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The Imaging Of A Schock Wave Within A Supersoniclow-Pressure Gas Flow Using Opticalmethods
Bayer, Robert
Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM), which uses high gas pressure within the specimen chamber instead of vacuum, allows us to study samples containing water, samples with high capacity and live biological samples. It is because of the lack of the need to freeze the sample to sublimate the water from it. However, the behavior of the pumped gas in low pressures is not well mapped to be the low-pressure gas flow simulations considered adequately precise for applying on ESEM. To increase the precision of simulations, it is possible to use optical methods for imaging the shock wave within the differentially pumped chamber because of its uniqueness.
Filament mixer with variable contribution of input materials for FDM 3D printers
Hráček, Michal ; Jaššo, Kamil (referee) ; Bayer, Robert (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the theory of 3D printing and 3D printers and the possibility of mixing two filaments. The work is focused especially on extruder, which is one of the main parts of 3D printer, but also on mounting and cooling the print head. In the extruder, the filament is fed and subsequently melted. Furthermore, the work mentions the problems of stepper motors, describes the used components for the practical part of the work and implementation of the entire device from PCB design, writing FW, to design mechanical parts.
DLP LCD 3D Printer
Brandejs, Petr ; Jaššo, Kamil (referee) ; Bayer, Robert (advisor)
This project deals with DLP 3D printing and designing a 3D printer based on this technology. It consists of a glimpse across different 3D printing technologies, their comparison and reasoning behind chosing a DLP printer. Project then follows with design of individual component based on specific parameters needed for this application and price optimization. It ends with a review of the machine.
Energy yields per one hectare of land in the South Moravian Region
Plášek, Tomáš ; Bayer, Robert (referee) ; Jandová, Kristýna (advisor)
This bachelor thesis compares methods of producing elektricity in biogas plant, in thermal power plants by burning biomass, in solar power plants and compares it with production of energy of fuel cells and the energy from biofuels, like biodiesel and bioethanol. It compares the energy yields of different energy production methods and evaluates their advantages and disadvantages. It compares the energy content of these fuels by model vehicle range.
Smoothing device for FDM 3D prints
Dubský, Jan ; Čudek, Pavel (referee) ; Bayer, Robert (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with a design of a device that would smooth out 3D prints, made of various materials, using FDM 3D printers. It explains the principle of 3D printing and describes technologies used in 3D printing. In this work is an overview of materials used for 3D printing and of some selected organic solvents. It describes methods of vapour smoothing and aerosol smoothing that can be used for smoothing out of 3D prints surface. The vapour smoothing method was experimentally tested using these solvents: acetone, dichloromethane, chloroform and tetrahydrofuran. The aerosol smoothing method used a solution of acetone and dichloromethane in the ratio of 1:1. Both methods were tested on samples made of PLA, ABS, PETG and SBS. This paper describes the design of a device for smoothing of 3D prints with regard to the chemical compatibility of used construction materials and ease of use of the device.
Realization of an automated production line workplace
Pecha, Václav ; Vyroubal, Petr (referee) ; Bayer, Robert (advisor)
The thesis deals with the automation of the production process of the workplace for forging of metal parts for a specific customer in a specific environment. In the introduction, there is an analysis of the industrial revolution. In the next part, the thesis is devoted to the virtual commissioning in Process Simulate. It then deals with the technical part of the design and detailed specifications of the individual components. Finally, the success of the project after the implementation is evaluated.
Supersonic Flow Measurement Within A Lowpressure Area
Bayer, Robert ; Hlavatá, Pavla ; Bílek, Michal
The goal of this paper is to describe the idea of measuring a supersonic gas flow within low-pressure areas in order to describe its behavior and to compare the measurement data with the generally described supersonic gas flow behavior derived from its behavior within high-pressure areas. This data should help to make low-pressure supersonic flow simulations more accurate.
Analysis of Whirling of Gas Flow within the Specimen Chamber of ESEM
Bayer, Robert
The usage of an Environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) brings the possibility of studying many kinds of materials and chemical reactions never studied before. In this article there are compared and analyzed several simulation results of gas flow in the specimen chamber of ESEM with high gas pressure throughout the whole volume except on its optical axis, where low gas pressure is needed.
Energy yields per one hectare of land in the South Moravian Region
Plášek, Tomáš ; Bayer, Robert (referee) ; Jandová, Kristýna (advisor)
This essay analysis problems of photovoltaic power plant operation and production of elektricity from biofuels. It also compares energy yields from different types of biofuels with yields of energy from solar panel.The essay also evaluates consumption of these fuels and efficiency of powering cars with combustion engine against electrical car.
Using the infrared camera in the measuring technique
Bayer, Robert ; Šedivá, Soňa (referee) ; Bejček, Ludvík (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to get acquainted with contactless methods of measuring a temperature and give the reader an idea of it. Next goal is to master the working with IR visual display terminal FLUKE Ti55FT (and program equipment SmartView) a describe it to the reader too. Last goal is to translate the booklet "Introdution to Thermography Principles", published by FLUKE company, which will be enclosed in electronic form to the thesis in the appendix.

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