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Medieval and modern Crypts on the area of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia
Solárová, Petra ; Slivka, Michal (advisor) ; Bednár, Peter (referee)
1 Abstrakt The Master's thesis deals with medieval and modern crypts on the territory of Czech, Moravia and Slovakia. The aim is to review the examined crypts, which have already been published. This Master's thesis is divided into three parts. In the first part, the overview of research and methodology work are summarized. Following parts are dedicated to evaluation of crypts on examined territory - to correct understanding of their meaning, architecture and funeral facility. The third part includes a processed catalog of archaellogically examined crypts. Keywords crypt, church, funeral, architecture, coffin
Draft modified winding technology of composite pipes
Bednár, Peter ; Pinkas, Jan (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on composite pipes production by winding of composite fibres soaked in resin binder and feeding with additional third type material simultaneously. It also describes the production machine FWMS180 and all of its additional devices necessary for the composites production by filament winding. The production process of composite pipes on the production machine FWMS180 is described in this paper as well as detailed description of the winding method. Furthermore, the technological bend and vibration tests procedures conducted on pipes of different material composition are discussed with related results and comparison. The thesis proves that presence of the third type material in composite pipes structure has different influence depending on observed and evaluated property.
Probability-based model for network traffic
Bednár, Peter ; Jelínek, Mojmír (referee) ; Molnár, Karol (advisor)
This work identifies sevral basic types of traffic in IP networks and describes main characteristics of each type of the basic netowrk service focusing on HTTP and VoIP protocols.
Probability-based model for network traffic
Bednár, Peter ; Jelínek, Mojmír (referee) ; Molnár, Karol (advisor)
This work identifies several basic types of traffic in IP networks and describes main features. The basic network services such as HTTP, VoIP and electronic mail are discussed focusing mainly on HTTP and VoIP probability-based models for network traffic which are applied to the software simulation of real network.
Making OpenType fonts with free software
Bednár, Peter ; Mekyska, Jiří (referee) ; Rajmic, Pavel (advisor)
In thesis themes of typography and computer font of OpenType format is described in details. At the beginning attention is paid to historical development of typeface, where stress is laid mainly on development of Roman and white letter with their characteristics. Having presented basis of typography work is concentrated on topic of digital font with emphasis on possibilities of OpenType format. Further its characteristics and advantages were listed compared to another formats and it was evaluated as format appropriate also for creating font in education process. Letterspacing and kerning were mentioned between basic graphical modifications in creating fonts. In theoretical part of the thesis they were examined in available programs designed for creating font in OpenType format. Except free available means into summary were included also commercial types due to absence of more advanced instruments and functions with free available applications. In evaluation was found that the most convenient for education is Fontlab Fontographer commercial program, free Type lite and Fontforge indicated for Open-source platform. Practical part of the thesis is focused on two chosen programs for creating main font characteristics. The goal was to detect if it is possible to reach identical results when using both programs. Fontographer program enabled to use wide tool palette dedicated to vector graphic processing by means of Adobe Illustrator similar instrument. In the case of Type lite program there were rather less instruments, what is sufficient for elementary work and familiarization with creating of digital typeface. Freeware shortage is basic absence of kerning, spacing or hinting functions. Comparing program possibilities, it falls that freeware programs based on OS Windows with their functionality are sufficient only for entry level users. The best option within free available programs is Fontforge for OS Linux which supports mentioned typographic functions. Fontographer was recommended for teaching of basic characteristics of OpenType font format. Another goal of the thesis was creating of recommended work procedure for creating basic characteristics of OpenType font for students, that is enclosed at the end of the thesis.
Preparation of Training Data for the Design of Solid and Surface Structures
Bednár, Peter ; Koutecký, Tomáš (referee) ; Koutný, Daniel (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis focuses on lattice structure parts and their utilization. It provides brief overview about research, benefits and disadvantages of both lattice structure parts and also additive manufacturing in general. Moreover, it describes basic principles of additive manufacturing and design of lattice structures with Netfabb software and their application to the various components.

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