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Sexual and psychological aspects of the lives of male sex workers in Prague
Bar - Johnson, Michael ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Pastor, Zlatko (referee) ; Procházka, Ivo (referee)
Prague, the Czech Republic is a popular sex tourism destination where sex work is decriminalized and young men offer sexual services at low prices relative to countries in Western Europe. This quantitative survey aims to identify some of the demographic and personality characteristic of these young men in the sex industry. Internet escorts (N=20) and sex workers in bars and clubs (N=20) completed the survey anonymously in the Spring of 2011. The results show that while sex workers in clubs often have troubled pasts and were forced into sex work in order to survive, the larger groups of sex workers in Prague is made up of internet escorts who have backgrounds which are not atypical for the average Czech youth. Personality test results however revealed both groups to have strong asocial characteristics in comparison to other Czech youth. The results of the measures of mental health (anxiety and depression) indicate that simply working as a male sex worker per se has little relationship to the healthy psychological functioning of these young men, but only in the case where they identify as homosexual. Identifying as a heterosexual is associated with a higher level of substance use. Those identifying as bisexual however reported suffering significantly levels of anxiety within the clinical range and...

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