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Pan-Arabism in the novels of Hanna Mina/Pan-Arabism in Hanna Mina's novels
Koutský, Lukáš ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Beránek, Ondřej (referee)
Thesis abstract This thesis examines the pan-Arab ideas present in the selected works of the Syrian author Ḥannā Mīna. This includes the author's approach on portraying the ideological, political, cultural, and socio-economic aspects of pan-Arabism. A part of this study will examine Ḥannā Mīna's relationship to this ideological concept of modern Arab history and modern Arab thought in the broad context of Arab nationalism.
Development of Political Shii Islam in Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq
Denk, Matěj ; Beránek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Ťupek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is preoccupied with the development of Iraqi political Shi'a after the fall of Ṣaddām Ḥusayn. Its main area of interest is the comparison of three Shi'i political movements - Dac wa Party, the Supreme Council for the Islamic revolution in Iraq and the movement of Muqtadā aṣ-Ṣadr on the background of broader historical development of Shi'i community in Iraq. Although this thesis is written in English, it uses both English and Arabic sources and literature with occasional excursions into French and Persian sources. The thesis deals with the ideological transformation of the parties, formation of alliances, utilization of militias for political goals and the relations with the USA and Iran. The conclusion of the thesis is that the Iraqi Shi'i political scene is deeply fragmented, strongly influenced by Iran and its parties are often vehicles for personal political ambitions of its leaders which effectively prevents any unification of Shi'i political position and creation of strong central Iraqi government.
Ibn al-Amir al-San'ani and his Role in Islamic Reformism
Rumpl, Jakub ; Ťupek, Pavel (advisor) ; Beránek, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to Yemeni reformist Ibn al-Amir al-Ṣanʿani (1687-1768). He was one of scholars coming from Zaidi milieu who made efforts to reform Islam primarily in a form of studies of Sunni hadiths collection and a purist conception of faith and cult. The work is based on presentation of several areas which formed his life and opinions, as the historic-social- religious situation in Yemen, his studies in Mecca and Medina and their influence on his teaching, and introdution of several themes which he was occupied with.
Implementation of presentational device with Raspberry Pi
Beránek, Ondřej ; Kovář, Jiří (referee) ; Andrš, Ondřej (advisor)
This thesis describes the design and subsequent implementation of a presentational device with Raspberry Pi using free software. The theoretical part of this thesis includes an analysis of available commercial solutions, specification of requirements, testing free operating systems and assessment of their suitability for the purpose. The practical part of this thesis is focused on the implementation of a presentational device with the most suitable free system and on the test of this final solution. The aim of the thesis is to create a maintenance-free presentational device with easy remote access.
Wahhabi/Salafi Rhetoric in the Northern Part of the Caucasus Region
Kováčiková, Zuzana ; Ťupek, Pavel (advisor) ; Beránek, Ondřej (referee)
Salafism is considered a powerful mobilising ideology used by many Islamist and terrorist movements worldwide. This ideology was also adopted by the Caucasus Emirate, a once influential terrorist organisation that used to operate in the mountains of Russian Northern Caucasus. This paper thoroughly analyses religious ideas and trends behind North-Caucasian Salafism, as the body of academic sources concerning this issue is quite limited up to now. The analysis deals with main topics and narratives of the Caucasus Emirate Salafist propaganda, but also considers religious authorities that grant theological legitimacy to these ideological concepts. Both Arab and North-Caucasian spiritual leaders and ideologues are under scrutiny of this analysis. Concluding part of this paper outlines shifts in the rhetoric, which are caused by the conflict between the Caucasus Emirate and the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Analysis of the rhetoric draws conclusions using previously published academic work as well as the authentic internet sources, i.e. jihadist websites and videos in the Russian language. The paper suggests that the rhetoric of North-Caucasian Salafists is generally similar to the rhetoric of any other jihadist movement, but at the same time it contains number of inconsistencies as it...
Korene a súčasnosť radikálneho islamizmu v západnom Saheli
Bankóová, Valéria ; Kropáček, Luboš (advisor) ; Beránek, Ondřej (referee)
In recent years, Nigeria has seen an upsurge of radical Islamism in its north-east. The insurrection instigated by the violent Islamist sect, Boko Haram, received considerable media and political attention around the globe. Its origins and motives are, however, not fully understood and often misinterpreted. This thesis therefore looks at the phenomenon of religiously motivated violence in northern Nigeria from a diachronic perspective. It endeavours to shed some light on the current situation and tendencies by pointing out how they are linked to previous development and how they draw upon former movements. It also attempts to identify some recurring patterns in the ideology and motivations of respective violent Islamist groups that have marked Nigerian history. In the first section of the thesis, the Fulani jihad of the Shehu Usman dan Fodio is addressed, followed by an overview of the Izala movement of Abubakar Gumi, the Shiite movement of Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, and the Maitatsine revolts in Kano and its surroundings. The thesis concludes with an analysis of the origins, development, and motives of Boko Haram, in the light of previously discussed violent religious movements.
The Concept of Martyrdom in Islam and Its (Re)interpretations in Current Islamic Movements
Kolářová, Michaela ; Lyčka, Milan (advisor) ; Beránek, Ondřej (referee)
The main focus of the thesis is the concept of jihad and martyrdom in Islam. It seeks to present these religious ideas from very diverse perspectives and argues that seemingly discontinuous dimensions are all parts of the nature of the phenomenon. In the world of Islam, religion is an omnipresent aspect of a public life. Hence, the historical experience, culture, socio-economics, and politics, they all manifest in religious narratives. Martyrdom embodies these complexities as well. Historically and culturally, martyrdom has been perceived as an expression of utmost activism in the struggle of a believer for the betterment of the Islamic society. Leading a responsible and truthful life sometimes demands the ultimate sacrifice of one's life for the cause. This worldly responsibility for the well-being of the Islamic umma is one dimension of complex dynamics of the Islamist movements like the Palestinian Hamas. For them, martyrdom is only one moment, the climax, which requires leading the whole life as a responsible believer in the first place. In this sense, martyrdom is a celebration of a meaningful life rather than death. This commitment of Hamas to the community, its radical understanding of the politics of the struggle, along with the particular socio-economic, and political situation in...
New Islamic Preachers in Egypt
Červinková, Jitka ; Lyčka, Milan (advisor) ; Beránek, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis aimed to explore new forms of Islamic preaching in Egypt and its influence on growing role of religion in modern everyday human's life. Together with the era of mass media new forms of propagation of faith and religiosity appear along with new Islamic preachers. These preachers might be characterized by western style and mainly by new tools they are using (satellite T.V. and internet), and that's why they are often being called "Islamic televangelists". This thesis tried to put Islamic preacher in historical context, to explain complicated role of preacher in Islam and concentrated about new version of Islamic preaching. It turned out that religious authority moved out from traditional structures and that the criteria based on which young people ascribe authority to the preacher totally changed. Together with new preachers women preachers started to appear, they want to form the religious scene as well. And it seems like that the new forms of Islamic preaching are much more flexible and adaptable to the needs of modern Egyptian life.
Comparing Influence of the USA, the EU, China, Russia and Turkey in the Israeli-Arab Area
Hindlsová, Lucie ; Hnízdo, Bořivoj (advisor) ; Romancov, Michael (referee) ; Beránek, Ondřej (referee)
Komparace vlivu externích mocností - Spojených států, Evropské unie, Ruské federace, Číny a Turecka - v izraelsko-arabském prostoru Abstrakt disertační práce L. Hindlsová The dissertation thesis entitled, Comparing Influence of the USA, the EU, China, Russia and Turkey in the Israeli-Arab Area, discusses sub-regional power distribution of selected external global and regional powers. The Buzan & Wæver regional security complex in its expanded form serves as a scheme for measuring influence of above listed external powers through their military, political, economic and cultural foreign-policy tools. The analysis is conducted in four historical phases that were critical for the evolution of the Israeli-Arab conflict since the Israeli-Egypt Peace Treaty in 1979 until the most current period. The objective is to determine shifts and general trends in power distribution and to comprehend where, how and to what extent new rising powers exercise their influence. The thesis tries to determine, whether less synoptic structure of power hierarchy on the global level resulting from relative decline of US power may impact regional power distribution in the Israeli-Arab sub-region and the conflict resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Therefore it primarily covers activities in the Israeli-Arab sub-region, but...

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