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Association between the personality of the owner and the behavioral profile of their cat
Žežulková, Denisa ; Hroníková, Linda (advisor) ; Bártová, Klára (referee)
Previous studies have shown that we can measure personality not only of humans but of animals as well including domestic cats (Felis catus). Results of studies have also shown that personality of the domestic cat might be influenced by various factors e.g. age, gender or breed of the cat. Although only a few studies were focused on association between owner personality and behavioral profile of their cat. The aim of our study was to explore association between the personality of the owners and the behavioral profile of their cats assessed by their owners. We used correlations for analysing data. The sample included 404 respondents (women), who filled in a Czech translation of BFI-2 and a Czech translation of the Feline Five Questionnaire for their cats (the cat sample consists of 194 males and 210 females). Our results showed a set of correlations between personality factors of the owner and behavioral factors of her cat. The strongest positive correlation was measured between consciousness of the owner and extraversion of her cat. One possible explanation of these associations is based on the Similarity-Attraction Hypothesis, which means that the owner chooses an animal that is similar to her in various characteristics. According to another theory the owner projects her own characteristics into...
VPG in response to perception of male stimuli varying in states of undress and during different phases of sexual arousal
Čiženkova, Alena ; Krejčová, Lucie (advisor) ; Bártová, Klára (referee)
The human sexual response is a dynamic combination of cognitive, emotional, and physiological processes. To this day, not many studies have dealt with measurment of female sexual arousal in relation to the attractivness of presented stimuli or studies dealing with states of undress and different phases of sexual arousal of men presented by erection. The goal of the study was to test the difference in female sexual arousal during exposure to erotic photographs displaying men with different level of attractiveness and arousal. Female sexual arousal of 32 heterosexual women were measured by vaginal plethysmograph (BIOPAC system). Women showed increased genital arousal to attractive stimuli and to stimuli depiciting erected penis. The results showed that erected penis itself could be a sexual attractant regardless of model's attractiveness. Key words: female sexual arousal, vaginal pletysmography, male attractiveness
Consistency and paternal influence on human mate choice in heterosexual women
Taskovská, Kristýna ; Štěrbová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Bártová, Klára (referee)
People choose partners based on different characteristics, however it is not clear whether they systematically choose partners with specific characteristics. It is also not clear what modulates partner preferences. One of the factors are parents, however the question is, whether parents influence all types of relationships (e.g. one-night stand, marriage etc.). The main objective was to analyze the consistency of mate choice in physical characteristics in heterosexual women. Another objective was to test paternal influence on the mate choice, and whether this influence differs among partners with whom women have children and partners with whom they don't. Last objective was to test whether the similarity between father and current partner influences the relationship and sexual satisfaction of the respondent. In total 693 heterosexual women, aged 18-45, participated in the research (average age = 30,7; SE = 5,9) and provided physical characteristics (weight, height, attractiveness, masculinity, eye color, hair color, facial masculinity, facial hair, musculature, BMI, relative height, body hair and leg length) of their father, current partner (with whom they had/were expecting children) and long term ex-partners (with whom they had no children), they completed the standardized questionnaire s-EMBU...
Comparison of static physical attractiveness and attractiveness of nonverbal behavior in women
Hladký, Tomáš ; Binter, Jakub (advisor) ; Bártová, Klára (referee)
The method of physiological measurement of sexual arousal to erotic stimuli is often used in sexological research. However, there is no concept of form of these stimuli to induce maximum possible sexual response from a person. It seems that female static physical attractiveness is an important factor in perception of the female, but it could be also female nonverbal behavior, dynamic attractiveness, which could influence perception and which could either enhance of reduce the overall attractiveness of a female. In the whole concept of attractiveness, there could be two components: "physical attractiveness" and "sexual desirability". In this diploma thesis, we address this problem and we compared static and dynamic stimuli with focus on specific behavior. The study had two parts. We used photographs of clothed and naked women and videos of castings of potential actresses in erotic movies; materials are available online for free. In the study I we used 90 photographs of faces and clothed bodies and found that there is a difference between physical attractiveness and sexual desirability. Moreover, face was a predictor of physical attractiveness and body was a predictor of sexual desirability. In study II we used sexually explicit videos and found that nonverbal behavior has just a minor influence on...

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