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The Influence of traditional ways of management on the State of Coppice - Results in 2018
Balková, M. ; Dařenová, Eva ; Friedl, M. ; Hloucalová, P. ; Kadavý, J. ; Kneifl, M. ; Knott, M. ; Kučera, A. ; Slach, T. ; Skládanka, J. ; Uchytilová, Tereza ; Uherková, B. ; Vichta, T. ; Volařík, D.
The most pronounced increase in number of herb species was remarked in the clear cut+litter gathering treatment. Harvest led to an increase in soil temperature and moisture. TheCO2efflux was the highest in September, namely in control treatment. The lowest intensity of root growth was remarked in the control treatment. Variants with litter gathering had smaller (28.9%) relative growth ratio.
The optimization of forest management strategies on slopes affected by landslides and rock falling – a methodology for forest-planting practices
Bajer, A. ; Balková, M. ; Buček, A. ; Divíšek, Jan ; Friedl, M. ; Halas, Petr ; Kirchner, Karel ; Kuda, František ; Lacina, Jan ; Martiník, A. ; Roštínský, Pavel ; Simon, J. ; Vavříček, D.
Landslides, as well as rock falling, are among natural disturbances, the origin of which the forest management has only a secondary influence. On the other hand, adequate management can reduce the risk of landslides (rock falling). In some specific cases, it can be expected that this management can also prevent origin of landslides. The basic recommendation in the area of forest cultivation in areas affected by landslides is the creation of forest stands of species, age and thickness (height) differentiated, with a small-scale texture. In some cases it is also possible to recommend the shape of the associated forest. Consistent management of the forest transport network must be an integral part of measures in risk areas.
Cultural functions and services of geodiversity within urban areas (with a special regard on tourism and recreation)
Kubalíková, Lucie ; Bajer, A. ; Drápela, E. ; Zapletalová, D. ; Kirchner, Karel ; Balková, M. ; Zágoršek, K. ; Kuda, František ; Roštínský, Pavel
Geodiversity (or abiotic nature) within urban areas has numerous functions and offers various benefits and services. In addition, it has strong links to cultural heritage and historical aspects and it influences and is influenced by urban development and planning. The geodiversity functions and services can be sorted according to the ecosystem services approach: regulating, supporting, provisioning and cultural services. The last mentioned includes a wide spectrum of aspects (spiritual, religious, historical, archaeological, social, artistic, sense of place etc.) and besides this, it encompasses also the tourist and recreational functions which are (in some cases) unexplored and underestimated in urban areas. The paper presents examples from two different Czech cities – Brno and Liberec. Selected geocultural sites are described and assessed and specific proposals for tourist, recreational and educational use are outlined. The results of evaluation show that they can represent an interesting alternative to the traditional tourist destinations within urban areas.
Ethics in social services: Involvement of peer consultants in social services for people with mental illness
Balková, Miluše ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Hradcová, Dana (referee) ; Páv, Marek (referee)
Involvement of people with experience of disease as a peer consultant in social and health services is a new phenomenon in the care of people with mental illness. The way the peer consultant works and his involvement in the team of experts is related to the different ethical contexts and aspects that each organization must prepare if it wants to implement this position. The experience of peer consultants is also a testimony of the status of people with mental illness in society, stigmatization and the need to help people in a similar situation. Klíčová slova illness, mental, care, psychiatric, altruism, solidarity, society, belonging, ethics, services, social, health, helping, sharing
The Prague Spring Competition In The Bassoon Cathegory
Bálková, Martina ; HERMAN, František (advisor) ; HUDEČEK, Jan (referee)
This thesis offers a complex overview of the Prague Spring International Music Competition with a detailed focus on the basssoon category.
Pastoral care of the elderly persons after the Second Vatican Council
BALKOVÁ, Magdaléna
The thesis deals with the possibilites of pastoral care of the elderly and attempts to outline its significance for an elderly persob. It also emphasizes that pastral care may be a way how to help old people to consider their age as decent. Spiritual needs of seniors can also be better met through the pastoral care. By chosen ecclesiastical documents, the thesis also tries to demonstrate how the Church maintain the pastoral care of seniors, however the rality is often different.
Centra sdílených služeb jako faktor rozvoje regionu
Bálková, Markéta
This masters diploma thesis deals with the topic of shared services centres as a factor of development of the region. It ispects the issue from both the aspects of the companies as providers of the business support services and their clients and the aspects of the region. It analyzes location factors for setting up this type of companies in the region and the effect of these companies on the development of the region. The focus of the thesis is oriented on the European area. The work contains the definition of the term shared services centre including fitting the concept in the topics of globalization, internalization and multinational corporations as they stand behind the formation of the whole concept. The work further names location factors and, according to these, compares current situation in European countries. The following part provides with profiles of selected European countries serving as destinations for shared services, and comparison with the development in the Czech republic which today serves as one of the progressive European destinations in terms of this sector. The last part of the work is based on a case study which was carried out in cooperation of a shared services centre providing support to an international company retailing electronic goods.
Tvorba databáze krasových jevů na území ŠLP Křtiny z dat leteckého laserového skenování
Balková, Marie
This diploma thesis deals with description of the karst and its typical phnenomenons with emphasis on surface figures sinkholes. Further, it dicribes the airborne laser scanning (ALS) technology, data collection and processing procedure and utilization for the puropose of terrain depressions indentification based on the researches and processes of foreign experts. From these available studies, the most suitable methodics is chosen and applied to Digital Elevation Model of 5th generation (DEM 5G) data. The results of this aplication are compared with available sinkholes databases kept in the PLA Moravian Karst office and own terrain research.
Hodnocení metod geomorfometrické analýzy digitálních modelů terénu pro identifikaci teplotních inverzí v prostředí GIS
Balková, Marie
This bachelor thesis deals with description of temperature inversions, compari-sons of some calculation methods and their forecats in different GIS aplications. These methods are applied to digital terrain model of selected area and subsequently evaluated in terms of their reciprocal conformity, difficulty of calculation and suitability for several data source of altimery. Afterwards their comparison with terrain measurements of temparature on various profiles of supposed inversion valley is performed. Based on regression analysis the most suitable method with the greatest dependence and also success of predisction of inverse position is determined. Output of the thesis is a topoclimatic map.

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