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Social security administration and personal data protection
Beneš, Jiří ; Tomšej, Jakub (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
Social security administration and personal data protection The protection of personal data is one of the most discussed legal topics of contemporary legal science. However, the attention of both the professional and general public has so far been focused on the processing of personal data carried out by private law entities. On the contrary, the author focuses on a topic that has been overlooked, namely the processing of personal data performed by social security administration authorities. This thesis aims to answer the question whether the processing carried out by selected authorities of the social security administration follows the principle of lawfulness according to data protection regulations and the Regulation (GDPR). The key aspect of the author's answer is primarily to assess the compliance of the current legislation in the area of sickness and pension insurance and passive employment policy with the requirements of the Regulation (GDPR). In this work, the author first deals with the historical roots and birth of the legal regulation of personal data protection. Then, by comparing the legal regulations adopted within the Council of Europe, the European Union, and the Czech Republic, it analyses the applicable regulation of personal data protection. As the author points out in this work,...
Thermal Flow measurement
Beneš, Jiří ; Kunz, Jan (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with verification of properties of termo anemometric sensor P1K0 / 50. The first part consists of a theoretical description of termo anemometric principles, their evaluation, parasitic influences on the sensors and an overview of the most important features of the sensor. The second part of the thesis deals with the design and implementation of the measuring track for measuring these properties. The result of this work is to verify the properties of the P1K0 / 50 sensor, to create its mathematical model and to determine the possible applicability of the sensor in laboratory teaching.
Imaginative Biblical Interpretation: The Book of Jonah
Virago, Vendula ; Vymětalová Hrabáková, Eva (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with the Imaginative Biblical Interpretation and its dispositions for grasp- ing the biblical text particularly on the personal level, but also for the scientific use. Meth- od, which has been shaped by the historical need for adaptation for people who lived in the conditions of slavery in America. Also, attention is paid to the key element of imagination, in terms of the ability to recieve and construct mental images, which then act as stimulus for empathy and then deeper understanding of the text. There are three interpretations of the Biblical Book of Jonah in the text, where these facts were demonstrated. Two cases were based on very first confrontation with the text.
The Sense of Professional Failure and Helplessness of Nurses Working in Palliative Care.
The thesis deals with the effects of professional failure and helplessness experienced by nurses working in palliative care. The objectives of this thesis were to find out whether nurses often suffer from the negative feelings, to examine the influence of the job on their personal lives, to identify the most common problems related to their jobs and to find out if they regret choosing this type of job. To achieve these objectives, the following questions were asked: What is the influence of palliative care environment on nurses' lives and personalities? What factors influence nurses' professional performance? Why did they choose this type of job? What are the most stressful situations they experience? Does the workload make them feel helpless? What helps the nurses cope with stressful situations? We used qualitative research methods and conducted half structured interviews with fifteen research participants; eight of them work in non-hospice palliative care and seven participants work in hospices. The research results showed that palliative care has an influence on nurses' personal lives to a large extent; however, not only in negative ways. The research participants find their jobs mentally demanding and hard to separate from personal lives but they do not regret choosing the job. The participants responded that they often feel helpless but not hopeless. The feeling of failure is rather rare and occurs only under specific conditions. The most common and serious problems the participants encounter were characterized as conflicts at work, work stress, patient´s worsening state of health or patient's death, communication with family of a patient who passed away, big responsibility, misunderstandings with patients or their families, taking care of confused or aggressive patients and of patients with persisting pain, death of a young patient, patient's inability to find reconciliation with their condition or patient's unawareness of their state of health. This thesis also outlines a close relationship between high demands of palliative care and burnout syndrome and could be used for further research on this topic. Simultaneously, the data received from the research participants provides an analysis of palliative care nurses' feelings and work satisfaction and will be communicated to the management of given facilities. The findings of this work could be also presented at a conference in the future.
The Samaria ostraca as a source of information about religious life at the end of North Israel Kingdom period
Šebestová, Veronika ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Melmuk, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the ostraca from Samaria, one of the most significant archeological discovery from the point of view of religious life in northern Israel. The thesis briefly introduces the religious world of Israel Region (Egypt, Mesopotamia and Canaan) and of Israel itself. The main focus of this thesis relates to the Samaria ostraca and the main emphasis is placed on the names of recipients and owners that can be found in ostraca trees which are consequently compared to the religious situation in Israel during 8th century BC (the approximate period to which the formation of ostraca are dated). Final chapters try to complete the main purpose which is outlined in the main part of the thesis (Dating of ostraca, Kuntillet Adžrud, Bull in Old Orient). It tries to seek for possible parallels between biblical and historical texts, archeological discoveries and the ostraca themselves. In the Annex can be found tables from years 9, 10 and 15 which contains number of ostrakon, names of owners and recipicients. In conclusion of the thesis is talking about polytheism in northern Israel at 8th century BC.
Research report Project Midfree 2. phase
Beneš, Jiří ; Karabyn, Vasyl ; Matoušek, Ondřej ; Špína, Michal
Research report describing the creation of an engineering model to predict possibilities of suppressing problematic surface structures.
Research report Project Midfree
Beneš, Jiří ; Matoušek, Ondřej ; Špína, Michal ; Tomka, David
Research report describing the process chain model, MSF measurement methodology, vibration and tool evaluation.
Ancient Theology of the Samaritans: Specific Interpolation, Duplication, and Other Text Changes in the
Verzichová, Klára ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Holubová, Markéta (referee) ; Dušek, Jan (referee)
1 Summary Starověká teologie Samaritánů: specifická funkce interpolací, duplikací a dalších textových změn v Samaritánském pentateuchu Ancient Theology of the Samaritans: Specific Interpolation, Duplication, and Other Text Changes in the Samaritan Pentateuch Klára Verzichová This thesis focuses primarily on the development of the Ten Commandments in the Samaritan Pentateuch, which is relatively neglected in the Czech Republic. The Samaritan Pentateuch belongs to fascinating text witnesses like the Qumran texts, whose discovery has been a major shift in the theories of biblical texts. A specific feature of the Samaritan Ten Command is the addition of the 10th commandment, which is the compilation of several verses from Deuteronomy. Who and when added the 10th commandment is still the subject of speculation. The aim of the dissertation was to concentrate all relevant text witnesses from the Qumran texts, to analyze them, to provide a probable translation (due to fragmentary form of many of them) and then to compare each other with the Samaritan and Masoretic texts. The aim is, therefore, a biography of the Decalogue - the reconstruction of the textual development of the Samaritan Decalogue and its transformation over time. The text of the work also deals with the general introduction of the Samaritan...
The social accents of the pre - exilic Prophets (Historical and Theological Background)
Šprta, Marian ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Jaluška, Aleš (referee)
Resume: The work has a special theme of social accents of the prophets in the period before the exile. There is question what the chronology of the history of the royal era, in which the prophets spoke, was, what social processes were taking place at that time and how they are documented by biblical history and archeology. The first part of the work describes the historical situation in which these prophets were spreading their message. In this epoch the King's time was at the top of its peak, after which the crisis of transition from tribal society started into the urban civilization started which was finished by Israel's exile to Assyria and Judea in Babylon. In the northern empire peaks of the prosperity are considered to be the period during the reign of Achab and Jeroboam II. In the southern Empire it is the Uzziah's period. These peak times of prosperity, stemming from the state development, successful battles, and foreign trade, brought with an increase in social inequality and damage to social relations. The work depicts this time according to biblical sources, particulary the 1st and 2nd Books of Kings and the 2nd Paralipomenon. This section is followed by a chapter on interpretations by which Biblical archeology interprets archeological finds related to the time of the kingdom, especially from the...
The Message of the book of Haggai
Holý, Jiří ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Roubalová, Marie (referee)
The Message of book of Haggai Abstract of Diploma thesis This Diploma thesis deals with message of book of Haggai, uses two original Sources: hebrew text (Tanak) and Greek text (Septuagint). Each of the original text is translated into czech in the context of exegesis research. Both exegeses are constructed verse by verse. This thesis is divided into four chapters. Chapter one focuses on the message of book of Haggai in Tanach, chapter two in Septuagint. Chapter three compares results of both exegeses. The last chapter of this thesis tracks the history of interpretations, i. e. results of selected interpreters: Jan Calvin and others from 19th, 20th and 21st century in the Europe and the USA. Commentaries of book of Haggai do not reflect everything, Author of this thesis reacts on it in last chapter (on the basis of both exegeses). This is the benefit of this thesis. God's message to his people is the most important message of book of Haggai. Most theologians of the Old Testament claim, that God's intention was new Temple in Jerusalem (i.e. Second Temple). The results of this Diploma thesis coincide with the results of Czech theologian Jiří Beneš (2006): God's word about the Temple is the metaphor, the Temple is God's people. God's intention is repented of the heart. The message of book of Haggai coincide...

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