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Bojovníci, či vandalové?: Rámování lidskoprávního aktivismu ve vybraných médiích v kontextu porušování lidských práv v Číně a Tibetu
Znamenáčková, Alena ; Beránková, Petra Alexandra (advisor) ; Pekáček, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor thesis examines how human rights activism responding to human rights violations in China and Tibet is being presented in Czech media, č, and Quantitative content analysis and frame analysis were used to analyze media articles. The presentation of activists was explored through various aspects, from which the most important was the framing of activism. The presentation of activists was divided into five frames describing the most common ways how media wrote about them. Activists were presented as vandals and marauders, supporters, opponents and critics, victims and neutral as people demonstrating their opinion. The themes linked to the presentation were eight: politics, human rights, investment, Czech-Chinese relations and the country's direction, police and citizens' rights, activism, media and foreign reaction. The text describes not only the activist presentation in single media platforms, but also compares selected internet portals. There occurred the same schemes in each portal, however the difference was the proportion in medias. The scheme occurrence pointed out the fact, that activists have been presented not in single but multiple ways.
From the City to the Countryside. Analysis of Impacts of Suburbanization in the Context of the Central Bohemian Village
Platil, David ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Beránková, Petra Alexandra (referee)
The subject of this Bachelor Thesis is the phenomenon of suburbanization, the process of the emergence of suburban areas in the ring around the core city. It focuses specifically on a small village near Prague, which has gradually changed since the beginning of the twenty-first century. On the one hand, the site of research changes in terms of population growth, furthermore of course also spatially and architecturally due to the growing family houses and smaller industrial buildings. In addition, the development of political life in the municipality also applies to this transformation, and its further direction is strongly influenced by the suburbanization process. The main aim of this work is therefore to capture the impact of this process on the life in the village and its inhabitants from the point of view of the local population. Research has shown that suburbanization is perceived rather positively, as it brings additional financial resources in the form of new inhabitants, and thus greater investment in infrastructure and publicly beneficial contracts. Secondly, social and cultural life has been improved in thanks to the emergence of new traditional events and meetings for local residents organized by the municipality with the aim to improve community life. Research has not shown that...
Construction of European Identity by European Union Documents
Plešr, Dominik ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Beránková, Petra Alexandra (referee)
This bachelory thesis is research of theme about "Construction of European identity by European Union documents". Thesis focus with theory of constructivism on construction of European identity by European Union documents, according to studying of theme and literature research. The main aim of this thesis is to find answer on research question "How European Union constructs European identity by its documents?" Firstly, thesis defines the formalization of identity in relationship with existence of European Union and its functioning. Afterwards is ilustrativly described process of European integration, due to close connection with European documents. After that come defining of, and content analyses of selected documents of European Union and foregoing organisations. During content analysis were used indicators "principle/principles/values", "identity", "European identity". Finnal part is situated as wide consideration about new facts, which describe how European Union and foregoing organisations construct European identity, and about reflexion this new facts against the selected researches. Pursuant to this consideration is definitely answered research question.
Analysis of European Policy as European Identitty in Time
Plešr, Dominik ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Beránková, Petra Alexandra (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to answer the Question Could we find something in European policy, what should to be the European identity?, through systematic research. Author decided for the mode of research on the basis of the studied literature and last international studies of this theme - thus to find european identity in european policy, not to describe a history of collocation "European identity". According to characteristic of terms "policy" and "identity, author analyses, whatever and how European identity express in European policy, by historic analysis, by analysis of documents - treaties of the European Union and foregoing organisations -, and by analysis of the overview of statistic data - Eurobarometer research. Historic analysis expressed different concepts of european identity - christianity, contradiction with islam, colonialism, science (like an ideology), rule of the law (particularly citizen's law and international law), man - sophist -, than analysis of documents of the Union -representative democracy, liberty, peace, security, human rights, rule of the law, and values, from which these emerged. Moreless, both of the groups of the concepts do not resist each other, because of we can include the concepts from historic analysis to collocation from treaties "…and values, from which...
Constructing Participatory Spaces: Involving Citizens into the Urban Development Planning from the View of Planners
Beránková, Petra Alexandra ; Mička, Pavel (advisor) ; Veselý, Arnošt (referee)
The work deals with constructing of participatory spaces in the process of urban development planning. The topic of involving citizens into planning is viewed from the point of planners. A concept of participation in this text is conceived in the sense of invented spaces built from above. The research perspective is an interpretative one, anchored in the constructivist epistemology. Therefore the main question is: How do planners reflect involving citizens in the planning? Firstly, the authoress demonstrates the importance of her topic by putting it into the context of wider social dynamics related to the crises of representative democracy and emerging of sub-politics. She reveals that the trend of building participatory opportunities is strengthening. The important question is formulated: How is the role of public in the strategic planning constructed? On the base of analytical induction of semi-structured interviews with planners, the authoress creates her own typology of ideal-type approaches to participation. These types of approaches came out from a distinction of the extent and the aim of spaces of participation. The involvement of citizens can be seen either as building of community, activation of elites, mapping of public preferences or as consultation with local experts.
Volatile metabolites of food additives and food supplements - review
Beránková, Petra ; Šatínský, Dalibor (advisor) ; Matysová, Ludmila (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Analytical Chemistry Candidate: Petra Beránková Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Dalibor Šatínský Ph.D. Supervisor - consultant: Mgr. Kseniya Dryahina Ph.D. Title of bachelor thesis: The Volatile Metabolites of Food Additives and Supplements Most of the food available in supermarkets contains food additives that are used to improve the appearance, smell and taste. Additives undergo metabolism in the human body undergo metabolism and can influence the health of the individual. The aim of this thesis is to explore the possibility of establishing volatile metabolites present in human breath that arise as result of metabolism of food additives and supplements. Experiments focus on quantitative pharmacokinetics of volatile metabolites after ingestion of a substance selected from the group of artificial sweeteners and supplement. Food sweetener aspartame (E 951) used to achieve a sweet taste in foods and beverages was chosen as a model example. Aspartame is converted in the body to methyl alcohol, formic acid and phenylalanine. Therefore, we followed the methyl alcohol content in the breath of healthy volunteers. Breath analysis was performed using SIFT-MS (selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry) with the Profile 3 instrument. The...
Guardians of the Public Interest: Frame Delimiting of watchdog Activism in the Context of Social scientific Discourse and in the Perspective of its Representatives
Beránková, Petra Alexandra ; Frič, Pavol (advisor) ; Kotlas, Petr (referee)
The work deals with the phenomenon of so called watchdog organizations. The increasing number and influence of these organizations indicates a creation of new social movement. The authoress defines them as a type of public benefit nongovernmental organizations focused on the controlling of the public sphere or advocating and asserting a "public interest" in relation to the democratization of society. The authoress target is to understand this type of action, so she asks herself the question: Which frameworks are used by watchdog activists for the interpretation of their acting? At first there is briefly presented the concept of watchdog in the context of wider reflections of contemporary society, mainly in the context of reflexive modernity, monitory and participatory democracy and information society. Secondly there is introduced Goffman's framework analysis and the related conceptualization of framework of social movements by Benford and Snow. The authoress highlights a definition of frames as the principles of selection, emphasis and presentation about what happens, and what matters. In the next part of this work, there are presented the methodology and results of the qualitative research based on semi-structured interviews with watchdog activists. The research is settled in the area of...
The use of vegetation indices to study temporal variation in vegetation phenology
Beránková, Petra ; Štych, Přemysl (advisor) ; Hesslerová, Petra (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The work deals with the use of vegetation indices to study temporal variation in vegetation phenology. The first part was devoted to detailed analysis of domestic and foreign literature, which deals with the work processed in this field. The main research questions were if changed start, end and length of growing period during the analysis period. Other research theme was comparision with ground phenological data. Another objective of this work was search dependencies computed data phenological variables from vegetation indicies with phenological ground data. As a basic data set was used GIMMS set, which distributes the vegetation index NDVI. Other data sets were MERIS MTCI, data MODIS with vegetation indices NDVI, EVI a LAI. The results of analyzes of vegetation phenology show trends in most shifts at the beginning of growing season, where was a shift to an earlier time. Results of the analysis of vegetation remote sensing data with ground-based phenological data ČHMÚ were unfolding always according to the specific forest phenological stations. Interesting results were at the phenological station Svoboda nad Úpou, where the results of trends directives were consistent in almost all data sets. Comparison of process curves vegetation indicies with ground data corresponded most curves at selected...
The Youth Consumerism and Its Interdependency with Economic and Cultural Capital
Beránková, Petra Alexandra ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Pašková, Miroslava (referee)
The work deals with the consumerism of thirteen and fourteen years old youths. The authoress aims to answer the question of what extent the observed age category seems to be consumer in their attitudes and whether their consumerist attitudes have an universal character or whether it is structurally related to their economic and cultural capital. At first the authoress briefly presents the consumerism as a sociological topic. She pays a particular attention to the impact of social stratification on the lifestyle. As her main theoretical basis she states a concept of homologous classes of Pierre Bourdieu, from which she incorporates the concept of economic and cultural capital as the main differentiating principles affecting the lifestyle. In addition she presents the characteristics of today's school children in the context of Czech society and mentions the role of socialization in the transfer of capital and consumption patterns from parents to their child. Finally, the authoress describes her approach to the analysis of data on attitudes towards the consumption in defined age category. She introduces readers to research results, which show the prevailing consumerism of monitored group. On the basis of correlation analysis, the authoress notes that there are significant correlations between indexes...

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