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Domestic violence (especiallyfrom the perspective of criminal law and criminology)
Býčková, Michaela ; Vanduchová, Marie (advisor) ; Galovcová, Ingrid (referee)
The aim of this work was to give a complete analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence, especially from the criminal and criminological point of view. The topic of domestic violence is very wide. I considered necessary to also mention the legal regulation, which can be found in non-punitive legislation. It concerns especially the expulsion, the Act on social services and preliminary measures according to the Act on special proceedings. The introductory chapters define the definition of domestic violence, its specifics and individual types, which are physical, mental, social, sexual and economic violence. Followed by causes of domestic violence, along with the criminological description of the perpetrator, the victim, and the typical syndromes that may be manifested by the victim of domestic violence. Since the Czech Republic is a signatory to many international conventions affecting domestic violence, I have included in this work their basic analysis, with the greatest emphasis placed on the Istanbul Convention. The main part of the work is domestic violence from the perspective of substantive criminal and procedural law. The chapter of substantive law contains typical crimes that are perpetrated in connection with domestic violence. The most typical is the abuse of a person living in a shared...
Crimes against health.
Býčková, Michaela ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vanduchová, Marie (referee)
The main goal of this diploma thesis was to summarize crimes against health in accordance to Chapter I Title II of the Criminal Code. Firstly I focused on history of the crimes against health. As these crimes were present during the whole human being, my goal was to describe the main historical milestones from the beggining of the Czech state until the publication of the present Criminal Code. In another chapter I described crimes against health from the criminological point of view. I defined individual types of offenders of these crimes, their motivation, causation why are they commiting crimes and last but not least the possible way how to prevent these crimes. Third chapter contains description of the main elements in crimes against health. There are four obligatory signs of every criminal offence. The object, the subjective point, the objective point and the perpetrator. Main part of this work is devoted to the analysis of the particular crimes according to Chapter I Title II of the Criminal Code. I devided this part systematicly into two chapters - intentional crimes and crimes caused by negligance. Chapter about the crimes caused by negligance describes more detailed crimes against health caused by road accidents, doctors and sportsman. There is an extensive practise of the courts in this...

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