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Implementace Business Intelligence v MVNO
Kamenchshikova, Alena ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee)
The goal of this paper is to implement Business Intelligence solution for mobile virtual network operator Erbia Mobile. The first part is devoted to description and analysis of concepts and architecture associated with BI implementation. The second part deals with technical aspects of BI introduction to the company based on listed requirements gathered from series of interviews with management. Implementation is initiated by analysis of company data sources and detailed description of attributes essential to the telecommunication industry. Based on requirements and data source examination outputs, multidimensional analysis is created and described in detail. Next part describes individual components (Data Warehouse, ETL, OLAP cubes) implementation as well as different optimization techniques. Given components created on Microsoft platform using Integration, Analysis and Reporting Services. Final reports and dashboard visualizations are created using MS Excel and Power BI software tools.
Practical Application of ITIL Methodology in the Field of Banking Applications Support
Tenzer, Adam ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the practical application of a wide-spread service management methodology ITIL in the banking applications support environment. The main goal of the thesis is to formulate recommendations which should in the future contribute to quality improvement and overall productivity increase of the application support in the chosen multi-national company. The theoretical part of the thesis includes a detailed multi-perspective literature review. Based on the review, benefits of using ITIL, its adoption rate across IT operational departments, implementation approaches and possibilities, or perceived shortcomings are identified. ITIL architecture characteristics are provided and IT service management is briefly explained. Furthermore, an agile methodology Kanban is introduced and it is clarified, how it can be seen in the context of ITIL and how it can be used for its extension.In the practical part the chosen company is described at first. Thereafter, an analysis of a current (as-is) state of the application support process is performed. The analysis relies on the data collected from internal documentation, interviews and personal observations. The data is used as a basis for a process model and SWOT analysis. Then an internal reorganizational project based on Kanban principles is described. The most important chapters contain two sets of recommendations. The first one proposes possible improvement steps for the internal project. The second one focuses on selected IT operations management parts (event management, incident management, request management, problem management). Key characteristics are described, metrics are listed, and finally recommendations for identified weaknesses in the chosen company are formulated.
Use of the Internet of Things in Supply Chain Management
Prokopová, Iva ; Basl, Josef (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with the description of possibilities of using the Internet of Things in supply chain management and explores the use of the Internet of Things in the supply chain management among Czech companies. The theoretical part deals with the possibilities of using the Internet of Tings in the supply chain management as well as the developing standards and technologies, which make it possible to use these possibilities. The theoretical part further includes the challenges and risks of the Internet of Things that need to be dealt with when implementing it and the further anticipated development in this area. A survey based on the findings of the theoretical part of the thesis revealed the awareness of Czech businesses about the Internet of Things and how they plan to use it. The practical part of the thesis contains the evaluation of the hypotheses formulated on the basis of the results of this survey and discussion of the facts.
Classification of IoT
Flégl, Jaroslav ; Gála, Libor (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on classification of IoT. The aim of this thesis is classifying and categorizing IoT using systematic literature review. Several steps are needed to fulfill this aim. First part of this thesis focuses on defining IoT. Top ten companies, which invest the most to IoT are introduced with their view on IoT. Then follows characterization of classification and categorization including differences between them. Second part focuses on describing SLR. First of all the process of searching studies was described in detail. Also it was necessary to set the criteria to accept or reject studies. Then the rest of the studies were rated based on qualitative criteria. Studies rated as very good or excellent were accepted and final classification and categorization were made from them.
Social Media Networks in Human Resources Management (Model Supporting a Recruitment of Employees)
Böhmová, Lucie ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee) ; Horváthová, Petra (referee)
The main goal and contribution of this thesis are to create an artifact in the form of model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks and its implementation into practice. For this purpose has been used a depth analysis of current state of researched problematics leading to finding gaps that could be eventually solved while using mentioned model. The Author takes advantage of knowledge obtained from literature research and also from self-created research, particularly the analysis of content type investigated social media networks and specific data obtained manually and automatically; Comparative analysis of job advertisements; periodic questionnaire survey amongst HR staff. A significant part of the research has also been an investigation of already existing frames of social media networks recruitment. A depth analysis of current state determines that there is existence only of few models dealing with social media networks recruiting. Furthermore, these models lack candidate evaluation based on the social media networks behavior. Artifact as a model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks contains a suggestion of an automatic solution dealing with user´s data downloading and also a suggestion of subsequent analytical data processing and the creation of a predictive model for assessing the user´s behavior on the social media networks. Final evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposed model is done through the formal verification process and the case study. The case study verification has the suggested artifact been implemented in practice with a name Model PM that is using a recruiting application (Práce na míru) for an extraction of Facebook´s data. For user´s behavior predictor setting has been used a character test (MBTI). With the help of the cluster analysis and machine learning (Decision trees) has been created Stochastic predictive model that determines a character type of particular candidate (The accuracy of the prediction of the MBTI personality category is in the range between 68 % to 84 % in individual cases with confidence value between 43 % and 81 %). The case study verified a usefulness of model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks, and afterward, the mode has been implemented into the practice.
The analysis of effectiveness and maturity of change management process in chosen organization
Rabushko, Valeriya ; Drga, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee)
The primary objective of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of effectiveness and maturity of change management process in chosen organization. The thesis is divided into two main parts: theoretical and practical, where theoretical part explains basic information about the IT Infrastructure Library and the principles of change management process within this framework. Practical part is aimed at describing change management process in chosen organization and evaluating its effectiveness and maturity in terms of ITIL framework.
Overview of Incident management tools
Šaman, Martin ; Drga, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee)
This assignment is focused on ITIL Incident management and its usage. The objective is to define ITIL Incident management. The next objective is to analyse market with tool to support Incident management. The last objective is to evaluate which tool is the most suitable. Incident management, its benefits and important terms which are necessary for under-standing of the topic are described in theoretical part. Description of the company, for which is the tool picked is also part of theoretical part. Analysis of Incident management tool market is described in practical part. Comparison with the requirements and evalua-tion, which tool is the most suitable is made lastly. The contribution of the thesis is analysis of picked tools and its evaluation, which will help the reader to decide, which tool to pick.
The readiness of selected companies for a digital transformation
Turczyniaková, Aneta ; Basl, Josef (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the readiness of selected companies for a digital transformation. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The introduction is followed by a chapter in the theoretical part about the third platform and its elements - cloud service technologies, big data, social technologies, mobility and Internet of Things. These technologies are the basics of the digital transformation, which is the topic of the following chapter. This chapter aims to describe the necessary theoretical background of the digital transformation readiness. Implementing the aforementioned technologies is not enough. The key to fully grasp and handle the digital transformation is leadership. To better understand the complexity of the topic, a list of other terms and definitions with regards to the survey is made. The digital transformation readiness of selected companies is evaluated based on the results of the survey, which is the main aim of this thesis.
The design and use of collaborative strategies based on the information technologies
Kantor, Martin ; Basl, Josef (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
This thesis is focused on the topic of collaborative strategies, their design and application in the field of business. Collaborative strategy is represented as a series of recommendations for companies (and other organizations) that are considering participation in a shared economy. Collaborative strategy can be also used in company which is already involved in shared economy. This document is based on the analysis of the business models and associated IT platforms which are used by organizations operating in the shared economy. In the thesis are identified key mechanisms and technical resources that enable the businesses to implement a sharing of resources between suppliers and users of these resources. Based on the obtained data were compiled individual strategies, each containing recommendations for the area of ICT, business models, law and summary of business fields in which they can be implemented. The conclusion of thesis contains a procedure for the identification of enterprise resources suitable for use in the shared economy. The final results together with collaborative strategies can be used by companies (and other organizations) to find new business potential, to participate in a shared economy and for innovation of business processes and business models. The benefit of this approach is a new perspective on the collaborative use of corporate resources. Combined with modern technology it helps to increase competitiveness and helps save the resources required for primary processes and also creates new ways to reach customers.
Analysis of the enterprise information system in the selected company
Pavlíková, Táňa ; Basl, Josef (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is an analysis of an enterprise information system in the selected company, middle sized company operating in the construction industry. The work is divided into two separate units. First one - the theoretical part contains the main concepts and issues that are subsequently elaborated in the practical part. Individual chap-ters of the theoretical part of the thesis contain the definition of information system, intro-duces basic concepts in this area, enterprise information systems and related processes and also strategic management of information processes. The practical part of the thesis focuses on the selected company. The goal and output of the practical part are the analyzes of information strategy and current state of the information system of the selected company and its evaluation.

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