (Graham 2006; Graham and Macaro 2008). This study argues that we should ask the students about their perceptions...
Inequality in Foreign Language Learning
Suchardová Nováková, Jitka ; Rýdl, Karel (advisor) ; Lenochová, Alena (referee) ; Betáková, Lucie (referee)
Title: Inequality in Foreign Language Learning Author: Jitka Suchardová Nováková Department: Deparment of Education Supervisor: prof. PhDr. Karel Rýdl, CSc. Abstract: This dissertation draws on sociological assumptions that learning success is significantly influenced by social environment. In this respect the questions of inequality in foreign language education are raised. The external factors such as social class, and motivation and attitudes, as two major social psychology phenomena related to success at foreign language learning, are researched. Based on these concepts the process of foreign language learning is considered as strongly influenced by opportunities for learning and by the process of constructing foreign language learner's identity. The research follows the qualitative paradigm using the narrative approach, and an in-depth interview as the main research method. The research design of biography and case study is used and two individual case studies are presented, with the impact of showing diversity and complexity of foreign language learning. The research takes place in the university environment - the students of technical faculties were the object of the research. Keywords: inequality, motivation, attitudes, habitus, identity

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