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Research on the Strategy of Chinese Automobile Enterprises Entering Overseas Markets
Bai, Xuanbin ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Stříteský, Vladimír (referee)
At present, Chinese auto companies face many opportunities and challenges when they enter overseas markets. How to determine a clear and appropriate overseas development strategy and implement it effectively is of great significance for Chinese auto companies to correctly realize the development of overseas markets and realize the development of China's auto industry. Based on the global automotive market, this paper analyzes their strategies by analyzing the precedents of Chinese auto companies entering overseas markets, comprehensively considering the choice of targets, markets and periods, and helping Chinese auto companies to choose their overseas strategies in light of their own development status. At the same time, by comparing the strategies of domestic and foreign well-known automobile companies to explore overseas markets, I summarize the suggestions on how to formulate overseas development strategies for auto companies at different stages of development. At the same time, this paper compares and analyzes the strategic choices of well-known automobile companies at home and abroad when expanding overseas markets, and considers how to apply enterprise resources to the strategy according to the objective environment of the target market at different stages of enterprise development. Finally,...
Strategic Approach to an Entity Setup: Designing a Process-based Organizational Structure
Stříteský, Vladimír ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Geršl, Adam (referee)
The focus of this thesis is to provide a complex framework for design of process-based organizational structure, which is currently lacking in the academic literature. Thesis starts with development of a complex process improvement framework, continues by developing process/activity owner assignment framework and connects the process management with design of organizational structure. The developed framework consists of two parts, the "As Is" analysis, capturing the current state of affairs and the "To Be" design developing an optimal arrangement. A basic evaluation tool is provided to assess the effects of changes to the process structure. Practical part applies newly developed framework in a business entity. The process improvement is used to design new process-based organizational structure, which in terms of efficiency surpasses the current matrix organizational structure. JEL Classification L1, L22, L25, M12, M13 Keywords Organizational structure, Process-based organization, Process improvement, Process management, Process mapping, Strategic management Title Strategic Approach to an Entity Setup: Designing a Process-based Organizational Structure Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Strategic Management of a Project Portfolio in a Consulting Firm
Ratajová, Kristina ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Polák, Petr (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to contribute to the understanding of project management and project portfolio management with focus on the processes, individual tasks within each process, methods and tools. It also serves as an analysis of project-based consulting firm. Project management might seem as an unnecessary cost to the firm. However, the costs resulting from undelivered projects or projects delivered in poor quality would significantly exceed those costs paid for project management. The firm is analysed in a form of a case study with a combination of semi-structured interviews, analysis and visualization of relevant data and comparison to the best prac- tices. Two specific projects are analysed in depth and project portfolio performance of one team is evaluated. The detailed analysis provides demonstration of project management methodologies and proves its importance. It shows the correct procedures in the firm as well as inefficien- cies and rooms for improvement. Furthermore, it shows practices of managing multiple projects at once in order to reach balanced portfolio and maximize its profitability. 1
Strategic analysis of Electronic Arts™
Zahermanesh, Arian ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Paulus, Michal (referee)
The present thesis focuses on and provides a case study of a merger and acquisitions of an interactive software industry. The author analyzes a comprehensive managerial and financial metrics. The thesis includes a thorough historical, industrial, managerial, statement, crisis management and volatility analysis with a benchmark comparison. The focus of this thesis is stability in the long run. The thesis should contribute to M&A literature, coming in favor of such actions taken by corporations.
Revision of a Strategy In an Existing Entity
Kortusová, Anna ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Fišerová, Tereza (referee)
This thesis aims to contribute to the understanding of the importance of strategic management as a part of business management. By means of a case study of an existing medium-sized enterprise, an application of a standard strategic management framework is presented. The purpose is to redesign the entity's current strategy to ensure further successful developments. In the first part of the thesis, a review of established literature on strategic management forms a basis for the introduction of the main concepts and stages of a strategic management process. The second part of the thesis is built on a comprehensive analysis of an external and internal environment of the entity. The aim is to formulate revised long-term strategies. The results of the internal and external audit identify key areas of the company's future success, which are customer orientation, implementation of the most modern technologies, ensuring effective and efficient processes, strengthening established partnerships and increasing employee engagement. On the basis of these areas, strategic goals and strategic initiatives are developed and further elaborated with the help of a strategic management system Balanced Scorecard. Furthermore, balanced set of performance indicators aligned to the revised strategy is designed to gauge the...
Outsourcing: Benefits and Costs for Businesses
Stříteský, Vladimír ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Hausenblas, Václav (referee)
The focus of this work is to summarize outsourcing literature and bring it up-to-date with current business trends. Whole conception of outsourcing is embedded into strategic framework to benefit managers. Knowledge about and approach to outsourcing is analyzed in sample of Czech managers. For the purpose of analysis, managers filled the questionnaire. Theoretical knowledge in full scale is present in the sample despite low number of observation. Yet the knowledge is significantly fragmented and no manager holds complex knowledge. Based on findings, the guideline is presented for Czech managers to make professional sourcing decisions and achieve peak efficiency outsourcing.
The Nature of Entrepreneurship: Society, the Individual and the Firm
Kapustin, Victor ; Benáček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Balcar, Petr (referee)
Entrepreneurship is often perceived as a crucial component of economic growth and social development. Studies into entrepreneurship inform policy design, thus the diverse understanding of entrepreneurship among scholars can create confusion in policy design. The current state of the field of entrepreneurial research is examined in order to identify the need for a universal definition of entrepreneurship. After a synthesis and analysis of prior research is conducted to identify the various links in perspectives, a new definition and framework is suggested. The resulting framework sees entrepreneurship as an autocatalytic process of creation of meaning and the consequent retention of said meaning in the structure of a new venture. The elements of this framework (autocatalytic process, creation of meaning, and retention in structure) can be assigned varying degrees of importance corresponding to differing perspectives, while simultaneously ensuring the presence of each element. The developed framework can be used to better inform the decisions of scholars and policy makers, due to the uncovering of the complex relationships between society, individuals and firms.
Strategic Management in the Non-Profit Sector - Suggested Strategy for the Enterprise Leaders Platform
Magyarová, Markéta ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Andrlíková, Petra (referee)
This work presents a case-study of application of the standard strategic framework to a specific non-profit organization in the Czech Republic. This organization is struggling with financial problems and with lack of competitive advantage. In the first part of the work, results of the external and internal audits are used to formulate a medium-term strategy for the organization. The process identified following key areas: strategic financial management, employee training and education and continuous improvement of quality of services. These areas are further developed into strategic goals and initiatives using a strategic management system Balanced Scorecard (BSC). Each perspective of BSC contains an example of the cause-effect relationship of selected initiatives. The output of the model is a matrix of scorecard measures which forms a basis for strategic management in the organization. Finally, early steps for the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard for a period of six months are identified. Title: Strategic Management in the Non-Profit Sector - Suggested Strategy for the Enterprise Leaders Platform Keywords: Strategic Management, Balanced Scorecard, Non-Profit sector, Corporate Social Responsibility JEL Classification: L19, L21, L31, M14, M19 Academic year: 2012/2013 Author: Markéta...
Analysis of the transformation process from a limited company to a joint-stock company
Bečvaříková, Vendula ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Herrmannová, Lenka (referee)
This thesis is mainly focused on the creation of a new strategy for one Czech company operating in the software market, in order to reinforce its position in this market and increase its competitiveness. Moreover, an effect of change of the legal form within the fulfilling of the proposed strategy is analysed here. After a brief introduction in (mostly) legal aspects in terms of forms of entrepreneurship, particularly limited liability company and joint stock company, the internal and external analysis of the company under consideration is conducted, focusing especially on SWOT analysis of the company and on the prospective impact of the transformation on its components. The following part describes the proposal of the new strategy which is created on the basis of the standard strategic framework and then, Balanced Scorecard method is used for strategy development into sub-indicators and strategy implementation itself. According to the confrontation of the factors of SWOT analysis with the transformation of the legal form presented above and according to the final analysis of the effect of this transformation on the implementation of the individual strategic goals, the transformation is evaluated as a useful step in the operation of the company. As a conclusion, there are therefore several steps...
The identity of gypsy children in "white" Czech families
Mrázková, Marie ; Šmídová, Olga (advisor) ; Balcar, Petr (referee)
Tendency of this article is to show, how three factual Gypsy children which were put away to creche directly after their born and which were educated with two "white" Czech families, create their identities. Basic research question was how the children construct their identities in interaction with the world and important others. My approach to this question is constructionist. I tried to find strategies of making identities. I worked with biographical stories. Simultaneously we can also speak about participate observation because I come from one of these families. Among my most important findings is the fact that children identity is influenced by parents standings and meanings. In the first family dominates a position that it is a stigma to be Gypsy in Czech racialist society. In the second family it is spoken about it that people should be valued according to their acts and not according to their flesh-colour. Gypsy child in Czech family has very difficult position because it does not properly belong to any society. Children from the first family realise their incident to Gypsies and try to manage their stigma with strategy. Child from the second family choose among both societies to obtain the biggest advantages. Powered by TCPDF (

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