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Roma on the Czech countryside: Determinants of exclusion, potentials for inclusion
Hurrle, Jakob ; Sýkora, Luděk (advisor) ; Bernard, Josef (referee) ; Sidiropulu Janků, Kateřina (referee)
The dissertation project Roma on the Czech countryside: Determinants of exclusion, potentials for inclusion deals with the situation of Roma in Czech rural municipalities. The starting motivation for the author's exploration of this topic has been information about the growing number of segregated localities in rural areas. In the local public discourses within the peripheral areas, this phenomenon has often been explained as the consequence of poverty-driven urban-rural migration. However, as the migration of socially excluded populations into disadvantaged areas stirs a lot of fears and negative emotions that provide a fertile ground for the spread of rumours, the author's preparatory research soon revealed that it is necessary to carefully distinguish between myths and reality. The author's desire to understand the complex processes behind the emergence of new Roma localities in rural areas required a combination of working methods: The author analysed the national policy and regulatory framework and realized empirical research in five micro-regions in different parts of the Czech Republic. In addition to this, data were gained through the realization of a country-wide survey with two different sets of questionnaires, which targeted rural municipalities with socially excluded localities and urban social...
Together for a Better City
Sládek, Jan ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (referee) ; Bernard, Josef (referee)
The goal of this text is to provide understanding of the role that locally organized citizens have in changing general political behavior of Czech people after 1989. The text combines knowledge of urban sociology, political and urban transformation, and citizen/political participation in post-1989 Czech Republic. Theoretically, the text is based in critical reception of urban sociology showing its rather low rate of understanding when analyzing the role of citizens in urban change. The text works with the concept of transaction activism, using it to analytically evaluate the forms of examined collective local action of citizens. Last but not least, attention is paid to the role of ICTs, notably the Internet, in forms of local citizen engagement. To provide the necessary context, the text reflects on main events in political participation on state level as well as it reflects on main urban changes after 1989. Methodologically, the work is based on data from two representative questionnaire surveys and fifteen interviews with representatives of citizen organizations. The main theses are following: (1) low direct experience with political issues leads to predominance of "the politics" as portrayed by mass media, yet it is rather easily unmasked by direct political experience; (2) Although the public opinion...
Local politics in small municipalities and its informal aspects
Bernard, Josef ; Buriánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Sedláček, Ota (referee) ; Ryšavý, Dan (referee)
Mgr. Josef Bernard Dizertační práce Local politics in small municipalities and its informal aspects Abstract The subject of the thesis is the analysis of political processes in local government of small municipalities in the Czech Republic. The author focuses particularly on the question how do the activities of local government influence the different aspects of local life. The goals of local government, the negotiation of these goals and the role of different local government members in achieving these goals are examined. The thesis is based on three theoretical approaches - on the theories of local communities and their development, on the social capital theory and on theories of local political leadership. Different types of empirical data are used in the thesis: qualitative interviews and non-standardized observation of political processes in selected municipalities, questionnaire data and census data as well as other accessible statistical data on local communities and municipalities in the Czech Republic. The analyses have proved that local governments in small municipalities can be regarded as specific types of community interaction fields. The existence of this field has a significant impact on the situation in the community, including local citizen participation and social capital of the...
Hazards of HIV, What Know About Them the Secondery Young People in Česká Třebová
Záleská, Lenka ; Bernard, Josef (advisor) ; Urbánková, Olga (referee)
This thesis treats of the HIV virus and its hazards. It is composed of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the HIV virus, it clears up the history of its discovery and the ways of transmission. It also describes the development and classification of the HIV infection, makes clear the possibilities of therapeutics and emphasizes prevention. As one of the possibilities of prevention the peer education in the sphere of HIV/AIDS prevention is mentioned here. In the practical part the questionnaire is analysed which was filled in by students of the second and third years of several secondary schools in Česká Třebová. By means of the questionnaire it was found out how the students are informed of the HIV virus, if they know how to protect themselves from it, where they get information and who they would turn on if they wanted to learn something about the virus. Another point of research was to find out if the obtained knowledge is somehow reflected in the common life of the interviewed people and if they feel to be threatened by the virus. My aim was also to find out the students' opinions on some specific situations which are concerned with HIV, like for example having one-night affairs or taking drugs. Powered by TCPDF (
Chosen Social Problems of Chomutov Region with a Focus on Young People
Brezina, Lukáš ; Bernard, Josef (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
My work is focused on rise of social problems and social pathological phenomena in Chomutov location and relation between man, his surroundings and its influences in young people context. There are lots of books with this themes, but I was interested in my ability of describing this by myself. There was made a research at basic schools, I compared its results with results of official statistics and I got to knot that this locality has good conditions for rise of social pathological phenomena. This does not mean, that the locality is not able to live in a healthy way, it is just needed to create conditions for that kind of life. Writing of this work make me knot how important are places in our lives. I hope I would be one, who will support the positive conditions of my future place to live. Powered by TCPDF (
Drug Problems in Ostrožská Nová Ves from the Perspective of the Inhabitants - Comparison with the Real Situation
Malíková, Jindřiška ; Bernard, Josef (advisor) ; Čermák, Daniel (referee)
The aim of my work is to show the problems of drug abuse in the village Ostrožská Nová Ves. In the main part I try to analyse the results of my research made among the inhabitants of the village during July and August 2006. I also add some information about the situation gained thanks to interviews with two specialists - Mr. Petr Voráč, a policeman of the police department in Uherské Hradiště who specializes in the problems of drug abuse, and Mrs. Jana Nohalová, a social worker and head of the social department in Uherské Hradiště. Except their ideas I also used the statistics of the Czech police and the region Zlín. In my work I compare this information with the results of my research. The final chapter deals with the problems of prevention and prevention programmes in the village. Powered by TCPDF (
A Decline in the Number of Vocations in Woman's Congregations in Czech Republic Relating to the Motivation of Newcomers
Kallová, Gabriela ; Bernard, Josef (advisor) ; Bernardová, Marie (referee)
The thesis describes motivation of candidates for religious life in apostolic active Congregations in Czech Republic, who entered a religious order or congregation after 2000. That year was significant. Since that time on religious orders in general have experienced lower number of young women entering religious life. Description of the motivation is accompanied by the look into the past and the impact of the communist regime on life and mission of women's religious orders and congregations as well as the influence on religiousness of public. The outcome of the long influence of the regime was remarkably displayed after 1989. Not only has The Velvet Revolution brought along freedom but it also brought changes in the value system and the ways of life for the society in general. My thesis considers those changes, especially when speaking about young people, because those changes could have an influence on motivation candidates for entering a religious order. Powered by TCPDF (
Education of Brownies and Cub Scouts. A Focuse on the Scout Centre "Čejka" in Veselí nad Moravou
Bílková, Magdaléna ; Bernard, Josef (advisor) ; Civínová, Lucie (referee)
This bachelor thesis is dealing with education of children who are in the first grade of the basic school (7, 8, 9, and 10 years of age), namely with the education of the brownies and cub scouts in the "Junák - Association of Scouts and Guides of the Czech Republic". The thesis describes the intellectual background, principles, aims, educational system and methods used in the above mentioned organization. The thesis also deals with the general problems of free-time education and shows specific approaches applied within the scout movement, namely it compares the activities done within the scout organization with other free-time activities available to children. An important part of the thesis is a methodological research based on the questionnaires. Its main target was to analyze the position of scouting among different free-time activities. The research was aimed at the parents of brownies and cub scouts from the scout centre "Čejka" in Veselí nad Moravou. The reserch showed that among all free- time activities, scouting is the activity which develops a child in the most complex way. However, it cannot compete with the specialized childern clubs which are focused on the development of a particular ability. Unfortunately, this conclusion does not have the statistic importance - due to the low return of the...

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