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You cannot step into the same fishpond twice - an evolution of fishpond ecosystems to hypertrophy
Vrba, Jaroslav ; Benedová, Z. ; Jezberová, Jitka ; Matoušů, Anna ; Musil, M. ; Nedoma, Jiří ; Pechar, L. ; Potužák, J. ; Řeháková, Klára ; Šimek, Karel ; Šorf, M. ; Zemanová, J.
Shallow manmade fishponds in south Bohemia were used for fish production for centuries, however, their ecosystems have changed dramatically due to excessive nutrient loading and fish stocking. Preliminary results of ten sampled fishponds suggested their hypertrophic status at present, while their plankton structure and dynamics reflected the actual size/age class of fish stock consisting predominantly of common carp. Planktivorous fish (both young carp and whitefish) remarkably reduced abundance, size, and species diversity of crustacean zooplankton, in particular large daphnids, whereas larger carp itself did not cause such a strong top-down effect. All other plankton components, i.e. phytoplankton, bacteria, protists, and rotifers showed rather high abundance and diversity, and suggested a reasonable impact of various microbial processes and interactions in the recent hypertrophic ecosystems.
Fishpond sediment – new approach to the nutrient recycling in the agricultural landscape
Potužák, Jan ; Duras, J. ; Kröpfelová, L. ; Šulcová, J. ; Chmelová, I. ; Benedová, Z. ; Svoboda, T. ; Novotný, O.
Possibilities of the use of the fishpond sediment in the improvement of arable land is discussed. Among others, this approach has a high potential to contribute to the recycling of phosphorus in the agriculture landscapes. For this purpose, we propose set of particular techniques which were tested in the field study.
Ekosystems services of river floodplain
Pithart, David ; Benedová, Zdeňka ; Křováková, Kateřina
The book of abstractcs contains contributions from the conference „Ecosystem services of river floodplains“, held in Třeboň, Czech republic, in april 2008. The articles deals with functions of river floodplains in the landscape, ecosystem services concept, water, nutrient and carbon retention, biodiversity, floodplain morphology and its development, hydrological aspects of river flooplains, andd water management policies and revitalizations.

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1 Benedová, Zuzana