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Retirement center in Velké Poříčí
Vondrová, Michaela ; Herman, Adolf (referee) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
It is about new-built Retirement center standing alone in the cadaster unit of the town Velké Poříčí. The building has four- floors without basement. It is located in flat terrain near the river in quiet location. The house is built as letter L form. The Retirement center is adapt for disabled people. In the first floor is dining room, doctor´s office, part for employees and technical facilities for house. In the second and third floors are apartments. There are 12 single rooms for one person, 6 single rooms for pair with sleeping in one room and 4 apartments for couple with separated bedroom. In the fourth floor is access to roof terrace. The structural systém of the building is composed of precast concrete frame by Prefa, infill wall from ceramic masonry. Vertical structures are built by prestressed concrete floor slab Spiroll. The building has ventilated facade with mineral wool with facade cladding. The roof is warm flat roof with half intensive green roof.
Health centre Sadová
Váchová, Monika ; Herman, Adolf (referee) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
Master´s thesis premises designed Health centre Sadová on the level of documentary for execution of works. The building has thirteen medical equipment with facilities, pharmacy, health food store, optics and refreshment. The building is simply-shaped, with four above-ground floors and basement. The structural systém is cast-in-place concrete frame. The infill wall in basement is walled with permanent formwork blocks and the ground floors are walled with clay blocks. Floor structures are cast-in-place reinforced concrete. Roof structure is designed like flat roof. The building has thermal insulation and cladding with fibre cement board.
Boarding house "Losinka"
Ryšánková, Nikola ; Herman, Adolf (referee) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a multi-storey boarding house with a restaurant and an apartment for the boarding house manager in Velké Losi-ny. The building has two floors and one underground floor. The building is intended for accommodation of persons, for recreation, catering in a restaurant and for living in one accommodation unit. There will be 15 accommodation rooms with a capacity of 38 persons, massages in 1S and a restaurant with kitchen in the 1st floor. Air-conditioning units will be designed in the kitchen and restaurant. The main entrance to the boarding house is from the north side, the entrance to the restaurant is oriented to the southeast, the entrance to the household and the housing unit on the south-east side. Apart from the entrance to the accommodation unit, all entrances are accessible by wheelchair access. The house has a regular rectangular letter shape and is behind the roof pitched gable roof. The roof construction consists of wooden trusses. Residential rooms are oriented to the southwest and southeast. The building is built of ceramic blocks on the above-ground floor and concrete blocks lost in the bed on the underground floor. The horizontal structures consist of reinforced concrete cross-reinforced and one-side reinforced ceiling slabs. The project was developed using the educational version of the computer program AutoCad and Archicad. Emphasis was placed on the layout, architectural appearance, static requirements and safety of use.
Veterinary clinic
Bartoňková, Monika ; Herman, Adolf (referee) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is a proposal of the veterinary clinic in Pardubice. The object consists of 3 rectangles, where zverimex is connected to the veterinary clinic. Objects of the zverimex are veterinary clinic are designed as barrier-free. Object SO01 is partly solved as a two-storey, non-cellar. In the first part of the clinic there is a shop of zverimex with office and stock of rectangular shape. In the second part there is a reception for a veterinary clinic with a distinct entrance from where access is to of individual surgeries. In the inner part, there are offices of doctors, such as operating theaters, preparation rooms, CT, RTG, sono / endo / laparo, a laboratory connected with the infectious ward, a rehabilitation center and individual pet boxes. On the 2nd floor there are wardrobes and social facilities for the staff of the clinic with offices and day room, from where it is possible to enter the outdoor terrace. Hygienic facilities for visitors to the clinic are located in the entrance hall. For zverimex staff is designed at the back of the shop, the staff of the clinic is part of the closets in the 1st floor and 2nd floor. The construction system is a wall with a flat vegetation roof passing into the terraces on the terraces above the 1st NP, the roof above the entrance and over the 2nd NP, zverimex with the roof unobstructed. Ceiling structures are designed as pre-tensioned SPIROLL 320 mm ceiling panels. The exterior of the building of the clinic, which extends only to the 1st floor, is lined with red brick tiles and in the part of the building above which is the 2nd floor, the outside wall is lined with brick-gray cladding.
Family house with veterinary surgery
Švehla, Martin ; Příborský, Roman (referee) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor thesis is the design of a family house with veterinary surgery, which is located in the city of Písek (South Bohemian Region), at the level of documentation for construction. The new building is located in the cadastral area of Písek (720755). It is a two-story L-shaped building without a basement, with a curved frontal facade. The supporting system consists of sand-lime bricks with polystyrene insulation combined with mineral wool, the ceiling structure is assembled from prestressed reinforced concrete panels. Above the residential part of the building, there is a slanted truss roof with a concrete folded roofing, the roof of the surgery is solved by a vegetation roof.
Two-generation family house with a yoga hall
Rainochová, Anna-Marie ; Příborský, Roman (referee) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the design of a two-generation family house with an establishment. The building is located in Tábor in the cadastral area of Čekanice u Tábora. The building is a two-storey with a partly basement, from a masonry construction system made of sand-lime shaped pieces and in the underground part made of permanent formwork. The roof is from a wooden truss system consisting of 3 saddle roofs and one separate gable roof. Ceiling construction, staircase construction and girders are made from prefabricated components. It consists 2 main ships, connecting part and facilities for the establishment. The yoga room is suitable for people with reduced mobility. There are 2 dwelling units in the building.
Apartment building in Zlín
Franko, Michal ; Příborský, Roman (referee) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
The content of this bachelor thesis is a design of a newly-built apartment house in the town of Zlín. It is an object with four above-grounf floors and a basement. An object is partially basement. There are 16 dwelling units situated in the four floors above the ground and a pram room, a bycicle storage room and a cellar cubicle for each of the 16 apartments. The building is based on a reinforced concrete foundation strips. Vertical load-bearing constructions are designed from ceramic blocks. Horizontal load-bearing constructions are made from cast-in-place reinforced concrete. The object will be protected by a warm flat roof. This thesis contains the project documentation for the construction work which was made in accordance with the valid legal and technical regulations.
Apartment building in Prostějov
Balco, Patrik ; Příborský, Roman (referee) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to design an apartment building in Prostějov. Building plot is situated at south edge of Prostějov near the historic center. House plan is simple, rectangular. The building has a wall construction system composed of ceramic bricks and ceiling made from prefabricated ceramic panels. The roof is designed as a flat warm roof. The building is divided in to four levels above ground. Levels are connected by two flights staircase with landing and by an elevator. Five separate garages, cellars, utility room and bike/baby carriage room are situated at the first floor. Other levels contain of eight apartments of different layouts.
Kindergarten at the Obilní trh in Brno
Walter, Jaromír ; Cahel, Tomáš (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
Subject of my bachelor thesis was creating suitable building for kindergarten in Brno-City, near Obilni Trh square. Given parcel was situated opposive of Obilni Trh's square and was created partially by destruction of buildings during World war 2. Subject building's design consists of areas suited for Kindergarten, areas for renting and underground parking. Building is situated further away from the street line to create optimal setting for kindergarten and to offer space for city services.
Villa-house on Roubalova street in Brno
Šefl, Jan ; Bělovský, Michal (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
The topic of the thesis is a design and a construction solution of a residential building on the Roubalova street in Brno. The house is located in a residential area characterized by solitary structures, especially from the beginning of the last century. In the surrounding area there are villas of famous architects such as Bohuslav Fuchs, Jindrich Kumpošt and others. I tried to incorporate the building with its simple form to which I added protruding cubes, typical for the area. The shape itself is determined by the shape of the plot and the terrain profile. The facade is made of stone slabs that reflect the magnificence of the surrounding area. The whole mass is lightened by very subtle thin-walled steel bay windows, each apartment consists of at least one. The house is designed as a four-story building, with three duplex apartments. Parking is provided in the underground floor, with six parking spaces and storage space for each apartment.

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