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Diagnostics of air circuit breaker for low voltage
Bartoš, Jan ; Pavelka, Samuel (referee) ; Bušov, Bohuslav (advisor)
This bachelor work is focused on low-voltage circuit breakers. It also includes the history of the low voltage circuit breakers. Subsequently, the label values of the Siemens air circuit breaker are described and the comparison of this circuit breaker with competitors' products is shown. Basic principes of diagnostics is explained in this bachelor work. Work is focused on examination of the standardized type tests such as temperature rise test, tripping limits and characteristics test, dielectric properties test.
Environmental education as part of geographical education
Bartoš, Jan ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Raška, Pavel (referee) ; Kroufek, Roman (referee)
This dissertation deals with environmental education as part of geographical education.Theenvironmentaleducationisoneofcross-curriculartopic(subject)thatis obligatoryaccordingtovalidcurriculardocumentsandshouldbedevelopedinallareasof education.Theaimofthisthesisistobringthefindingsthatwillbroadentheknowledgeof howteachersfulfilltheobjectivesofenvironmentaleducation,respectivelyofliteracyin Czechschools.Furthermore,itisexaminedwhatroleGeography,respectivelyeducational subjectgeography,playsinfulfillingthesegoals.Thefollowingresearchquestionsarisefrom thechosengoal: Whichareasofenvironmentalliteracyaredevelopedwithstudentsinthelessons? o Howdotheycometrue? Whichsubjects,accordingtotheenvironmentaleducationcoordinators,contribute mosttotheimplementationofthecross-curriculartopic(subject)Environmental Education? o Whatroledoessubjectgeographyplayintheimplementation? Teachersareoneofthe mainsourcesofinformationonthisissue.Therefore,the environmentalliteracyofaselectedgroupofteachersandteacherstudents werealso investigated. Thethesisisdividedintothreeparts.Thefirstpartdiscussesthegeneralbasisof environmentaleducation.Inthissection,theemphasisisoninterconnectionwithgeography. Thistheoreticalpartisfollowedbyresearchprobesthatseekanswerstoresearchquestions....
Chosen socioeconomic impact of microbrewery.
This work is about the socio-economic benefits of the microbrewerist for their towns. In the first part of the work, there are the definitions of several choosen factors. Then these factors are aplicated and compared in the choosen microbreweries and in tows as well. The research went on in microbreweries and in tows with or without brewery. For research were choosen 6 towns, in 3 there is a mircobrewery and in the others there is not. For this work several metods were used. At first it was a thorough literary review of this problematic. In this step socio-economic factors were defined. Then theoretical and statistical data has been searched. Second step was to prepare questionnaires and sent them to 3 towns with microbrewery and to 3 without. Towns were selected according certain parameters, for example: Population, region, distance to the distric town, etc. At the same time research in microbreweries was ongoing. In this case the research has a form of an interview. This metod has brought better data.
Energetic utilisation of biomass - controversial environmental topic
Zumrová, Kateřina ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bartoš, Jan (referee)
The thesis is focused on energetic utilisation of biomass. It was used a qualitative research and document analysis of articles. The first part deals with the theoretical framework, therefore definitions and possibilities of biomass utilisation. The second part contains methodology, follows research and its evaluation. The first aim of this thesis is to summarize the utilisation of biomass as renewable energy and to distinguish positive and negative impacts of the utilisation of this source and evaluate its economic efficiency. There are several possibilities of utilisation of biomass, but it is necessary to select the suitable process and its utilisation. Based on the large number of examples from life it can be stated that it is economically efficient. The second aim is to identify main misconceptions related to utilisation of biomass. The main misconception is comparing the utilisation of solar energy, which has not left positive attitude of people to renewable energy, with utilisation of biomass. There are few examples of comparing photovoltaic with utilisation of biomass on the same level. In regard of the basic principles of utilisation of biomass, those two sources cannot be compared at all, they are not similar. Another misconception is apprehension of appropriation of land used for growing energy...
Use of trace elements and Pb isotopes for bioarchaeological research of selected burial grounds
Bartoš, Jan ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
SUMMARY: Aim of this thesis is to provide, by using trace elements analysis and Pb isotopes analysis of archaeological findings from Roman era and following migration period, informations about basic bioarchaeological parameters of sites Abrahám, Rusovce II and Sládkovičovo (territory of present Slovakia) and Sopianae site (area of present Pécs city in Hugary). Analyses were performed on samples of 81 bones and 21 dental enamels. For purposes of this work most important concentrations are of Ca, P, Sr, Zn, Ba, Fe, Al, Mn and Pb (and its isotopes). They were consequently used for calculating Ca/P ratio in order to assess extent of after-burial diagenetic changes. For this purpose Al and Fe concentrations were taken into account too. Sr/Ca and Sr/Zn ratios were compared to assess prevailing type of diet. The Ba/Ca and Sr/Ca ratios were compared in order to asess supposable mobility of some individuals. By using of Pb concentrations and its isotopes contamination by this metal was assessed. During interpretations of individual conclusions useability of samples outgoing from assessment of extent of diagenetic alterations were always taken into account. Little changes in chemical composition of samples arise in case of Sopianae site, samples from other sites are greatly preserved. Using of paleodietary...
Decision-making of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and its impact upon civil proceedings
Bartoš, Jan ; Winterová, Alena (advisor) ; Frintová, Dita (referee)
Name of the text, you are holding in your hands, could be well translated as "Decesion making of Czech Constitutional Court and its influence on civil procedure." It consist of three very separate parts, each of them following its own topic, linked up together only with major role of Constitutional Court (further "CC"). First chapter is dedicated to a slightly controversial case, which has been widely publicly discussed. The topic is strictly procedural, it refers to the possibilty of higher courts to remove and assign single cases to different judge/panel of judges. Although under certain circumstances allowed, in this case it seemed to be an unjustifed violation of art. 38 par. 1 of Letter of human rights and I conclude arguments, which could justify such restrictive process. Second one is following last ten years of interventions in Code of Civil Procedure, namely in regulation of review of appeal. In the first part are described reasons, why CC consider decision with missing justification unconstitutional and accordingly declares corresponding part of Code of Civil Procedure unconstitutional. In second part I analyze long-term contrary judgements of CC and Czech supreme court on admissibility of review of appeal which resulted in major part of regulation being declared unconstitutional. I...
The occurence of neophytes in Smutná basin
Bartoš, Jan ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Čuda, Jan (referee)
The paper summarizes the results of the monitoring of selected invasive neophytes in the basin Smutná. Mapping was performed on 6 sections of watercourses (approx. 18 km) of riparian vegetation. Furthermore, in selected section fytocenological survey was performed and species abundance was recorded in riparian vegetation and in the floodplain Load riparian vegetation by selected invasive neophytes is rather mediocre in comparison with other rivers in the Czech Republic. There have been reported following taxa: Echinocystis lobata, Impatiens glandulifera, Impatiens parviflora, Reynoutria sp., Robinia pseudacacia and Lupinus polyphyllus. Despite the taxa of invasive neophytes in the basin Smutná occupy multiple segments, the total number of individuals is lower. For selected invasive neophytes growing in riparian vegetation Smutná there were no major differences in observed indicators during the two-years development period from 2010 to 2012. Significantly positive correlation between the degree of coverage and distance from a watercourse was found by Impatiens glandulifera. With the increasing distance from the watercourse its coverage decreases. The same dependence was also demonstrated by Echinocystis lobata, but due to its small representation in the phytosociological images this finding can not...
Trace elements and Pb isotopes in selected bone samples
Bartoš, Jan ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
The aim of this work is briefly summarize the current theoretical knowledge about trace elements and their inputs into calcified body tissues in a form of search. Here are described mechanisms of their inputs and depositing into human body and principles, which allows maintenance of their optimal levels. In this paper are also described the properties of bones and teeth and simply explained concepts such as an essential and toxic trace elements. The next part of this work is mainly about trace elements, which have the biggest potential to be used in an archeological research, particularly in paleodietary research. These elements are mainly Sr, Ba and Zn. Lead and its isotopes are discussed more here in relation to the effect of Pb to Romans in the past and to the identifying sources of pollution by this element. In the same chapter are also described principles of post-mortem alteration processes, to which are bones after burial exposed and which they have to face during analyzing and interpretations of data related to the amount of trace elements in origin bones.

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