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Expressing Praise and Compliments in Contemporary Russian
BENEŠ, Filip
The bachelor thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical one contains the characteristics of the terms praise and compliment and is dealing with some other questions that are related to usage of them. The practical part is based on the results of questionnaire that is relating to giving prise and compliment by linguistic way in several different situations. The questionnaire was filled through the internet portal mostly by students of high schools and universities of the Russian federation.
Copyright protection of webpages
Beneš, Filip ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the copyright protection of webpages that connects law and webpages and its maintenance and administration performed by website operator. The webpage can be perceived and interpreted in two ways, i.e. as a set of individual elements or as single all-embracing and complex unit that is formed by those elements. The main goal is to analyze the legislation in both ways and to present impacts of it. The initial chapter provides essential basics of copyright law that applies to the rest of the thesis and explains the terminology that is used in following chapters. Second chapter deals with source code that is crucial information for a functioning of every webpage and that stays unknown to most of the webpage users. Third chapter aims at visual identity of a webpages, that means at appearance and design, every element that webpage user can perceive. This chapter also presents conditions under which the individual elements are eligible to be protected in accordance with Czech Copyright Act. A significant part of this chapter is devoted to fonts whose protection is not regulated under Czech law. Literary works, other texts, messages or notice on webpages are subject to analysis of fourth chapter. Accessibility of those works of all kinds on the internet makes almost...
Introduction to the signal processing in broadcasting chain
Beneš, Filip ; ZIKMUND, Tomáš (advisor) ; URBAN, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis deals with the processing of audio signal for radio and television broadcasting with emphasis on dynamics processing of music audio signal in radio broadcast chain. It deals with the question of modifying in the musical content and also the art work of the sound engineer. The basic dynamics processing, the principle of how the transmission chain works and as a special part the analysis of parts of the broadcasting processor are described here. The thesis offers an insight into individual parts of the processor including a warning about the possibility of their negative influence on the content. The thesis includes the world’s most widespread and in Czech Republic available audio broadcasting platforms. It is accompanied by an illustrative experiment with that compares a music recording before and after both analog and digital broadcasting chain passage pointing out its basic influences.
Seasonal development, long-term changes and effect of extreme events on macrozoobenthos of acidified brooks in headwater catchments of Litavka, the Brdy Mountains
Beneš, Filip ; Tátosová, Jolana (advisor) ; Peltanová, Jana (referee)
This Master thesis was focused on seasonal development of macrozoobenthos for season 2009-2010, its long-term changes and effects of extreme events on acidified brooks in headwater catchments of the Litavka river in the Brdy Mountains (the Czech Republic). The extreme events are considered: drought, floods and deforestation. Changes in composition of macrozoobenthos were compared with the previous research, which was provided there for season 1999-2000. Headwater catchment of the Litavka river consist of two streams: strongly acidified Litavka-krmelec (LK) and slightly acidified Litavka-hlavní (LH), which is taken as a reference stream. Measured pH levels of LK were in range of 4,00-4,22 (with median 4,10) and concentration of reactive aluminium (R-Al) were in range of 1381-2187 µg.L-1 (with median 1692 µg.L-1 ). Measured pH levels of LH were in range of 4,74-6,22 (with median 5,62) and concentration of reactive aluminium (R-Al) were in range of 8-400 µg.L-1 (with median 33 µg.L-1 ). Concentrations of R-Al are observed due to toxic forms of Al3+ ions on aquatic organisms. The significant differences in composition of macrozoobenthos were also observed. On strongly acidified study site LK were not present acidosensitive groups, such as mayflies, molluscs and some species of caddisflies. All of these...
An acidification of fresh waters is not over
Beneš, Filip ; Tátosová, Jolana (advisor) ; Hardekopf, David (referee)
Acidification of freshwaters is a problem of many areas over the northern hemisphere from the half of the 20th century. It has been caused by industrial factories discharging emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, from which originate acids by the photochemical reactions in the atmosphere. Acidic atmospheric deposition has caused disappearance of fish and the most aquatic organisms in streams and lakes. Acidic atmospheric deposition has also washed up not only the buffering basic cations (Ca2+ , Mg2+ , Na+ , K+ ), but also toxic aluminium (Al3+ ) ions from soils into the freshwaters. The maximum levels of emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides were observed in 1980s and since that time the emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides significantly dropped down. However, the recovery from acidification is not as fast as it could be expected. It is impeding by several processes. One of them is hysteresis or saturation of soils by sulfur and nitrogen, which are slowly washing up into the freshwaters in forms of sulfates and nitrates now. Another process is the oligotrophication of lakes, when the important nutrient - phosphorus - is precipitating by aluminium. There is the lack of food for organisms after that. Another processes slowing down the recovery from acidification could be bad forest management...

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