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Procedural modeling and realism in computer graphics
Beneš, Jan ; Křivánek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Patow, Gustavo (referee) ; Biljecki, Filip (referee)
One of the long-standing goals of computer graphics is to generate realistic imagery. This realism is predicated, among other things, on having access to high- quality content to display, and being able to verify its realism. Unfortunately, realism and especially realism in procedural modeling are under-represented in current literature. Consequently, we address these two topics by investigating the definitions of general realism in computer graphics and by providing a basic framework for thinking and talking about realism in procedural modeling. In or- der to provide this framework with initial tangible data, we present a user study of the realism of procedural buildings. We find that realism of this specific class of procedural models is carried on different scales and conclude that authors of procedural rules for buildings need to beware of not only the fine details, but also the overall shape of the generated models. Finally, we present a method for growing procedural road networks in and close to cities. We use a traffic simula- tion and adapt existing research to grow cities over time. The cities are formed by letting several meaningfully positioned smaller settlements' minor roads grow in step with additional major roads. As a result, we are able to generate cities with rich, complex and realistic...
Endothelial Glycocalyx - Diagnostic Approach and Intervention Assesment
Pouska, Jiří ; Beneš, Jan (advisor) ; Málek, Jiří (referee) ; Štourač, Petr (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA Lékařská fakulta v Plzni Dizertační práce Endothelial glycocalyx - diagnostic approach and intervention assessment MUDr.Jiří Pouska ABSTRACT Endothelial glycocalyx (EG) is fine structure on the surface of endothelium. After extensive research in past years, revisited Starling principle was finally formulated. It describes fluid physiology in capillaries precisely. EG has pivotal role in keeping endothelium semipermeable and thus avoiding extensive filtration of fluids to interstitium. Assessment of EG is clinically difficult. Many pathological conditions lead to damage of EG (sepsis etc.). Intravenous fluid therapy is mainstay of treatment of such conditions. Our aim was to determine the changes of EG integrity depending on the choice of intravenous fluid and its infusion time in physiological and pathological conditions. Key words: Endothelial glycocalyx, infusion therapy, anaesthesia, sepsis, microcirculation.
Strategic Culture of the Czech Republic
Beneš, Jan ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Eichler, Jan (referee) ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee)
Jan Beneš Strategic Culture of the Czech Republic Abstract The aim of the dissertation is to define in a complex manner the strategic culture of the Czech Republic. Strategic culture is at first analysed as a conceptual phenomenon both in relation to strategy itself and to the theories of international relations. The dissertation introduces the different streams of thought about strategic culture and then studies the approaches of the key involved authors with a special focus on the discussion between the first and the third generation of strategic culture scholars. Concerning the fact that the strategic culture has been originally created for the study of the behaviour and strategic thought of major powers, the author analyses the historical and geostrategic peculiarities of a small state in the Central Europe and then defines own conceptual and methodological framework. Using the method of grounded theory, the important symbols and narratives from the Czech history as well as the most important moments in the Czech political and strategic thought and decision-making are being examined. The historical narratives re-appear and influence the decision-making, thinking and argumentation of the key actors in the Czech security community. The research of the key decisions and historical moments after the 1989 is...
Germany's commitment to CSDP operations: comparing the cases of the DRC and Libya
Westenberger, Kay Louise ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Beneš, Jan (referee)
This thesis analyses Germany's commitment to multilateral military operations. Following the research question why Germany participates in some multilateral military operations but not in others, Germany's respective decision-making process regarding troop deployment in the DR Congo in 2006 on one hand and military non-engagement in Libya 2011 on the other hand is traced. By contrasting the concept of strategic culture with a purely rational assessment of the factors of alliance politics, risk-analysis and military feasibility of the operations, the decisiveness of taking into account Germany's strategic culture to explain deployment decisions is stressed. Neither is there a lack of external pressure for German military participation in the case of Libya, nor is the military operation in the DR Congo decisively less risky or militarily more feasible. Rather, Germany's multilateral and anti- militaristic strategic cultural strands affect its decision-making. Next to demanding a thorough justification and legitimization of any military engagement, two red lines for military deployment can be identified. First, Germany refuses to act unilaterally and displays a high reluctance towards military engagement outside the multilateral framework of the UN, NATO or EU. Secondly, Germany rejects to engage in...
Combatting Disinformation Campaigns: A Reappraisal of Strategic Communications
Wilson, Alyssa Joy ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Beneš, Jan (referee)
In the context of increasing technologicalization and the growing interconnectedness of our world through social media, this thesis aims to answer the question, why is disinformation not being sufficiently handled in the United States in the wake of the foreign meddling in the 2016 Presidential Elections, and what can and should be done about the threat? This master thesis therefore aims to delve into the inherent vulnerabilities in the U.S. societal fabric, and thus conduct an in-depth explanatory case study model analysis of what should be done to further combat and counteract disinformation and election meddling within the country. The author argues that disinformation and election meddling are not only a serious security threat, but are also not being properly handled as they are only being addressed technologically, and not through the realm of information, and societal resilience. This thesis therefore argues that strategic communication, which should be redefined and expanded in definition, should be used to combat disinformation campaigns to prevent further election meddling. The author posits that a two-level approach is best, one which aims to negate the negative disinformation campaigns through a single governmental body, while also addressing the root causes through education.
US Strategic communication towards Islamic state
Truchlá, Jana ; Beneš, Jan (advisor) ; Riegl, Martin (referee)
The main topic of my bachelor thesis is illustration of public image and strategic communication towards ISIS of two US most recent presidents Obama and Trump. In the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis I will outline the basic description of the Islamic state as a terrorist aggressor and the threat of the West as opposed to US protective policy and leadership in the World Anti-Terrorist Coalition. In this part of thesis I would primarily try to depict the main concept of strategic communication, its forms and the differences between the notions strategic communication and propaganda. In the main part I will describe the activities and the ways of formulating US strategic communication actors to explain the individual steps during the war against ISIS for the relevant audience - US citizens. In particular I will concentrate on official political strategic communication of the US Presidents which I will demonstrate on the particular examples - presidential press conferences and releases. Among digital media, I will focus on using the Twitter social network as a phenomenon to implement diplomacy through tweets. The key point of the work will be a determination of the priorities of strategic communication in the timeframe of Obama's and Trump's term in office. Choosing this specific timeframe...
New trends in perioperative monitoring and glycaemic control.
Lipš, Michal ; Kunstýř, Jan (advisor) ; Bešík, Josef (referee) ; Beneš, Jan (referee)
Glycaemic control in critically ill patients has been a topic of considerable attention for the past 20 years. In literature and at scientific meetings, there have been ongoing debates regarding the efficacy of glycaemic control in these patients with frequently entirely opposite opinions. These range from a strict invasive approach with target glycaemia 4-6 mmol/l to a liberal approach tolerating even values higher than 12 mmol/l. In the preview of this PhD thesis we have analysed so far published literature and describe the reasons for this inconsistency. According to the results of recent studies, the most significant efficacy of tight glycaemic control has been observed in cardiac surgical patients. If we consider the concept of tight glycaemic control as efficient strategy, there are three important questions remaining unanswered as follow. Does the specific algorithm-protocol play a key part in the concept of tight glycaemic control alongside the knowledge and skills of nursing staff in safe and efficient blood glucose control? What is the ideal timing of starting the strategy of tight glycaemic control (TGC) in cardiac surgical patient? And is there any benefit in outcome respect to mortality or morbidity? Do we have any more safe and efficient option or add-on to standard perioperative...
Analysis of Negative Political and Security Impacts of Asylum Seekers Hosting in the European Union Member States
Vargová, Martina ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Beneš, Jan (referee)
Diploma thesis Analysis of Negative Political and Security Impacts of Asylum Seekers Hosting in the European Union Member States reflects upon the increasing numbers of asylum seekers arriving at the shores of the European Union and therewith associated potential negative political and security impact of their hosting. The aim of the thesis is to assess whether any negative impact of asylum seekers hosting can be observed within three areas of concern identified as a) crime rate, b) terrorism rate and c) political tension between the host states and whether higher hosting performance of the member states produces a more negative impact. In order to fulfil the aim of the thesis, a quantitative ordinary least squares linear regression analysis followed by a qualitative approach is conducted. The analysis processes data on the number of asylum seekers arriving in each member state available via United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees database, the crime rate data available via Eurostat and the terrorism rate data available via Global Terrorism Database administered by University of Maryland. Two levels of analysis are present, a generalized level focusing on four categories of member states based on their per capita hosting performance and an individual level of analysis focusing on individual...
Procedural building reconstruction from building outlines
Kužel, Vojtěch ; Kahoun, Martin (advisor) ; Beneš, Jan (referee)
This thesis presents a method for fast procedural generation of plausible buildings out of their outlines. There are a few methods in existence varying in their speed and in the amount of detail in their results. All of these methods can be utilized on diverse occasions. The user might prefer speed over complexity or maybe better-looking results over robustness to every input. The method presented in this thesis prefers speed and semi-automatic approach. It takes building outlines as an input along with some user defined parameters such as height, reconstructs the building mass with a general hip roof, and synthetizes plausible textures. The results can be then used for example in flight simulators for fast reconstruction of large urban areas based on the data available through, e.g., Open Street Maps.
Analysis of the network of information war experts in the Czech Republic
Kohút, Martin ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Beneš, Jan (referee)
The rise of 'information disorder' that undermine Western political principles has become one of the key political concerns in current Europe and United States and led to searching for new solutions how to fight the spread of mis- and dis-information. While the nature of this danger is still subject to much debate, we can already observe a rise of new experts explaining the threat of information war and how to deal with it. This research looks at how this novel problematization of security affects the politics of security expertise. Or, who gains power in this 'battle for truth'? Building on sociological approaches in security studies, this thesis focuses on the Czech Republic as a country that has become very active in the fight against disinformation and analyses the network of actors recognized as providing security expertise on information warfare. Based on social network analysis, the research maps the structure of social relations among actors recognized as experts and points out the empowerment of think-tanks and journalists, who build their expertise by bringing together their social capital, bridging knowledge of Russian politics and the new media environment, and introducing new practices to make the society resilient towards information warfare.

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