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Model of training preparation for young future flyboarders
Civín, Petr ; Bačáková, Radka (advisor) ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (referee)
Title: Model of training preparation for young future flyboarders Objectives: The objective of the work is to create a model of training preparation for young future flyboarders based on the empiricism of the most successful professional flyboarders. Methods: Ten intentionally selected respondents filled out the survey on their current sports specializations. Three of them were selected based on the frequency of specific and non-specific sports. Individual non- standardized interviews were conducted with them, which were based on direct verbal communication with the respondents. Results: We created a model of training preparation for young future flyboarders. The training preparation model is divided for children from six to nine years old, in which we recommend general sports training (gymnastics, athletics, swimming, sports games). For children from ten to twelve years old, we recommend trampoline jumping, high jumping, swimming, balance exercises, body strengthening and stretching. For children over the age of thirteen, we recommend starting to fly on a flyboard. Keywords: extreme sport, fly on water , water sport, training preparation, change of sport, adrenaline
Freestyle windsurfing
Matejzík, Filip ; Hruša, Jan (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Freestyle windsurfing Aim of work: Comprehensively process the issue of windsurfing. Then create a stack of freestyle tricks. Method: The method of content analysis of documents was used. Then on the basis of watching a video recording the individual tricks were described. Results: The work was created, which provides a comprehensive view of the whole issue of windsurfing. The work maps the history of windsurfing and freestyle, describes the equipment, physical principles and natural conditions. Also includes a stack of freestyle Tricks. Key words: Windsurfing, Freestyle, Windsurfing gear
Dependence oftheair consumption and thepositionofthe body on theselectedmethodofdivingkick and swimming speed
Ehl, Sebastian ; Vondrášek, David (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Dependence of the air consumption and the position of the body on the selected method of diving kick and swimming speed Objectives: The goal of this work is to find out the relationship between the diver's swimming speed and the air consumption while using two different methods of diving kicks - flutter and frog kick. At the same time, assess the dependence of the position of the body and head on the swimming speed and method of diving kicks. Methods: In this work was used method of collecting data in real conditions by measuring devices and statistical evaluation of collected data. Results: The results are presented by graphs both in the text of this work and in attachment for its large size. The results of all probands are presented in summary graphs and for selected values the degree of association is calculated in tables using the Pearson correlation coefficient. The main result is the confirmation of the reduction of the deviation from the horizontal position when comparing the slow and higher swimming speeds of both flutter and frog kick. The most effective way for a diver to overcome 50 meters below the water surface was determined to be a flutter kick at medium speed (average 0,37 m/s). Keywords: scuba diving, body position, head position, air consumption, speed of swimming, flutter...
Stack of outdoor games for teambuilding events
Ludlová, Monika ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Stack of outdoor games for cooperation development Goals: The goal of this work is create stack of outdoor games for teambuilding events and tourist courses of universities for immediate use. Methods: Based on the literature search and personal experience, the criteria for selecting games were determined and processed into a well-arranged stack. Individual games were created on the basis of the following criteria: selection of games focused primarily on team cooperation and development of group processes (communication, team management), environment (outdoor, nature), number of players (5-10), time consuming of the game itself (10-20 minutes). Results: Creating a stack of ten different types of games aimed at developing teams useful for teambuilding events. The result is a presentation and specification of games and activities suitable for this type of events. Conclusion: The contribution of this work is a stack of games usable especially for instructors and organizers of teambuilding and other events focused on team development. Key wodrs: game, cooperation, communication, firm, course, outdoor, experience, relationships
The issue of long-term stays under water
Spalová, Karolína ; Vondrášek, David (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Long-term underwater stays matters. Objective: The aim of this thesis is to compile the issue of long-term underwater stays from their preparation to safe descent and their transfer to a real project. Methods: On the basis of research of diving literature on the given topic thoroughly make preparations together with pilot experiments. Then implement, secure and evaluate the One week project as a long-term underwater stay lasting 7 days. Use interviews with participants to get necessary information for adequate preparation and feedback. Results: With the help of professional literature, we managed to prepare, secure and realize a long-term underwater stay in the planned duration of 7 days. The domestic record was thus humbled. Keywords: aquanaut, bell, habitat
Analysis of try scuba and its participants in diving pit Aquapalace Praha
Haloun, Tomáš ; Vondrášek, David (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Analysis of try scuba and its participants in diving pit Aquapalace Praha Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to analyze which group of people undergo try scuba according to age, average wage, edukation and residence. Methods: The research group consisted of 60 probands from the age of 10. The questionnaire survey was conducted at the diving pit in Aquapalace Čestlice during winter 2018 and spring 2019 under a supervision of trained and certified diving instructors. The questionnaire was always submitted to the probands after the end of the try scuba. Results: The results of the thesis define a group of participants attending try scuba organized by Divers Direct and show the opportunity to further focus on marketing activities and propose changes that would contribute to greater satisfaction of the participant and hence keeping them in diving courses ending with internationally valid certification. Keywords: intro dive, diving, diving instructor
Socio-economic benefits of Singltrek pod Smrkem and Rychlebské stezky
Cinkánová, Petra ; Brtník, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Socio-economic benefits of Singeltrek pod Smrkem and Rychleby trails Objectives: The fundamental goal of the diploma thesis is the global introduction of social- economic benefits in the most extensive singletrack areas in Czech Republic - Singltrek pod Smrkem and Rychleby trails. Furthermore based on the comparative analyse of selected variables, to classify identical and differential characters of both destinations and suggest the resolution of detected deficiencies. Methods: For the data collection and information acquisition for the diploma thesis have been used: documentation as well as comparative observation of watched objects (technical parameters), standardized and unstandardized interviews (trail builders, municipality majors), analyse of information resources (research of domestic and international literature) and especially the methods of comparative analyse (Singltrek pod Smrkem versus Rychleby trails). Data collection resulted from primary as well as secondary external and internal resources. Results: Diploma thesis introduced the area of Singltrek pod Smrkem and Rychleby trails as the socio-economically important new form of terrain-bikes tourist industry. Based on comparative analyse selected variables further classified identical and differential characters of both...
Use of artificial slalom courses for Integrated Rescue System
Foltysová, Sabina ; Vondrášek, David (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Use of artificial slalom courses for integrated rescue system Objectives: The objective of this bachelor thesis is definition IZS components and usability artificial slalom courses for this IZS components within preparation rescue on wild water. Methods: This bachelor thesis is descriptive analytical study. Used methods are selection and research of resources, analysis of the information obtained and final evaluation. Results: Evaluation of the use of artificial slalom courses. Keywords Integrated rescue systém, wild water, rescue
The impact of teambuilding outdoor courses from the students perspective
Růžička, Michal ; Kalkusová, Lucie (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Goals: The goal of the thesis is to find out the benefits of teambuilding courses and the opinion of their participants after nine years. Methods: It is a case study of a chosen class from the Prague High School of Jan Neruda. The research sample consisted of 12 high school graduates at the age of 21 - 22 years who participated on a teambuilding course in Mozolov in October 2010. The research was conducted in the form of semistructured interviews, the data were analysed by basic statistics and the results were interpreted in tables by the counts of answers. Results: By analysing the interviews we found that the teambuilding course significantly affected the creation of social relationships within the class. These relationships were further deepened throughout the high school studies, as mentioned ten respondents. Ten respondents also answered that they tried new activities during the course, however only three have been practicing some of them after the course. The main memory from the teambuilding course was the first social moment. Conclusion: The teambuilding course effects the creating and deepening of social relationships and facilitates the first contact with classmates and teachers. It didn't contribute to develop the interest in practicing outdoor activities after the course. Keywords:...
Adaptation courses in grammar schools in Prague
Dudek, Petr ; Kalkusová, Lucie (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Adaptation courses in grammar schools in Prague Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to map the situation at grammar schools in Prague considering the organization of adaption courses, their lenght, venue, staffing and program content. Methods: The examined group consisted of 19 grammar schools in Prague. The data collection was done by using electronic correspondence. As a research method was used an electronic questionnaire that contained 13 questions. The data was analyzed and evaluated by basic statistical methods. The graphs were used for interpretstion of data. Results: All of the grammar schools participating in this survey organize ski and adaptation courses. The adaptation courses every schools includes outdoor activities in the nature in their program of courses of adaptation - especially games that focus on getting to know each other. 18 out of 19 grammar schools include games that develop communication skills and 17 grammar schools use games develop trust. 15 grammar schools include hiking and 13 grammar schools include rope obstacles. In every grammar school the staff consists of teachers of the specific class, 2/3 of schools arrange their courses in recreational use recreational centers with camp cabins and 1/3 in boarding houses. The most widely used form of boarding...

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