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Responsive Web Design
Havelka, Petr ; Pavlíčková, Jarmila (advisor) ; Benáčanová, Helena (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to create a comprehensive material that covers the basic knowledge of theory and practices necessary to understand the whole complexity of the Responsive Web Design (RWD). This thesis first focuses on the RWD origin and its two approaches. Furthermore, the work deals with technical solutions of the RWD and technologies that enabled its creation or were found useful for it. This part also mentions tools which simplify the work with given technologies. The next part is devoted to Responsive CSS Frameworks as being the base for creating responsive websites and shows layout examples where two different approaches and frameworks were used. At last an issue of testing responsive websites is discussed.
Market analysis of security software
Doležal, Ladislav ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Řezníček, Dušan (referee)
In this thesis, I analyze the global supply of security software (for operating system Win-dows) with a focus on anti-virus programs, which currently mostly implicitly include vari-ous modules of security software. In the first part of my thesis, I will focus on the clarification of issues related to IS / IT se-curity and cybercrime. I describe here the security IS / IT in general, describes the basic concepts and information safety, so that readers gain a basic understanding of this issue. I explain the concept of cybercrime and characterize its main crime. The second part will focus on the clarification of issues relating to security and safety not only domestic, but also corporate computers. I further characterize the greatest threats of our time for PC users and the possibility of prevention. In the third part, I will analyze the security software market analysis due to their market shares and qualifying tests conducted by recognized independent organizations, so to currently provide their full offer. Using the survey I will find out what is the awareness on the selection and use of antivirus software, and on this basis determine what antivirus software are most popular by users.
Implementation of MS EXCEL and VBA in business field
Zeman, Michal ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Hirko, Michal (referee)
Bachelor thesis describes the use of MS Excel and VBA to improve processes in a small carpentry firm KendyDoor. The objective of this thesis is to analyze processes of the firm, its deficiencies and to use gained information to improve them. The objectives are realized by advising implementation of MS Excel and VBA in firm processes and by realization of practical project -- creation of pricing document for KendyDoor.
E-learning support for teaching seniors
Ščotková, Zlatica ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Topolová, Ivana (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is creating an electronic course (tutorial) for The University of the Third Age on University of Economics in Prague. The thesis is metaphorically joining topics like information and communication technology and education in it's own theme. Before creating the tutorial, it is necessary to explain the term e-learning. Therefore the thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The main contribution of this thesis is creating a specific electronic course for students of The University of the Third Age using up-to-date programs, uploading the course on the Internet (specifically YouTube server), course presenting to the students and explanation of the term e-learning itself in the context of modern times at e-learning.
Lifelong learning in the field of informatics, comparison of options
Pecharová, Karolína ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor deals with lifelong education in the field of information technologies. The goal is to give integrated and actual summary of offered certifications. At first the terms concerninig lifelong education and certifications are defined. On the basis of demand are chosen certificates, which are thoroughly described. This certificates are first generally described and then rated from diferent points of view. In the end the certifications are co-plexly rated.
Lifelong learning in the field of informatics, comparison of options
Štěpán, Jakub ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
This bachleor thesis deals with the theme of lifelong learning in the field of informatics in the Czech Republic, focusing primarily on programs provided by Czech universities. The work is divided into three main parts. The first part analyzes the concept of lifelong learning, its main parts, related terms, definitions, and especially the importance for people who use it. This section forms the main theoretical part of work. In the second part of the thesis there is a selection of the key programs and courses of lifelong learning in the field of computer science provided by universities in the Czech Republic. All selected programs will be further described and specified. There will be also mentioned the most famous courses offered outside the universities. Offer of specialized courses will be compared within their specialization. In the third part, the selected programs offered by universities in the Czech Republic will be compared according to selected criteria. The focus will be primarily on financial aspect, accessibility and overal contribution of education.
Operating Systems Market Analysis
Kafka, Jan ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Koubský, Petr (referee)
The reason of this work are operating systems, their significance, history, analysis of the current situation and attempt to predict the future. The first part introduces the basic concepts, the definition of operating system and brief history. The second part deals with the current situation on the market for operating systems, the main drivers of this sector and the business models used. The last part deals with the prediction of the situation on the market for operating systems, their future evolution, the probable evolution of their business model and estimate the near future from the business point of view. It were also made study of available new scientific publications about OS. Contribution of this thesis evaluate role and future operating systems and prediction business perspective in the industry branch.
Analysis of Applications at Council of Litomyšl.
Pulgret, Adam ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee)
The goal of this work is to analyze the selected applications, used at Council of Litomyšl. Terms introduced in thesis are public administration and eGoverment. The main content of thesis is to analyze seleted applications, first indroduced is Council of Litomyšl and then continues with complex describtion of the selected applications, methods of their use and their weak point, from point of view of activities, which take place at Council of Litomyšl.
Analysis, testing and proposal to improve selected business applications
Lacina, David ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Štryncl, Luboš (referee)
Thesis is about analysis of two applications, which is used or will be used in selected company. First of these applications is E-PROD. By the application is solved possibility of automate ability of data entry. These data are used by the application for counting of productivity. The second application is ABC TOOL. This application is not used in company, because it isn't testing its functionality on Czech platform. The application is in the thesis tested and analyzed. Based on tests it will be decided whether the application is applicable for Czech branch. The thesis also deals with proposals about optimization of using applications and with suggestions for their modifications and extension. Outputs should be information about how to improve the software support of selected process.
Implementation of VBA for processes automation in university environment
Dušek, Jakub ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis brings a description of application development that optimizes and automates certain operations at IT Help desk at University of New York in Prague. MS Excel and programming language Visual Basic for Application (VBA) are used for development of aforementioned application The first part of the thesis is focused on environment description and inner factors. Thanks to the extensive description of relevant processes it was possible to identify its bottlenecks and optimize them with the developed application. The second part is dedicated to solution of this application. Here I describe its usage by means of screenshots. I also introduce important parts of the source code which is described subsequently.

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