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Systém motivace a odměňování pracovníků ve vybrané organizaci
BENEŠOVÁ, Kristýna
This thesis is focused on a motivation and a reward system in an organization which has a location in the South Bohemia region and it has 1425 employees. I made a questionnaire survey based on an answers from the respondents. In the first part of the thesis, the topic of remuneration of motivational resources is from several authors who deal with. They are many explanations about basic terms, the difference between motivation and stimulation, the type of motivation, the employees reward system, or what a professional manager should be like, who must properly motivate employees to perform well. The second part is the practical part, where I chose the company which I analyzed. I received 81 answers about the motivation and the reward system. How satisfied the employees are in the company, or what they want to change.
School results as a form of stress for children from the point of view of pedagogical staff
BENEŠOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis deals with school achievement as a burden on children. It is divided into 2 parts- theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, it deals with the factors of burden, it deals with the role of the child, the psyche of younger and older school children, the evaluation of children, motivation, school success and failure. It also deals with problems and obstacles that are currently affecting a child's school success. In the practical part, it focuses on the assessment of children in classical education and alternative schools such as Montessori and Waldorf. It compares and evaluates the benefit of the children of these schools and discusses the types of children's assessments, uses the quantitative research strategy in the form of questioning, using a questionnaire of its own design, which was submitted to pedagogical staff of selected schools - Základní škola Zlatá stezka 240, Základní škola Národní 1018 Montessori classes and Základní škola Svobodná Písek. The educational process of students is the essential component of every child's life. Every child is ready for compulsory schooling individually, so we need to focus on what type of person children are and what level of self- confidence are they on. Therefore, in the theoretical part, I will focus on the basic concepts relating to school success and the failure of students in younger and older school age. It is important to outline the student's role, motivation, class environment, a student's school assessment, teacher's attitude and the impact of school failure on student's behavior. I will compare verbal assessment with grade assessment focusing on children's achievements in classrooms of the classical education system as well as of the Waldorf and Montessori class systems. At the end of the theoretical part of the thesis I will also focus on the current state of solved problems, on which basis I will move on to the main part of this thesis, the empirical part.
National identity as a corrective of the absolute primacy of European law
Benešová, Kristýna ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Scheu, Harald Christian (referee)
National Identity as a Corrective of the Absolute Primacy of European Law. The aim of this thesis is to analyse national identity within Article 4(2) TEU and the potential of such article to serve as a legal ground for derogation from obligation imposed by EU law. From a wider perspective, the thesis attempts to assess whether introduction of Article 4(2) TEU redefined the relation between national legal orders and EU law. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter deals with the pivotal principle of EU law primacy. The chapter explains two distinctive approaches adopted by the CJEU (absolute primacy) and the Member States (relative primacy). In the second chapter, the author firstly provides brief history of obligation to respect national identity in the Treaties. Secondly, she examines the content of term "national identity". The author claims that Article 4(2) TEU has a composite (pluralistic) structure, thus, the national courts and the CJEU plays different roles in application of the obligation to respect national identity. The national identity is inherently linked to the constitutional law of Member States, therefore, it must be defined by its constitutional courts. At the same time, the CJEU lacks the competence to interpret national identity as such, however, it is...
Fluctuation of employees in choosen company
BENEŠOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis is dedicated about a fluctuation in a local organization which is situated in České Budějovice and has about 815 employees. The theoretical part deals with problem of the turnover generally defines the term of employee turnover summarizes its factors, positive and negative impacts which are connected with it. It includes a finance, an administration, a management or an or-ganization. The main problem is if the employees are not satisfied in their job. It deals with the employee turnover rate and the most frequent causes of voluntary quits. Because I have got a specific organization, the practical part concentrates on analysis of employee turnover in a chosen company. How is evolves in one year, five years or ten years by the time.
The valuation of the company HYDRAX s.r.o.
Benešová, Kristýna ; Jurečka, Jan (advisor) ; Tůma, Pavel (referee)
The goal of this diploma thesis is the estimation of the market value of the company HYDRAX s.r.o. as of 1. 1. 2010. The thesis is divided into two parts, the first one is theoretic and the second is analytic. To keep the valuation approach, the financial analysis was performed at first, that should consider the financial condition of the company and value the existence of going-concern in conjunction with the strategic analysis. The earnings prediction is another aim of the strategic analysis and this prediction is the starting point for the analysis and the prognosis of value generators and financial plan. The DCF equity method was applied for the valuation itself. The final estimation is determined by means of interval valuation emerging from the optimistic and pesimistic earnings alternative.
The evalution of reproduction parametres in chosen herd of sheep
BENEŠOVÁ, Kristýna
It has been observed the breed herd of Texel sheep in the foothills area of Orlické mountains in the year 2005-2008. The base of herd was consisted of 374 ewes, 575 lambs and 6 rams in total. These parametres of reproduction {--} conception, fertility, rearing, empty ewes, abortions, lambing, stillborn, death after born, were monitored at ewes. For the parametres of reproduction at ewes were found significant effects of ewe´s age and ram´s line.
The comparison of systems of health insurance in the Czech republic and in the United States of America
Benešová, Kristýna ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Chalupníček, Pavel (referee)
The main purpose of my bachelor's work is to analyse the system of health insurance in the Czech Republic in comparison with the system established in the United States of America. The choice of these two countries is wholly intentional, because I would like to show the strong points and possible weaknesses of these two absolutely different systems. I shortly summarize the general principles of providing the public and private health insurance in the introductory part of my bachelor's work. Then I go over to the specific systems used in these two countries. I point out the defects of the public health insurance on an example of the Czech Republic, particularly its inefficiency and actual problems. I focus on an example of the USA in the next chapter, where is the private health insurance based on a voluntary base provided. I compare real indicators of these two countries in the analytical part of my work, e.g. the total expenditures on the health care etc. In this analysis I consider a rate of the efficiency, solidarity, accessibility and quality of the provided health care in these different systems. In conclusion I sum up the results of my analysis and consider whether and possibly in which way the Czech system of health insurance could be inspired by the American system.
Empirical comparison of systems for knowledge discovery in databases
Benešová, Kristýna ; Berka, Petr (advisor) ; Šimůnek, Milan (referee)
S rostoucím množstvím shromažďovaných a ukládaných dat roste také potřeba a zájem majitelů těchto dat o využití jejich potenciálu k dalšímu rozhodování. Proto se vyvíjí nové přístupy a způsoby vycházející z informatiky, statistiky a oblasti strojového učení, které se této potřebě snaží vyhovět. Cílem této diplomové práce je uvést proces dobývání znalostí dat z databází na medicínských datech Tinnitus a představit systémy LISp-Miner a Weka, které daný proces podporují. Obsahem teoretické části diplomové práce je shrnutí základních charakteristik a přístupů procesu dobývání znalostí. Praktická část diplomové práce je věnována realizaci celého procesu v jednotlivých krocích. V samotném kroku modelování jsou využity již zmíněné systémy akademické LISp-Miner a Weka. Poslední část praktické části práce patří prezentaci dosažených výsledků a vlastnímu zhodnocení systémů.

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