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Medical Tourism within the Czech Republic
Němečková, Eva ; Votápková, Jana (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis analyses factors influencing medical tourism within the Czech Re- public where districts ("okresy") and regions ("kraje") are considered as the units where the patient can travel to receive health care. The dataset was pro- vided by the Czech general health insurance (VZP). The research covers the period 2011-2014 and reveals the differences between "medical tourism" for hospitalizations and for medical treatments and between travelling into other districts ("okresy") and travelling into other regions ("kraje") for medical ser- vice in the analyzed regions of the Czech Republic. The results statistically approved how particular diagnoses, their seriousness, age, gender, availability of health care and other factors influence travelling for health care in the Czech Republic. JEL Classification A12, C22, C55, I11, I12, I19 Keywords medical tourism, the Czech Republic, health care Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Czech educational system in the international context
Kučera, Milan ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the impact of chosen variables on results from PISA. The thesis describes the short existence of PISA, summarizes the results from PISA with aiming on aggregatable variables and also deals with critique of PISA. The thesis provides the insertion of the czech system of compulsory education in the international context of results and findings of PISA. Econometrics analysis based on panel data of 44 countries participating in PISA from years 2006, 2009 a 2012 were confirmed international autocorrelation in results of PISA, significantly positive impact of economic, social and cultural background and negative impact of the inequality in the distribution of wealth in society. For this purpose was used spatial autoregressive model using maximum likelihood estimation method. Powered by TCPDF (
Household food demand in the Czech Republic: coherent demand system dealing with selectivity
Smutná, Šarlota ; Ščasný, Milan (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
Demand for food is widely studied topic in applied econometrics. Demand systems are the most useful models to evaluate demand and estimate the income and price elasticities. Different demand systems used for food demand are discussed in this thesis. Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) is the most popular among researchers thanks to conformity with economic theory, simple estimation, and flexibility with respect to non-linearity of Engel's curves or to control for socio-demographic or structural variables of household. Reporting of zero consumption by respondents when analysing demand on budget survey data requires special treatment, as censoring leads to the selectivity problem and hence biased estimates. Several techniques to treat the selectivity in order to obtain unbiased estimate of demand elasticities are discussed. Specifically, the Heien and Wessels, Shonkwiler and Yen, and Cosslett's semi-parametric corrections are incorporated into the AIDS model and empirically compared among each other. Since homogeneity and symmetry conditions are not fulfilled in this case, income and price elasticities of food demand are estimated by the unrestricted version of QUAIDS model which suits the budget survey data of Czech households the best with the correction for the selectivity by Shonkwiler and Yen's estimator....
Millennium Development Goal on Education: An empirical analysis of the determinants of primary school enrolment
Topinka, Michal ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the relationship between country-level development indicators and the major indicator of the second Millennium Development Goal on education, the net enrolment ratio in primary education, using econometric analysis of panel data. Given that majority of studies analyzing the determinants of primary school enrolment use data from household surveys containing information about individuals, the study presented in this bachelor thesis investigates, whether variation in primary school net enrolment ratios can be explained using aggregate country-level data on adjusted net enrolment ratios and factors measuring development of particular economies. This study uses data on 192 countries for the period 1999-2012. The findings suggest that data on development are definitely useful in analyzing the determinants of school enrolment, but more detailed data containing information about individuals are needed to assess the causes of different levels of enrolment in individual countries in order to design policies to achieve universal primary education. Keywords Millennium Development Goals, MDGs, Education, Net enrolment ratio in primary educa- tion.
The Role of German Economic Policy in Shaping European Union and Eurozone
Šimunek, Martin ; Dědek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis complexly assesses the role of Germany in present European Union and Eurozone, especially its influence and responsibility on the formation of the macroeconomic imbalances before the Eurozone crisis, as well as its resolution. The crisis is caused by a divergence in unit labour costs between member countries, and the thesis aims to evaluate the effect of applied austerity measures in the debtor countries on the adjustment of said unit labour costs divergence. It explores additional policy options available as well. Keywords Germany, Eurozone, European Union, crisis, balance of payments, unit labour cost Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Fiscal Gains from Extra Investment into Roma Education in the Czech Republic
Kubíková, Marie ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis aims at quantifying the potential fiscal gains of an extra investment into Roma education. From the budgetary point of view, it would pay off to invest extra money into Roma children, if it increased future net contributions to the budget. The extra investment into one child could take values up to the average discounted value of future net benefits per person. The net benefits represent the increased net contributions due to a higher level of education. The contribution of the thesis is the estimation of different net contributions of Roma with various educational levels to the national budget in order to encourage the investment into Roma children. Secondly, we estimated the yearly loss of the national budget due to lower education among the Roma. And thirdly, we conducted a survey among the clients of the endowment fund Verda to find the relationship between their education, employment status and other variables.
Determinants of Technical Efficiency and its Change among Ghanaian Cocoa Farmers
Valenta, David ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
This thesis analyses determinants of technical efficiency (TE), its change and scale efficiency on an unbalanced panel of more than 700 Ghanaian cocoa farmers collected between 2004 and 2010. Using variable returns to scale data envelopment analysis the TE scores are obtained and the mean TE found is 35.4%. In second stage, random effects Tobit regression is used to investigate the determinants of efficiency and number of significant determinants is found from categories of farmers' characteristics, different technical specifications of the farm, focus on farming, farm management style and investments. Moreover, this thesis contributes to the efficiency debate by researching determinants of efficiency change, finding gender and savings to have significant positive effect among others.
An Economic Analysis of the Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings within the context of the Changes of the Council Regulation (EC) No 1346/2000
Juhás, Juraj ; Richter, Tomáš (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
The content of this bachelor thesis is an economic analysis of the cross-border insolvency proceeding held according to the Council regulation (EC) No 1346/2000 on insolvency proceeding and proposals of its amendment. It is focused mainly on changes regarding the possibility to request an opening secondary proceeding and changes regarding the insolvency of groups of companies. A basic framework for evaluation of a profitability of a secondary proceeding opening for a concrete creditor was introduced at the end of the chapter II. It involves three main factors: ratio of relative shares on the realization of debtor assets in the case a secondary proceeding was opened and in the case I was not opened; additional incomes caused by the fact that the debtor assets were administered as a whole (the assets were not liquidated by parts in several parallel insolvency proceedings) and transaction costs. The proposed changes of the cross-border insolvency law in the European Union concerning a limitation of the right to request the opening of a secondary proceeding and obligatory cooperation between proceedings regarding a member of the same group of companies are then evaluated with respect to this basic framework.
Impact of VAT on income distribution in the Czech Republic
Pokorný, Josef ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
This thesis researches VAT progressiveness in the Czech Republic using data from the Household Budget Survey. Special attention is given to differences between the life-time and annual incidence perspectives because their dispar- ity is more than crucial. Therefore, an empirical analysis uses both of the two perspectives. Net annual income is used for ranking households in the annual perspective and life-time net income is used for the same purpose in the life-time setting. The life-time income is predicted from age-income profiles, which were estimated with econometric methods. Results confirm theoretical hypothesis that VAT is more regressive in the annual incidence analysis. Moreover, analysis of a time period of 16 years provides informa- tion about development of VAT burden, which grows in time. Powered by TCPDF (
Currency separation of Czechoslovakia in 1993 - any lessons for the Euro area?
Husek, Daniel ; Holub, Tomáš (advisor) ; Břízová, Pavla (referee)
This thesis analyses important aspects of the Czechoslovak currency separation, its incentives, technical and organizational solutions and the total expense of the operation. The main contribution of this work is (i) comparing the situation in the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic before the currency separation in 1993 with the situation in Euro area countries after 2008 and describing its similarities, (ii) analytical view of a possible application of the solutions used within the separation of the Czechoslovak currency in the context of the Euro area states, and (iii) discussion about possible gains from leaving the European Monetary Union.

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