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Social construction of inequalities in an access to higher education and admission exams
Rossová, Iveta ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (referee)
The thesis deals with the construction of inequalities in the access to the tertiary education with the special emphasis on entrance exams to the universities. The aim is to explore how the entrance exams as the gate to the universities are perceived by students - the actors who are the most affected by these inequalities in education, according to relevant research of these inequalities. The thesis studies how these actors perceive their position and situation within the entrance process, what situations (if any) are constructed as unequal by these actors, who is affected by such inequalities and how does he/she copes with them. The research question is seen from the perspective of interactionist constructivism and answered by applying methods of grounded theory and semi-structured in-depth interviews.
The Channel of Influence? YouTube Advertising and the Hipster Phenomenon
Horáková, Zuzana ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
This research seeks to address the topic of the influence of the YouTube advertising on society as seen by the members of hipster subculture. This work aims to explore the attitude of hipsters towards the YouTube thanks to an analysis of the interviews and also with the help of a theoretical framework of core concepts such as subculture, hipster, lifestyle or advertising practices. The reason I address hipster attitudes is the fact, that hipster phenomenon has become widespread nowadays. Moreover, those individuals are associated with skeptical stance towards the mainstream trends. Therefore, I have decided to confront the ostensibly distrustful view of hipsters towards YouTube as a representative of modern mainstream and then analyze self-proclaimed attitudes of hipsters as such.
The Singles Phenomenon and its Image in the Mass Media
Nováková, Barbora ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Šetinová, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Phenomenon singles and its image in the mass media" deals with the exploration of the singles media image as it is being depicted in printed mass media and their Internet analogues. The theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to the exploration of the concept of singles, explanation of the used terminology, the emergence of the singles phenomenon, and the description of singles lifestyle. Subsequently, the definition of mass media is provided and the extent of its impact, on forming the opinion of the wider public, is explored. The practical part of the work shows theoretical background of chosen analysis and then uses a method of quantitative content analysis in order to identify the image of singles created by the mass media. The research was carried out on two hundred preselected articles. At the end of the thesis, a summary of the research and its interpretation, based on the chosen theoretical grounding, is made.
J.C. Alexander's symbolic code of civil society: the problem of rationalization
Frantová, Veronika ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Alieva, Dilbar (referee) ; Szaló, Csaba (referee)
This thesis elaborates on the concept of a binary symbolic code of civil society by Jeffrey C. Alexander and Philip Smith and through this narrowly-focused analysis intends to contribute to a wider debate on the role of emotionality and rationality in the public space. Alexander is one of the few who has managed to make a breakthrough with the new paradigm in the last decades of social theory development. However, institutionalization of a "Strong Program in Cultural Sociology" without adequate reflection on its epistemological foundations bears the risk of cultural sociology becoming a hidden representative of functionalist ideology instead of a critical discipline. I identify and elaborate several key theoretical questions regarding the concept of a binary symbolic code: systemic diferentiation and relative autonomy of civil sphere; relative autonomy of culture and actor-structure dilemma; the question of a position of symbolic code among other interpretive tools of cultural sociology; universality of symbolic code; normativity and the role of power relations. Following Marek Skovajsa, I try to test the possibilities of the code in the Czech public sphere. In two case studies - of dissident discourse and the discourse of local referendums - I show that the structure of Czech civil society agree with...
From Adorno to Habermas: A Study on the Relationship of Critical Theory and Religion
Hlaváček, Karel ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Halík, Tomáš (referee) ; Hauser, Michael (referee)
In this text, the relation of critical theory and religion is analysed, comparing Jürgen Habermas's late philosophy with the philosophy of his predecessor Theodor W. Adorno. The question I ask is: What changes has the relation of critical theory and religion undergone in the transition from Adorno's thinking to that of his successor? As I try to answer this question, I develop a specific understanding of Adorno's philosophy as a "contemplative eschatology", and perform an in-depth study of how, why, and with what consequences it has changed to a frame oriented towards reaching understanding. In so doing, I point out the ambivalence which the turn towards understanding breeds, and suggest the religious motives discovered in Adorno's work deserve further attention.
theory of value and money in George Simmel filosophy of money
Bůžek, Lukáš ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Petrusek, Miloslav (referee)
This thesis is based on Georg Simmel's sociological theories in the book "The Philosophy of Money". Powered by TCPDF (
Sociological analysis of discursive representations of happiness
Šrám, Kristián ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Balon, Jan (referee)
The master thesis seeks to analyze discursive representations of happiness present in the Czech Republic. Analytical conceptualization of happiness is based upon the two prominent views on happiness - hedonism and eudaimonism. Hedonic perspective situates the issue of achieving happiness into the context of pleasure seeking activities while eudaimonic perspective relates happiness to concepts such as self-actualization, fulfilment of one's potential, and similar topics broadly connected to personal growth and search for meaning. Concepts of hedonism and eudaimonism help to reduce the abstract nature of happiness. The thesis identifies three types of discursive representations of happiness - neoliberal, spiritual / religious, and pop-psychological representations. Particular representations define happiness differently. However, there are similarities and interdependencies in the aspects of how the hedonism and eudaimonism are being used. Thus, there are interactions between particular representations. Eudaimonism is more dominant in every representation in the sense of general claim that true (longlasting) happiness is never taken-for-granted, and that it must be cultivated. Representations that lean heavily towards eudaimonism were also associated with stronger normative dimension that might serve to...
Gastronauts of Eastern Europe: Experiencing and Digesting Luxury Gastronomy in the Czech Republic
Hajdáková, Iveta ; Abu Ghosh, Yasar (advisor) ; Balon, Jan (referee) ; Eyal, Gil (referee)
This dissertation is based on a research of luxury gastronomy conducted in two luxury restaurants in Prague. The main focus of analysis is on gastronomic experience as an affective commodity and a vehicle of social, economic and political transformation. The study examines how affect is produced, commodified and how value is generated in luxury "experiential gastronomy." It also analyzes the role of affect in transformation of individuals, the society, consumption practices, entrepreneurial practices, and labor. It shows how experts on gastronomy educate the public on appropriate consumption practices and eating habits. Eating and dining serve as "technologies of the self" (Rose 2004) through which individual and social health and well-being are achieved. Cultivated affect becomes a vehicle of the "purification from socialism" (Eyal 2003) and also plays an important part on the formation of ethical consumer and citizen (Muehlebach 2011). Powered by TCPDF (
Doping in Fitness nad Recreational Sport
Miček, Jakub ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
Bibliografický záznam MIČEK, Jakub. Doping ve fitness a rekreační sport: obsahová analýza českých videí na YouTube. Praha, 2016. 48 s. Bakalářská práce (Bc.) Univerzita Karlova. Fakulta sociálních věd, Institut sociologických důvodů. Katedra sociologie. Vedoucí bakalářské práce PhDr. Mgr. Jan Balon, Ph.D. Abstract Fitness and YouTube are very popular areas of entertainment these days. Despite the touchiness of this topic, there are many videos about doping being published on YouTube. Majority of the research dealing with doping is oriented on top-level athletes and the area of recreational sport with much larger membership is omitted. Since the ways how to gather information are very limited for recreational athletes compared to professional athletes, YouTube happens to be very suitable field for this purpose, but it hasn't been scientifically explored that much yet. In this paper I examine czech youtube videos, which aim to deal with the relationship of fitness and doping. I analyse videos of various authors via content analysis. My work interprets statements and information, which reach the viewers. I use these information further to work with hypotesis: The authors of the youtube videos can motivate the viewers to use doping. I also analyse if the statements about doping use in videos can be abused in...

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