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Agatha Christie in Czech Literary Culture
Šupšaková, Viktória ; Řadová Holanová, Markéta (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
In seen bachelor thesis we focus on British written being Agatha Christie (1890-1976) and her work in Czech literature culture. At the beginning is her brief résumé and characteristics not just of a prosaic work, which is close to detective genre, but also drama plays, stories written under her pseudonym Mary Westmacott and other texts (summary in attachment), with touching of context of what was written but other British writter in Great Britain. After a try of making a definition of detective piece is here seen a history of detective genre, which is divided on world and Czech part, with the most important beings of this genre and their pieces. Following the main part of this thesis maps Czech publishings of Agatha Christie, from the begining in 1927 until these days. Continuing with reception of her work in Czech literature culture and how it was reflected in periodicals. In the end of my work we try to construct evolution of the view of Agatha Christie as a writer of the detective genre at the base of the reception of her work and through the view of publishers who published her work.
Prose Fiction of Radka Denemarkova
Michal, Jan ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
(in English): This bachelor's thesis focuses on the analysis of the selected novels by Radka Denemarkova. In addition to the determination of the common features in the narrative discourse, thematic and language structure of the Central European trilogy, consisting of the novels A já pořád kdo to tluče, Peníze od Hitlera and Kobold, and the common features of other novels by the author, i.e. Příspěvek k dějinám radosti and MY 2, the thesis deals with changes and shifts in the same areas, from the author's debut until her novel MY 2. The thesis also deals with the image of the author, more specifically, how the novels were primarily received in her home country and how Radka Denemarkova builds her own image as an author of the selected novels. Klíčová slova (anglicky): Radka Denemarkova, Czech literature of the 21st century, prose, novel analysis, author's image
Novelistic Worlds of Ričardas Gavelis and Milan Kundera: A Comparative Analysis
Montvilaite, Geda ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Češka, Jakub (referee) ; Šeferis, Vaidas (referee)
Key Words: Comparatistics, Intertextuality, Essayism, Esem, Milan Kundera, Ričardas Gavelis, Laughter, Kitsch, Vulgarity, Carnevalism, Thanatos, Sexuality This comparativist thesis discusses the intelectual novel of the end of the 20th century. The study objects chosen for this paper were the works of Ričardas Gavelis and Milan Kundera. Due to the differences in the poetics of the works, it was chosen to analyze four works of each writer's large prose. In the case of Gavelis they are as follows: Vilnius Poker (Vilniaus pokeris, novel, 1989), Vilnius Jazz (Vilniaus džiazas, novel, 1993), The Last Generation of People on Earth (Paskutinioji Žemės žmonių karta, novel, 1995) and Six Ways of Suicide (Septyni savižudybės būdai, novel, 1999). From Kundera's works we picked out The Farewell Party (Valčík na rozloučenou, novel,1972), The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (Knihou smíchu a zapomnění, novel, 1978), The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Nesnesitelnou lehkostí bytí, novel, 1984) a Immortality (Nesmrtelnost in french, 1990, in czech 1993). One of the main aims of this study is to introduce the Czech reader to Ričardas Gavelis: one of the most important and influential writers of Lithuanian literature of the late 20th century. The works of this writer are not yet properly evaluated even in his native...
Development and use of non-destructive testing methods from the point of view of forensic engineering
Bílek, Petr ; Vala, Jiří (referee) ; Vodička, Jan (referee) ; Hobst, Leonard (advisor)
Concretes reinforced by, using distributed steel reinforcements (fibres) are known as fibre-concrete. In case of disturbances or accidents of concrete structures reinforced with wires, it is necessary to carefully examine the actual implementation of dispersed reinforcement. Fibre concretes belong to modern building materials whose possible applications have not been fully utilized so far. Have been mainly used for floor structures loaded with factory halls and warehouses. Recently, thanks to well-known physical and mechanical properties of fibre-concrete, there were numerous attempts of designers, and namely investors, to utilize this kind of materials for support structures either. Favorable properties of wire-concrete can be utilized if there is a necessity to increase the resistance of concrete to stresses exceeding its strength, cyclic stress or impact stress. Daily practice shows to prove that the applications of fibre-concrete in such structures lead to the economic success. Necessary condition for successful application of steel fiber reinforced concrete in constructions however consists in its uniform dispersion, a homogeneous distribution of the wires throughout the volume of the structure. In case of inappropriate processing and deposition of the mixture during the manufacturing process fiber-concrete structures, the fibers are often unevenly distributed. Wires itself represent unfavourably shaped mixture components and they are extremely deteriorating its workability. A grouping of wires may be encountered as well, which reduces the overall homogeneity and the quality of steel fiber-concrete structures. If the homogeneity of fibre-concrete is not kept, the material possess different properties in various parts of the structure (for example, tensile strength), which can lead to defects in the structure (generation and development of cracks). The relevant lower reliability of the structure which is caused by unequal distribution of fibres (wires) in concrete volume can lead to damage of the property as well as the safety and the human lives can be jeopardized. Hence it is necessary to secure the effective control of the fibre-concrete homogeneity in ready support fibre-concrete structures. Contemporary homogeneity control is still ongoing on fresh blends, but if the fibre-concrete hardened and is a part of the construction, no known reliable methods are currently in available to test the homogeneity of the fibre-concrete on the structure without its destruction. The methods developed to control the concentration of wires in wire-concrete structures are based mostly on magnetic or electromagnetic properties of wires. The thesis deals with the development of the magnetic method in situ using permanent magnets for monitoring the distribution of fibers in hardened steel fiber-concrete structures. The test principle is based on measurements of the changes in magnetic field strength of permanent magnets which are induced by a change in wire distribution in steel fibre-concrete structure. Test is characterized as a so called local- failure- test using a small diameter core drill. In this sense it is a semi-destructive method.
The methods of political reading in post-socialist Czechia and Poland
Blažková, Hana ; Šebek, Josef (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
This thesis aims to analyze Czech literary criticism of the 1990s from the perspective of political reading. In the first part, the basic tendencies of Polish literary criticism are introduced: these form a contrast to the Czech context and also problematize some underlying notions of Czech literary historiography. The second part discusses the following terms: politics and police Rancière), depoliticization (Schmitt, Barthes) and ideology (Eagleton). These are adjusted to the specifics of the Czech context. The practical part of the thesis looks at the political interpretation of the critical reception of three novels by Michal Viewegh. The topics of the reception becomes the focus here: the debates around these novels include suppressed political messages such as the fight for the historical narrative of the previous political regime, or the disputes over high and low literature. These reflect the helplessness of the literary field, caused by the pressure of the commercialized book market. This part also looks at the contemporary debates on the so-called authentic literature and two program manifestoes. These examples show that the Czech literary field's proclaimed split from politics is only rhetorical: the result is not its autonomy, but an unreflected heteronomy.
Hearing the Unspoken: Materiality of the voices of literary characters
Hadravová, Eva ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Kroča, David (referee)
Bc. & BcA. Eva Hadravová, Praha 2019 Hearing the Unspoken Materiality of the Voices of Literary Characters Annotation The aim of the thesis is to introduce the field of sound-imaginary perception and interpretaion of voices of literary characters. It is focused mostly on the analysis of "fictional physis" or "materiality" of the voice, which is realized by the implicit reader through inner listening to the literary dialogues. Mentally-acoustic aspect of character's speeches will be commented from the perspective of psycholinguistics, oral studies and related philosophical statements; later it will be confronted with the literary theory. The final part of the thesis is devoted to the interpretaion of direct speeches from the selected extracts from Czech literature of the 20th century.
Humor in the songs of Czech folk songwriters
Simota, Martin ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Šebek, Josef (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the study of the specific position of the discourses of humor in song lyrics of Czech folk music. In the introductory part, conceptual and methodological frameworks are defined for individual phenomena, which in the following part, through comprehensive perception provide their basis for narrative and literary research. In the final part of the diploma thesis this research is focused on selected practical examples of humorous narrative in the folk song, which will provide a contribution to the issue of ideal-typical concept of Czech national character.
Journeys and Standstills: The Role of Inns in Fantasy Literature
Melichová, Magda ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Činátlová, Blanka (referee)
(in English) The thesis aimed to explore the topos of inn in relation to the topos of journey in fantasy literature. The first step was to define the term fantasy literature with regard to the set of texts selected for the analysis; namely their connection to mythology and fairy tales, genres working with hero's initiation journey. Integral part of the thesis was to consider theoretical works focused on the image of pubs in literature, as well as a short description of the form and function of this topos in other genres. The subject of the analysis were inns from six fictional worlds representing a cross-section of the genre from the half of the 20th century until present time, while the selected examples fall mostly into the sub-genre of epic fantasy. The analysis showed that the inns have four primary functions: hero's intimate space, place of meeting and cognition, place of transformation and place of stories. Each of these functions is connected to a specific part of the initiation journey and represents its beginning, or one of its tests. All these functions are also connected to certain issues related to hero's psychological journey, namely the issue of trust, identity and will. The inns which serve as hero's intimate space have a special position; they reflect his or her state of mind and...
The Space of the City of Ostrava in Contemporary Czech Prose Fiction
Janáková, Bára ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
We have been examinining the image of Ostrava on prose of six authors after 1989. Our aim was to find the function of such space in narrative - it can only play role of a scenery (Slawińsky term), sometimes more functions are added, which empasizes the importance of region in literature according to Urbanová: each region can become a theme or be transposed into author ́s aesthetic sense, influence creative method and become an inspiration in various ways. We have also evaluated how much the protagonists identify themselves with the urban space of Ostrava. This has been based on phenomenological approach of Norberg- Schultz Genius loci. In conclusion we have tried to summarize which themes regarding Ostrava become common for examined authors, whether they create a coherent literary utterance about Ostrava, which has similarities with Todorov ́s petersburg text of russian literature.
Reception of the work and the personality of Emil Hakl
Formánková, Helena ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the question of reception of the work and the personality of Emil Hakl. It focuss on mapping of the acceptance of his books by literary criticism, it explores the way of writing about the author and his work. Considering that he is a contemporary author and his work is not yet reflected in a separate monograph, the material consists mainly of reviews in literary journals (Advojka, Český jazyk, Český jazyk a literatura, Host, Respekt, Tvar). The thesis is also devoted to the analysis of discourse. It asks questions on how is the critique of speech characterized, when it deals with the character of the contemporary writer.

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