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Variabilita obsahu a složení silic u vybraných druhů koření (Ocimum basillicum L., Satureja hortensis L. a Majorana hortensis Moench.)
Benešová, Jana
The thesis Variability and composition of essential oil content of selected spices (Oci-mum basillicum L., Satureja hortensis L. and Majorana hortensis Moench.) Deals with plant species of whose main ingredient is oil. There is described a process for the isola-tion of essential oils from plants, individual components of essential oils, their variability and ways of using. Selected representatives of the so called green spices belong to the mint family (Lamiaceae), whose typical feature is very high content of essential oils. In the practical part were evaluated following species: basil (Ocimum basilicum), sum-mer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) and marjoram (Origanum majorana syn. Majorana hortensis). Essential oil content was determined in each type, by steam distillation and then the composition of essential oils was found by gas chromatography.
Významné patogeny v potravinách
Benešová, Jana
The bachelor thesis deals with summary of the most important pathogenic microorganisms in food, description of their characteristic and methods of detection in food. There are the most common bacterial agens of foodborne disease in the European Union in last 5 years. The thesis clearly describes common alimentary infections and alimentary poisoning, the impacts on human health and their present occurence. The final part is devoted to the basic rules to prevent the risk of these diseases. My bachelor thesis helps to raise awareness of this issues.
Elusive view: Ideas about the family and best interests of the child in the context of putting children to alternative family care/education
Jílková, Tereza ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Benešová, Jana (referee)
A subject of this diploma paper is to follow practise of putting children into alternative family care. The key method of finding answers is analysis of interviews with social workers and a worker of socially legal protection of children, and content analysis of texts and documents connected with the issue of alternative family care. The paper examines the role of social workers in the process of putting applicants into register for any form of alternative family care and workers' influence in forming such a process. The aim is to focus on social workers' activity analysis and to discover in which moments and in which ways ideological and normative settings of social workers might affect practice of putting children into alternative family care. One of the points of activity analysis is description of social workers' fulfilment of a concept - the best interest of a child and family. The paper is looking for the answer to what extent and in which moments normative ideas of family and topics family related might affect putting or not putting a child into a particular applicant's care.
How gender is being born in a diagnostic institute
Benešová, Jana ; Abu Ghosh, Yasar (advisor) ; Bittnerová, Dana (referee) ; Pelcová, Naděžda (referee)
The dissertation completes research that began in late 2007. It presents research findings concerning ways and methods of (re) construction of gender identities of Czech children placed in facilities for institutional and protective education. Based on ethnographic research in Diagnostic institute Ark there are examined practices and techniques shaping gender roles and contents, which are rooted in the so-called helping professions discourses. Psychology, special education, social work, pedagogy, education and health education are specializations that converge are under the roof of the institutes and create a discursive field for the exercise of power-colored procedures disciplining the children who are placed (cf. Laan, 1998). These procedures are directly linked to the concepts of socially desirable sex-gender order. The research objective was to capture the processes which have been neglected by the Czech professional community so far and which may become potential disciplination instruments in the hands of professionals in a wide range of helping professions, including social and special pedagogy.
The Influence of Parasites on the Sex Ratio
Benešová, Jana ; Kaňková, Šárka (advisor) ; Votýpka, Jan (referee)
Changes of the sex ratio in favour of one sex or the other may be caused by various factors. These changes have proximate causes, while some may even have ultimate causes. One of the factors affecting the sex ratio is parasitisation. The parasite manipulates the sex of the offspring of their hosts intentionally, or as a so-called side effect of its actions. The major role in deviated formation of the sex ratio is often endocrine and immune systems. Many studies are also concur with the Trivers-Willard hypothesis on a lower sexual index in the poor condition of females. Key words: sex ratio, parasite, Trivers-Willard hypothesis, manipulation hypothesis, sex hormones, immunity
Phenomena influencing learners' success when solving problems with algebraic expressions
Benešová, Jana ; Novotná, Jarmila (advisor) ; Jančařík, Antonín (referee)
This thesis focuses on errors and difficulties that students face when solving problems with algebraic expressions in mathematics at secondary school. Its aim was to describe the factors that affect pupils' achievement while dealing with algebraic expressions, classify them on the basis of a classification of pupils' errors used in mathematics and identify the biggest pupils' difficulties. The thesis consists of theoretical and experimental parts. The theoretical part focuses on the factors that influence the success of pupils in their learning process. I present their summary based on information gained from literature and I complete them with my own teaching experience of mathematics at secondary school. Next I deal with the concept of error, error classification and one of the most important phases of learning process, which is a description of teacher's work with pupil's error (again on the basis of information gained from the literature). The theoretical part ends with definitions of basic concepts from specialized literature on algebraic expressions at the end of the theoretical part. In the experimental part I deal with my own experiment during teaching of mathematics at secondary school, which is based on individual written work of students in the first year of their study and on the...
Transfers of Churches to Non-Ecclesiastical Subjects
Benešová, Jana ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Plavec, Karel (referee)
Transfers of Churches to Non-Ecclesiastical Subjects The thesis deals with the issue of unused Roman Catholic churches, specifically with the reasons and circumstances which result in transferring the churches' ownership to non-ecclesiastical subjects. The author presents a brief outline of historical and social context of this phenomenon, she submits comparison of this term's legislation under a canonical and secular law. At the same time she states requirements for a valid church transfer; she elucidates the approval process of the transfer, she gives her opinion of the transfer agreement's requirements. The author also pronounces upon a number of aspects influencing the transfers; she gives particular recommendations to improve the contracting process as well as to the Church's approach to this phenomenon. The considerations of the church buildings are not taken in as an expression of the Church's resignation to fulfil its mission. The author perceives this as an opportunity not only for the buildings but also for the Church itself. Keywords: church, owner, pastoral care Powered by TCPDF (
Housework within same-sex couples
Kounová Roubíčková, Karolína ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Benešová, Jana (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis was to provide the insight into the issue of housework among same-sex couples from their perspective. The research was conducted in sense of feminist perspective, which main considered advantages are increased reflexivity in relation to power at all stages of research and more space for the perspective of participators themselves. As a basic technique for data collection semi-structured dyadic interviews with each partner of the couple separately were used, they focused on their individual construction of reality in the context of housework among these couples, but also on participants' thoughts about housework in general. Three lesbian and two gay couples participated in this research. The analysis shows that there prevails egalitarian gender ideology in the context of housework which corresponds to the egalitarian view of the division of housework among same-sex couples in minds of the participants. The division of housework within the participating same- sex couples was mainly governed by the principle of fairness of the distribution, which consists of an equal division of household chores and is affected by personal preferences and previous experience in performing household chores. Fairness of the division, however, rather than with actual equal division of housework is...
Formation of disabled people collective identity in media and its gender aspects
Štiglitzová, Marta ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Benešová, Jana (referee)
In context of Czech lands postsocialist transformation changes the diploma thesis examines ways in which collective identity of disabled people was formed in the first part of the nineties. The topic is approached with interest in gender aspects of such formation and through content of two specialized Czech magazines for disabled people - Elán and Vozíčkář. The thesis pursues also history of both magazines in context of the organizations which which were editing them - Union for invalids (Svaz invalidů) and League for wheelchair users rights (Liga za práva vozíčkářů). For the historical context of both magazines I draw also from semi-structured interviews which I conducted with two former journalists of these magazines. In the Theoretical part I summarize how the view on impairment has been formed in the history defining also the medical, social and cultural model. I also describe rise of disabled people movement in both USA and Eastern/Central European context. The topic of my thesis is approached from the perspective of Disabilty Studies which defines impairment and disability as cultural constructs. As other key concepts of my theis I specify gender idenity as performative, relational and fluid (Judith Butler), procesual character of collective identity as collective action (Alberto Mellucci)...

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