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Cash Flow Model of European Football Clubs
Bartošek, Daniel ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Kotáb, Jiří (referee)
Title: The Cash Flow Model of European Football Clubs Objectives: Using the most updated sources while analysing revenues, costs, and economic results, the main objective of the thesis was to inspect the current cash flow of the first league European football clubs. A partial objective was to create a model based on theoretical and practical findings quoted in the final results. The model demonstrates the most important cash flow among football clubs and other subjects. Another partial objective was to calculate the success rate of respective league competitions based on their economic resources. Methods: To obtain relevant information, a secondary data analysis was used. Also, a comparative analysis method was employed. Then, the researched secondary data was processed and presented in the final part by means of graphs and tables. Results: The revenue that brought the largest number of financial resources for football clubs was broadcasting rights. However, those revenues were significant only for a particular group of the most attractive leagues. For a much bigger portion of the leagues, sponsoring revenues turned out to be more important, which also applied to Czech clubs. On the contrary, club wages were confirmed to be the highest costs for most of the European clubs. As a part of one of the...
Marketing mix of FC Baník Ostrava and proposals for its improvement
Bartošek, Daniel ; Omcirk, Vilém (advisor) ; Pecinová, Markéta (referee)
Title: Marketing mix of FC Baník Ostrava and proposals for its improvement. Targets: Comprehensive appraisal of FC Baník Ostrava marketing mix. The objective was to make an improvement proposal of individual marketing elements based on the synthesis of the club fans marketing research results and author's experience. Methods: An electronic questioning was used to obtain the relevant information. This questioning was focused on the fans satisfaction, opinion and attitude. The respondents were the fans of FC Baník Ostrava. Results: Marketing research results showed deficiency in the current marketing mix of the club. Fundamental deficiencies regard an unprofessional club communication and disrespectful attitude towards the club fans who are their customers. Improvement proposals were made to enhance the current marketing mix of the club. Keywords: football club, marketing, marketing research, fans satisfaction, sports marketing.
Realization of educational problem based on torsional vibration apparatus
Bartošek, Daniel ; Hartl, Martin (referee) ; Vaverka, Michal (advisor)
The presented master´s thesis deals with realization educational tasks on torsional vibration apparatus. It was designed and tested six educational experiments, to extend student´s knowledge of the static and dynamic properties of rotary systems. On the experimental apparatus it is possible to use inertial discs, adjustable semi-rotary damper with forced vibration crank drive unit. New set of shafts extends the variability of experimental apparatus. Students can realize the measurement of dynamic characteristics and torsional vibration using oscilloscope. New frame for the apparatus which meet all operation requirements was also designed. The solved problematics and all educational tasks are described in new prepared materials for teaching.
Weldet constructions in technical documentacion
Bartošek, Daniel ; Brandejs, Jan (referee) ; Svoboda, Pavel (advisor)
The presented bachelor´s thesis deals with design documentation of welded con-structions. It provides an overview of weldment design types, basic usage principles and formal prerequisits. The thesis should serve for education of weldment design documentation, for which purpose the set of tasks included in the annex was also created.

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